10 Best Anti Slip Stair Treads for Outdoor Use

Outdoor stairs are known for creating quite the slip hazard around the home.

Not only are they constantly at odds with the elements. If they aren’t properly looked after, they can also attract certain types of moss and mold that make them extra slippery under the right circumstances.

best anti slip stair treads

If you have kids or your friends and family’s kids frequent your home, then the potential for slipping and tripping accidents grows significantly.

So whether you have a simple two-step up onto your back deck, or an entire spiral outdoor staircase that wraps itself up to your top floor patio – either way, some stair protection is not just smart, it’s a must.

One of the best ways to make your outdoor spaces safer is by fixing anti-slip stair tread to its stairs, ramps, and anywhere else that could pose a risk when wet or otherwise.

In this article, we will run you through the 10 best stair treads found online today.

Including tape, paint, rubber, plastic, and metal tread types, our list will offer a sure-fire solution to any home’s slippery outdoor stair predicament.

And as a result, safeguard your friends and family from taking a tumble when they least expect it.

#1. Handi-Treads Aluminum Tread



Handi Treads Aluminum Tread

#2. Grip Strip Stair Tread


Grip Strip Stair Tread

#3. Rubber-Cal Azteca Outdoor Stair Tread


Rubber Cal Azteca Outdoor Stair Tread

#4. INSL-X Sure Step Anti-Slip Coating Paint


INSL X Sure Step Anti Slip Coating Paint

#5. LifeGrip Anti Slip Traction Tread


LifeGrip Anti Slip Traction Tread

#6. Handi-Treads Non-Slip Stair Nosing


Handi Treads Non Slip Stair Nosing

#7. Slip Doctors Tuff Grip Paint


Slip Doctors Tuff Grip Paint

#8. Rubber-Cal Tread Stair Mats



Rubber Cal Tread Stair Mats

#9. First Your Safety Anti-Slip Stair Treads



First Your Safety Anti Slip Stair Treads

#10. MBIGM Clear Non-Slip Stair Tread



MBIGM Clear Non Slip Stair Tread

At A Glance: 10 Best Anti Slip Stair Treads for Outdoor Use
Our Top Pick
1. Handi-Treads Aluminum Tread
2. Grip Strip Stair Tread
3. Rubber-Cal Azteca Outdoor Stair Trea
4. INSL-X Sure Step Anti-Slip Coating Paint
5. LifeGrip Anti Slip Traction Tread
6. Handi-Treads Non-Slip Stair Nosing
7. Slip Doctors Tuff Grip Paint
8. Rubber-Cal Tread Stair Mats
9. First Your Safety Anti-Slip Stair Treads
10. MBIGM Clear Non-Slip Stair Tread

1. Handi-Treads Aluminum Tread

Handi-Treads Aluminum Tread

There’s a certain comfort in knowing that your stairs are equipped with the best tread in the business. Handi-Treads non-slip tread is a superior choice for its super-durable aluminum construction.

The high-end tread features large raised holes that will offer the best defense in the wet. Choose between the stock colors of black, brown, and grey today with the stock size that measures 30” long.

If you would prefer a different color or size then you can also get in contact with Handi-Treads directly for custom orders.

The tread is intended to be screwed into wooden stairs, decking, and ramps with the accompanying wood screws and 12 pre-drilled mounting holes.

However, it can be just as easily fixed to other tougher surfaces like stone and concrete with the correct screws and drill. The only slight consideration is that aluminum, although dependable, could hurt a young child’s knees if they take a hard fall down onto it.


  • Aluminum construction – Won’t wear down and smooth over in the elements
  • Large raised tread – Will feel very secure in wet conditions
  • Comes with wood screws – Easy to fix straight out of the box
  • Multiple colors to choose from – Good for personalizing your stair protection


  • Large raised aluminum tread – Has the potential to hurt children who fall onto it

2. Grip Strip Stair Tread

Grip Strip Stair Tread

Great for both home and commercial use, Grip Strips stair tread is a premium and enduring tread choice. Made of toughened and rigid plastic, this tread is incredibly weather-resistant.

