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About Adam Williams

I’m Adam Williams, the owner and grower behind Properly Rooted.  I’m grateful you’ve found your way to the site.

My passion for the stewardship of great outdoor gardens and lawns began many years ago as I watched and learned alongside family members and friends.  My family has created amazing outdoor spaces full of food and vibrant color as well as farmed to provide for family and many others.  

I was born and raised in the southeastern US, and my moving hasn’t taken me more than 200 miles from home my entire life.  I like to travel and see the sights, but being surrounded by family and the land I love will mean this area will always be my home.  I’m not a big fan of the spotlight, so you’ll not be seeing me much, but rather the food and the fun!  When I’m not in the yard or garden, you’ll find me appreciating anything with my family outdoors and trying to get away to the mountains or the beach with them as much as our busy lives will allow. 

Education and Background

My degrees are in business and healthcare, which complement the pursuit of growing excellent, healthy food with ease.  There is no greater gratification for me than to eat from a home garden or look out upon a beautiful landscape while covered in the dirt and sweat that made it possible.  It also means I enjoy the time honored traditions as well as understanding how growing can be made simpler and more accessible to a larger number of people. 

What You’ll Find On Properly Rooted

That is what excites me most about Properly Rooted. It is a place where the old and new can come together as my investigations demonstrate the method that works best and is most accessible. You will find articles from growing to mowing, as well as reader-requested topics where my practical knowledge will make your days outside a little bit easier. My hope is that my research and observations will provide for both of us a means to greater enjoyment for those things we value most about food and being outside. 

My Favorites Resources  

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