Bad Boy Mower Reviews: A 2023 Comprehensive Guide to The Latest Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy Mowers is an American based company that has been manufacturing in the US for over 20 years now. They are innovative and committed to quality, which means they are only getting better every year in both unique features and available models.  This guide combines Bad Boy Mower reviews in a single place to help you learn about the mower model best for you. Bad Boy Mower prices are also listed by MSRP alongside each model below.

Bad Boy Mower Reviews:  MZ Magnum

Bad Boy Mowers are zero turn mowers (except for two self propelled push mower models) and stand out from the competition because of their construction. Even their entry level zero turn mowers are made from a welded, 7 gauge steel, rather than a stamped deck. Whether you are looking for your first zero turn mower or want to upgrade your landscaping company’s fleet of mowers, Bad Boy Mowers have a great selection for you. All images on this page are from the Bad Boy Mowers website unless otherwise noted.

Features Of Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy Mowers produce zero turn mowers for both commercial use and residential use. Zero turn mowers have been around since the 1960s and meant to be safer, faster and more effective than other types of mowers.

The term “zero turn” doesn’t mean that the mowers can only drive in a straight line. Instead, it means that they have a turning radius of zero, allowing them to spin around in a complete circle with ease.

Most Bad Boy Mowers are ride-on models, although the company has created a few stand-on and walk behind zero turn mowers. One of the key differences between a zero turn mower and other styles is that the zero turn machine doesn’t have a steering wheel.

Instead, its two drive wheels are separately controlled by lap bars. The bars give you more control over the direction of the mower, which allows you to get into tight spaces on the lawn or spin the mower on a dime if need be.

Bad Boy Mowers all boast of a frame that’s made of 7 to 11 gauge steel, consisting of 2″ by 2″ rails welded together. The thickness of the steel and the way it is constructed are meant to give the mowers a longer life than similar models, which are typically made from stamped (not welded) steel.

Some of those features are highlighted in this video from the company:

Another feature you’ll find on Bad Boy Mowers is a “swing away design.” Whether you need to have your mower serviced or cleaned, it is easy to access all areas of it. You can even get to areas that are usually difficult to reach on other mowers. The swing away design is patented by Bad Boy Mowers.

Some of the brand’s commercial mowers are equipped with an EZ-Ride System, which absorbs shocks and vibrations. Even if you aren’t a landscaping professional, choosing a model with the EZ-Ride system in place can make sense if ride comfort is important to you.

Advice For First Time Buyers

If you’re buying your first Bad Boy Mower and you don’t run a professional lawn company or have a large yard to mow, you don’t necessarily want to jump in feet first and purchase the top-of-the-line, biggest diesel model.

There are now many different levels of zero turn mower, and an entry level model is most likely going to be best for the first time buyer.

For example, if you usually mow less than 1.5 acres per week, a zero turn mower with a cutting width between 48 inches and 54 inches will typically be sufficient.

Entry level zero turn mowers are good for learning as well, as many models don’t go more than 6 mph and don’t have a considerable amount of horsepower. Even professionals will tell you that a high horsepower zero turn mower takes some practice, particularly with the stand on models.

It helps to think of the slope or incline of your lawn before you invest in a Bad Boy Mower. Because they are rear heavy and have limited, if any, steering control in the front, zero turn mowers are usually not recommended for use on steep inclines. If your lawn has a slope that’s greater than 10 degrees, a zero turn mower likely isn’t the choice for you.  The maximum slope you should consider for a zero turn mower is 15 degrees.

Which is best for you? Bad Boy Mowers Prices and Details

This will all depend upon your individual needs. If your personal mowing needs are much greater in acreage, a commercial mower may be the best for you despite not having your own lawn care company.  The tables below have models, deck sizes, and top speeds sorted by prices from high to low that will help you understand the differences and what may fit your budget. The Bay Boy Mowers prices and details are taken from the Bad Boy Mowers website.

Following the tables, you will learn more about the features in each Commercial and Residential line up under each mower heading. 