On top of that is also handles pressure washing, shoveling, and even salting. It is also easy to install and can be applied to all surface types that may pose a slipping risk like hardwood, metal, tile, vinyl, and even concrete.

Comes in either a 2 or 8 pack for the home or a stacked 100 pack to kit out an entire factory’s stairs. The tread also welcomingly comes in three unique sizes to ensure most stair sizes have been catered for.


  • High-grade plastic construction – Very weather resistant and won’t wear easily
  • Can be fitted to many surface types – Compatible with home and commercial use
  • Refined tread – Won’t hurt if fallen on
  • Comes in three sizes – Great for finding the perfect stair and tread match


  • Plastic construction – Although minimal, it still has the potential to split or crack when compared to metal

3. Rubber-Cal Azteca Outdoor Stair Tread

Rubber-Cal Azteca Outdoor Stair Tread

The Azteca outdoor stair tread by Rubber-Cal is appealing to the eye and practical underfoot. The big benefit of this style of rubber mat is that it doesn’t require the need to be screwed in or taped down.

The weight of the mat and the underside design are enough to keep it securely in place. The Aztec-inspired design also creates an attractive staircase when compared to more plain and practical tread types.

Sourced from natural and reclaimed rubber, these mats have a sustainable and enduring story, to say the least.


  • Aztec-inspired design – Adds an attractive element to stairs
  • Made of natural and reclaimed rubber – Better for the environment
  • Doesn’t require an application – Keeps your stairs mark and stain-free


  • Isn’t fixed to stairs – Has the potential to move under heavy footfall

4. INSL-X Sure Step Anti-Slip Coating Paint

INSL-X Sure Step Anti-Slip Coating Paint

Anti-slip paint is a very popular option with people who want a permanent fix to slippery stairs and surfaces, but don’t fancy their stairs being covered in more traditional tread types.

This anti-slip acrylic paint is loaded with an aggregate that gives the paint a rough, and therefore, grippy finish. It is also available in seven strong colors to suit a wide range of outdoor spaces.

Not only will this paint work incredibly well on all concrete, wood, and metal stairs but it can also cover larger areas of the home that are prone to being slippery.

Getting 80 – 120 square feet of coverage per gallon, this paint is also very economical for people who want to anti-slip it all.


  • Large coverage per square foot – Allows you to give more surfaces the anti-slip effect
  • Seven colors to choose from – Find the color that’s right for your home
  • Good abrasion resistance – Will keep your stairs safe for many years


  • Permanent application – Paint will be very hard to remove if you end up not liking it

5. LifeGrip Anti Slip Traction Tread

LifeGrip Anti Slip Traction Tread

Anti-slip adhesive tape is the ideal choice for people who are looking for a cheap, quick, and easy means of gaining traction without permanency.

The ability to peel the traction off suits young families who only desire grippy stairs while the kids are young. Using a PET material base film instead of PVC makes this tape toxic-free and gives it better water-resistant properties.

Though make no mistake, even the best tape treads won’t last as long as other tread types.

Without the need for screws or paint, this tape can be just as easily applied to indoor stairs, helping to ensure no kids are slipping down the stairs come Christmas morning.


  • PET base film – Toxic-free and better weather resistance than PVC
  • Yellow hazard stripe option – Helps people to see each stair
  • Adhesive application – Can be peeled back


  • Tape grip  – Not as stable grip as other tread types

6. Handi-Treads Non-Slip Stair Nosing

Handi-Treads Non-Slip Stair Nosing

Another inclusion from the tread giant Handi-Treads, except this one is all about protecting the edge of your stairs. Stair nosing is a very effective tread that gives a safe and grippy platform for people to push off from the edge of a stair, confidently.

The Handi-Treads stair nosing is, unsurprisingly, made from high-grade aluminum that has zero chance of rusting, rotting, or wearing away.

The nosing benefits from a raised, smoothed over edge, that, coupled with the raised holes will offer the best defense from slippy stairs.

Choose from five unique colors that can either blend in or offer a very obvious nosing to give people the best chance of spotting each stair and getting there.


