Welcome to ProperlyRooted

ProperlyRooted is a garden and backyard living blog that aims to help people learn about all kinds of gardening, lawn care practices, plant care, and maximizing enjoyment in your backyard with those you love. We do this mostly through blogging, although we have growing social media pages as well.

Our writers come from all over and offer a diverse range of perspectives. Some are new gardeners, while others have more gardening experience. But for all of us, one thing is the same: the goal of everything we publish here is to help people solve specific gardening, lawn care, and plant care problems–to enjoy your yard more!

Gardening is a growing movement. According to Garden.org, roughly 35% of all households (that’s about 42 million if you’re keeping track) participate in some sort of gardening. People are starting to understand the amazing sense of sustainability and serenity that comes from gardening–whether you’re growing a couple pots of herbs on an apartment balcony or you have a full English-garden spanning acres.

In this spirit, we’d love if you explored some of the stuff we have to offer. We do it slightly different that most sites, however: instead of a random blog feed, we like to be a bit more organized (we’re garden nerds after all). So, instead, we put our content into “hubs.” Each hub is essentially just a category, but the “top” of every hub also acts as a guide and general jumping off point for that topic.

Explore our content hubs below!

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