Bad Boy Mowers Prices by Commercial Models

ModelDeck WidthTop
Renegade Diesel61″13$23,607
Renegade Gas61″ or 72″13$16,448
Rogue54″, 61″ or 72″13$13,933
Rebel54″, 61″ or 72″12$11,966
Maverick HD42″, 48″, 54″, or 60″9$10,106
Revolt Stand On36″, 48″, 54″, or 61″9$9,017
Walk Behind36″, 48″, or 54″6Check Local Dealer
Self Propelled
Push Mower
21″ or 25″SelfCheck Local Dealer

Bad Boy Mowers Prices by Residential Models

ModelDeck WidthTop
Maverick48″, 54″, or 60″9$8,355
Revolt SD Stand On34″ or 42″9Check Local Dealer
ZT Elite48″, 54″, or 60″7$6,709
ZT Avenger54″ or 60″7$5,859
MZ Magnum48″ or 54″6$5,119
MZ Rambler42″6Check Local Dealer
E-Series Self Propelled
21″ Mower

Check Local Dealer

Bad Boy Mower Reviews: Commercial Model

As you choose, I realize that price is a significant factor for most people. It is important to realize that the lowest price zero turn commercial mower still has a larger starting price than the top of the line residential mower, but that provides a much greater feature set and longevity.

The primary differences in the commercial mowers over the residential mowers will be found in the features of wheel motors, suspensions, engines, and deck gauges. 

The models are listed below followed by a comparison table to see important features in a single view.

Bad Boy Renegade Mower in Diesel and Gas Options

Bad Boy Mowers Renegade

This is the top of the line zero turn mower produced by Bad Boy Mowers and is available in both diesel and gas models.  The only two differences between the models are the fuel type and the availability of a larger, 72″ deck in the gasoline model.  The remaining standard features of both are listed below:  

NEW – Updated Tank Styling
Dual 16cc Hydro-Gear Pumps
Dual 18ci Parker Wheel Motors
Patented 3-Link Rear Trailing Arm Suspension
Patented Independent Front Suspension
Heavy-Duty Cast I-Beam Rails
Sloped 1/4˝or 3-Gauge Deck with Reinforced 3/8˝ Sides
Heavy-Gauge, All-Steel, All-Welded Frame
Dual Pump Belt System with Tensioner Design
Patented Dual Deck Support Isolators
PEER, Maintenance-Free Spindles
Exclusive Reaper® Rear Tires
Deck Lift Pedal with Deck Dial Adjustment
Premium Adjustable Suspension Seat
Rear Deck Striping Kit
Adjustable Foot Rest
No-Flat Front Tires

Bad Boy Rogue Mower

This mower is only missing a few of the features of the top of the line Renegade Mower while providing more deck and engine size options.  The only standard feature not available on the Rogue is the dual pump belt system with tensioner design.  

Bad Boy Mowers Rogue

Bad Boy Rebel Mower

The Rebel Mower is the third in commercial lineup, and as such retains many of the features of the first two models.  However, as you come down in price, you will have a different transmission, as well as no longer having the Dual 18ci Parker Wheel Motors, Patented 3-Link Rear Trailing Arm Suspension, and Patented Independent Front Suspension.  Without these features you’ll also be saving roughly $2,000 off of the starting price vs. the Rogue Mower.

Bad Boy Mowers Rebel

Bad Boy Maverick HD Mower

This model is the bigger cousin of the Maverick Residential Model.  You may ask yourself if the almost $2,000 price increase is worth it.  Well, Bad Boy Mowers gave it larger Hydro-Gear® drives, bigger engine options and a premium suspension seat for all-day, every-day performance.  They also added a 42” model that can get in and out of almost anywhere.  A striping kit is also standard on this model.  You’ll find the remaining characteristics the same between the two Maverick models.

When compared to the Rebel Mower, you’ll also find that the deck gauge and thickness decreases from the Rebel to the Maverick in the commercial line up from 3 gauge to 7 gauge.

Bad Boy Mowers Maverick HD

Bad Boy Revolt Stand On Mower

The Revolt Mower is fifth in the commercial lineup and the first in the line up that is a stand on instead of a seated mower.  The foot stand is a part of the mower, and an ergonomic thigh pad is provided for greater comfort.

Bad Boy Mowers Revolt

Bad Boy Walk Behind Mower

This mower is the sixth in the lineup, and is available with an optional patented Sulky with a single rear wheel.  These mowers will serve as better choices for smaller yards as well as those with steeper hills vs. a stand on mower.  

Bad Boy Mowers Walk Behind

Bad Boy Push Mower

Last but not least in the commercial lineup is the self propelled push mower, which comes in two different deck sizes and a high and low gear drive system.  You can bag or mulch with this mower, and the rear baggers are quick release. 