  • Raised edge design – Allows grippy platform to push up from
  • Aluminum construction – Extremely weatherproof and durable
  • Choice of five colors – Good selection for blending in or standing out


  • Requires drilling to be fixed – Will leave holes in your stairs if removed

7. Slip Doctors Tuff Grip Paint

Slip Doctors Tuff Grip Paint

Tuff Grip is the Slip Doctors most aggressive anti-slip coating that offers a premium defense against slips and trips.

This high-grade aggregate paint can be used on all indoor and outdoor surfaces, making it a one-stop shop to combat slippery floors in the workplace and home.

Classed as industrial grade, Tuff Grip is a highly textured paint that is built to withstand extreme weather and footfall. This means it could be considered excessive for home use, but certainly not ruled out completely.

If you’re someone who takes their slips and trips seriously, is looking to cover a large area, and doesn’t mind spending the money – this one-gallon tub with 75 – 100 square feet of coverage is a premium choice of tread.


  • Industrial grade – Good for commercial and home use
  • Heavy-duty aggregate – Gives very textured surface
  • Can be applied to all surfaces – Great for safeguarding all parts of the home


  • Expensive per tub price  – Could be excessive for some people’s needs

8. Rubber-Cal Tread Stair Mats

Rubber-Cal Tread Stair Mats

Using a coin-grip system of anti-slip, these tread mats by Rubber-Cal will make your stairs a safe and happy place to walk. Each mat in this six-pack bundle measures 9.75” x 29.75”, which is a standard size for most stairs.

If your stairs are a little narrower, then you could always trim a little width or length off of each mat to find your stair’s custom size.

Not only do these rubber mats resist damage from sunlight, rain, and snow but they also offer wooden stairs protection from the same natural elements.

They are also super easy to remove and clean when there have been particularly muddy kids tracing down the stairs all day.

Rubber mats are also incredibly handy as they can be moved about the place, serving the pool stairs on a sunny weekend, or the patio stairs when you’ve got guests over for an outdoor feast.

Or, maybe consider two packs to safeguard all your stairs, all of the time.


  • Rubber construction – Can be cut to fit smaller stairs
  • Resistant to the elements – Should last a long time with no sun damage
  • Coin-grip anti-slip – Offers good underfoot grip


  • Comes in just one size – Not suitable for very large stairs
  • Not fixed to ground  – Has potential to slide (but not likely)

9. First Your Safety Anti-Slip Stair Treads

First Your Safety Anti-Slip Stair Treads

This pack includes 10 pieces of 6” x 30” anti-slip tape to give your large stairwells ample protection. The 80-grit PET black tape will create a very safe stair but isn’t excessively sharp or gritty.

The beauty in this is that young children can crawl up and down your stairs without hurting their knees and hands in the process.

Having 10 already cut to size strips also makes this pack a good choice for protecting ramps and other access points from slippery situations.

Of course, tape is never going to last as long as metal, rubber, and paint. However, for a quick and easy fix, they certainly serve their purpose.


  • Easy adhesive application – Perfect for a quick fix
  • 10-piece pack – Great for kitting out an entire stairway
  • 80-grit non-skid PET – Gives a good level of grip
  • Included roller – Helps secure tape and create a smooth surface


  • Tape construction – Will wear down quicker overtime

10. MBIGM Clear Non-Slip Stair Tread

MBIGM Clear Non-Slip Stair Tread

This tape’s unique feature is that it is completely clear to offer an almost invisible level of protection.

This clarity is great for anyone who desires a decent level of grip but would prefer the grain of their wooden stairs to show through.

This 15-piece pack from MBIGM offers scope to protect many indoor and outdoor surfaces of the home – all with an invisible edge.

Places like the bathroom floor where maybe you wouldn’t want obvious grip tape strips, in steps this clear anti-slip to save the day.

Just be mindful of this pack’s low price letting slip that it isn’t exactly the most premium of treads – meaning it will likely peel back before you would have liked.


  • Clear texture – Creates an invisible appearance
  • 15-piece pack – Good for kitting out the entire home with grip
  • Easy installation – Simple adhesive backing
  • Included roller – Ideal for making best possible adhesion


  • Cheap production – Could wear down and peel off easier

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re stuck on the fence with deciding which tread type is the best fit for your home, it’s always handy to investigate the subject a little further.

