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Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips for Every Gardener

  • Content hubs. Instead of random blog posts, we have content "hubs" to provide essential context for specific types of gardening and plants.
  • Tips for all types of gardening. Vegetable gardening, container gardening, herb gardening, houseplants... whatever!
  • Constantly growing (pun intended). There are so many plants out there, we'll never run out of new tips to add!

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Learn Lawn Care & Landscaping

  • Learn lawn basics. Whatever your experience with lawns, we can help you learn all the essential info on grass, watering and soil.
  • Help picking the right tools. There's no shortage of tools out there. We help you figure out which tools are best for your specific needs.
  • Recommendations on what to plant. We cover grass, trees, and other plants, helping you plant the best stuff for your space and geography.

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Garden Tools

Composting 101

Primer on Plants & Plant Care

  • Learn plant care basics. We cover plant care basics as well as plant-specific growing and maintenance advice.
  • Help picking the right plants. Want to grow a plant but don't know what to pick? Our plant picker can help you choose.
  • Steps for getting started.  If you get excited after reading all our plant info, we can show you how to get started with growing your own.

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