Bad Boy Mowers Push Mower

Bad Boy Mowers Commercial Models Summary Table

ModelDeck WidthEnginesTransmissionsSuspension
Renegade Diesel61″Perkins 1100cc Diesel- 24.7hpHydro-Gear® 16cc Pumps; Parker® 18ci Wheel MotorsPatented 3-Link Rear Trailing Arm Suspension with Patented Front Independent Suspension
Renegade Gas61″ or 72″Kohler
6100/7200 – 999cc, 38.5hp Air-Cooled ECH980 EFI
Hydro-Gear® 16cc Pumps; Parker® 18ci Wheel MotorsPatented 3-Link Rear Trailing Arm Suspension with Patented Front Independent Suspension
Rogue54″, 61″ or 72″Kawasaki
5400/6100 – 852cc, 27hp Air-Cooled V-Twin FX850

6100/7200 – 999cc, 35hp Air-Cooled V-Twin FX1000

6100/7200 – 999cc, 38.5hp Air-Cooled V-Twin FX1000 EFI

6100/7200 – 999cc, 38.5hp Air-Cooled V-Twin ECV 980 EFI
Hydro-Gear® 16cc Pumps; Parker® 18ci Wheel MotorsPatented 3-Link Rear Trailing Arm Suspension with Patented Front Independent Suspension
Rebel54″, 61″ or 72″Kohler
5400/6100 – 747cc, 27hp Air-Cooled Command Pro EFI ECV749

5400/6100 – 852cc, 27hp Air-Cooled V-Twin FX850

5400/6100 – 822cc, 31hp Air-Cooled V-Twin EVO781 EFI

7200 – 822cc, 34hp Air-Cooled V-Twin EVO820 EFI

6100/7200 – 999cc, 35hp Air-Cooled V-Twin FX1000
4400 Hydro-Gear® 16cc Integrated TransaxleSuspension seat on some models
Maverick HD42″, 48″, 54″, or 60″Kawasaki
4200/4800 – 726cc, 22hp Air-Cooled 90° V-Twin FX691

5400/6000 – 726cc, 23.5hp Air-Cooled 90° V-Twin FX730

4200/4800/5400/6000 – 688cc, 24hp Air Cooled V-Twin GXV

4200/4800/5400/6000 – 747cc, 25hp Air Cooled V-Twin Command Pro EFI ECV749
3400 Hydro-Gear® 12cc Integrated TransaxleE-Z Ride® Patented Compression Rear Suspension with Independent Front Suspension Rails
Revolt Stand On36″, 48″, 54″, or 61″Kawasaki FX691 726cc – 22hp

Kawasaki FX730 726cc – 23.5hp

Kawasaki FX850 852cc – 27hp

NEW Kawasaki EVO781 EFI 822cc – 31hp
3600 – 3100 Hydro-Gear® 10cc Integrated Transaxle

4800/5400/6100 – 3400 Hydro-Gear® 12cc Integrated Transaxle
The adjustable rubber suspension riding platform absorbs vibrations normally passed along to the rider’s knees and joints and the soft, ergonomic thigh pad accommodates operators of all heights and provides all day mowing comfort
Walk Behind36″, 48″, or 54″603cc, 18.5hp Air-Cooled FS6003100 Hydro-Gear® 12cc Integrated TransaxleOptional Sulky: The single rear wheel with EZ-Ride™ technology for smooth, vibration absorbing performance
Push Mower21″ or 25″179cc, Air-Cooled FJ180Two Speedn/a

Bad Boy Mower Reviews: Residential Models

The residential models of mower are also very impressive machines with excellent features.  All of the mowers are zero turn and come with heavy gauge/all steel/all welded frames, 7 – gauge steel decks with reinforced edges, PEER maintenance Free Spindles, and seat lifts for easy maintenance and cleaning. 

The differences between the models will come down to engines, deck sizes, suspension types and availability, and steel front fork size.  I’ll list the mower names and images below with a brief description in how they differ from the top of the line Maverick mower as well as add a comparison summary table at the end. 

Bad Boy Maverick Mower

This is the top of the line residential mower from Bad Boy Mowers.  It has a bigger cousin in the commercial line up, but this mower is still a very well built zero turn mower with many standard features that will make residential users very happy.