When buying anti-slip stair tread the three most important aspects that, once factored in, will help your decision along are weatherproofing, adhesion and material.

Once you’ve considered these three details you’ll have no problems picking your home’s winning tread.


Anti-slip stair tread that’s intended for outdoor use needs to be able to not just handle, but function in the most adverse of weather conditions.

The fact that stairs and other outdoor access points become their most slippery and, therefore, dangerous when wet tells it so. Aluminum is arguably the best material for anti-slip tread for its corrosion resistance and durability in construction.

If you’re looking for a serious amount of protection for stairs in snow, grit, rain, and the rest, aluminum is the material for you.

Aggregate paint is another highly effective tread type that won’t wear down, peel off or slip away when the heavens open and the rain starts pouring. High-grade rubber mats are designed to handle the sun and work well in wet conditions.

Although they can pose a risk in particularly treacherous conditions as they aren’t fixed to their surface. Due to its minimal tread height, tape is the least effective tread in wet conditions.

That’s not to say it won’t still give a good base level of protection. The only problem is, for how long will that protection stay in place and not peel away?


Adhesion is another super important part of a slippery stairs dilemma. Not only does it dictate how effective each type of tread will be in staying on your stairs.

It will also influence what your stairs will look like if, for whatever reason, you need to remove the tread.

The most permanent application type is aggregate paint. Typically made of an acrylic or urethane base, these heavy-duty and textured paints, once applied, won’t be coming off in a hurry.

The next in line in terms of permanency is the metal and plastic treads that need to be screwed into a surface below. This is a good mid-way point between being incredibly durable and long-lasting but also having the ability to be removed if desired.

The only hitch is they will leave little screw holes in your stairs if removed and not filled in or replaced.

Anti-slip tape has an adhesive backing that can be applied in no time at all. The only problem is that it can also be peeled off in no time at all.

Obviously, they have very strong adhesion when compared to standard tape types, but they just don’t stand up to the other adhesion methods on this list.


As already hinted at, the material of each anti-slip stair tread plays a huge part in its overall effectiveness. As well as affecting the grip, it also instructs toward a tread’s durability and longevity.

Again, if you’re looking for the most durable tread type then you simply can’t ignore a heavy-duty aluminum construction. On top of offering unbeatable waterproofing properties, aluminum can also handle all types of heavy footfall while its tread remains perfectly intact.

In a similar fashion, rigid plastic treads are very strong structurally and should last for many years unless they are ill-treated.

Rubber is another material that’s used for different tread varieties because of its moldability and effectiveness in the wet.

Often made of natural or even recycled materials, rubber mats are strong, last long, and are a thoughtful choice for the environment.

When in the market for tape tread, make sure you’re buying PET tape and not the more toxic option of PVC, which can pose unnecessary risks to children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Put On Outdoor Wooden Stairs To Prevent Slipping?

It’s no secret that most home stairs are made of wood. Hardwood is a great material for stairs because it’s strong, durable, and looks good.

Although, without anti-slip tread, wood is notoriously slippery. Metal, plastic, and tape treads are considered the best for wood stairs as they can be screwed into and applied onto wood easily and effectively.

What Else Can I Do To Safeguard Stairs?

Besides a premium stair tread, there are a few things that you can do to ensure your stairs are the safest that they can be. Handrails are a great way of giving people some extra stability and protection from slipping or falling on your stairs.

Cleaning your stairs on a regular basis will also go a long way in keeping them dry and free of mold. If you have wooden stairs, making sure that they are treated and cared for properly will reduce the risk of them rotting and becoming a major hazard.


It’s a very good feeling knowing that your stairs are as safe as they can be. Especially if you have young children or elderly people in your family who are more prone to slipping on ill-equipped stairs. If you are considering additional tools to make your outdoor areas safer, you should also review our recommendations for garden kneelers.

We hope this article has helped you to find some stair security so that your family and friends can confidently climb those precariously steep stairs of yours.

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