Bad Boy Mowers Maverick
Dual Hydro-Gear 3200 Series Integrated Drive Systems
Patented EZ-Ride® System
Patented Independent Front Suspension
I-Beam Front Rails
Heavy-Gauge, All-Steel, All-Welded Frame
Industry-Leading 3/8˝ Steel Front Forks
3/16˝ or 7-Gauge All Steel, Formed and Welded Deck with Reinforced Edges
PEER, Maintenance-Free Spindles
Deck Lift Pedal with Deck Dial Adjustment
Seat Lifts for Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
Adjustable Steering Arms
Electric PTO
Comfort Seat

Bad Boy Revolt SD Stand On

The Revolt SD Stand On is a new addition to the line up and is the residential version of the commercial Revolt Stand On.  There are less deck width options for the residential version, but many of the commercial features are available on the residential mower, including the 7-gauge steel deck, 3/8″ Steel forks and 3 1/2″ Trail, and three position speed control. 

Bad Boy Mowers Revolt

Bad Boy ZT Elite Mower

This mower is very similar to the models previous, with the most significant difference being the suspension set up vs. the Maverick.  There are also more engine options available on the ZT Elite Mower configuration.

Bad Boy Mowers ZT Elite

Bad Boy ZT Avenger Mower

The ZT Avenger Mower differs from the ZT Elite Mower in that it doesn’t offer a suspension setup but rather a comfort seat, which will save you money but result in a less comfortable ride.

Bad Boy Mowers ZT Avenger

Bad Boy MZ Magnum Mower

The MZ Magnum Mower differs from the ZT Avenger Mower by offering a different Hydro-Gear system and engine options to provide a lower price point.

Bad Boy Mowers MZ Magnum

Bad Boy MZ Rambler Mower

The MZ Rambler is the newest entry level model to the Bad Boy Mowers Residential line and offers only a single deck size option of 42 inches and a single engine option of the Briggs 19hp which is capable of up to 6 mph.  

Bay Boy Mowers MZ Rambler

Bad Boy E-Series Self Propelled 21″ Mower

Bad Boy Mowers now have an E-Series line of electric equipment, and one of their offerings in that line is a 21″ deck mower that is battery powered, self propelled, and can mulch, bag, or side discharge.  It is currently one of six different battery powered lawn care units offered by the company.

Bad Boy Mowers E Series Self Propelled Mower

Bad Boy Mowers Residential Models Summary Table

ModelDeck WidthEnginesTransmissionSuspension
Maverick48″, 54″, or 60″Kohler
4800/5400/6000 – 747cc, 25hp Air-Cooled Confidant ZT740

4800/5400/6000 – 810cc, 27hp Air-Cooled CXI27

4800/5400/6000 – 726cc, 24hp Air-Cooled FS730
3200 Hydro-Gear® 10cc Integrated TransaxleE-Z Ride® Patented Compression Rear Suspension with Independent Front Suspension Rails
Revolt SD Stand On34″ or 42″3400/4200 – 603cc, 18.5hp Air-Cooled FS6002800 Hydro-Gear® 10cc Integrated Transaxlen/a
ZT Elite48″, 54″, or 60″Kohler
4800 – 725cc, 25hp Air-Cooled 7000 KT740

5400/6000 – 747cc, 26hp Air-Cooled Pro 7000 KT745

4800/5400/6000 – 724cc, 25hp Air Cooled CXI25

4800/5400/6000 – 726cc, 24hp Air Cooled FR730

LIMITED EDITION 6000 – 747cc, 25hp Air Cooled Confidant ZT740

LIMITED EDITION 6000 – 810cc, 27hp Air Cooled CX127
3100 Hydro-Gear® 10cc Integrated TransaxleEZ-Ride® Front Rail Suspension
ZT Avenger54″ or 60″Kohler
5400/6000 – 725cc, 25hp Air-Cooled 7000 KT740

5400/6000 – 726cc, 23hp Air-Cooled FR691
2800 Hydro-Gear® 10cc Integrated Transaxlen/a
MZ Magnum48″ or 54″Kohler
5400 – 725cc, 25hp Air-Cooled 7000 KT740

4800/5400 – 724cc, 25hp Air-Cooled CXI25
Dual Hydro-Gear® ZT-2200 Drive Systemsn/a
MZ Rambler42″Briggs
4200 – 540cc, 19hp Air-Cooled
Dual Hydro Gear® ZT 2200 Drive Systemsn/a
Self Propelled Mower21″80V Dual Port Electric MotorSelf Propelledn/a


Bad Boy Mowers built their first mower in 2002 and continue to innovate and grow their American manufactured product line through high quality and reliable products.  With commercial, residential, and now electric options, they have a solution for every application and budget.  They have also added tractors and UTVs to their growing line up and show no signs of slowing down in providing great equipment to professionals and homeowners alike.  Do yourself a favor and check them out in person at a Local Dealer today! If you are interested in learning about other brands, you can find those posts here.

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