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Bad Boy Mower Reviews (The Truth)

Bad Boy Mowers are meant for both private home use and for commercial use by landscaping companies. The company’s mowers are all zero turn, which means they have a small turning radius and are more efficient at mowing a lawn than push mowers or other styles of ride on mowers. Bad Boy mowers stand out from the competition because of their construction. Even their entry level mower, theMZ Magnum, is made from a welded, 7 gauge steel, rather than a stamped deck. Whether you are looking for your first zero turn mower or want to upgrade your landscaping company’s fleet of mowers, Bad Boy has an option for you.

Features of a Bad Boy Mower

Bad Boy produces zero turn mowers for both commercial use and residential use. Zero turn mowers have been around since the 1960s and meant to be safer, faster and more effective than other types of mower.

The term “zero turn” doesn’t mean that the mowers can only drive in a straight line. Instead, it means that they have a turning radius of zero, allowing them to spin around in a complete circle with ease.

Most Bad Boy mowers are ride-on models, although the company has created a few walk behind zero turn mowers. One of the key differences between a zero turn mower and other styles is that the zero turn machine doesn’t have a steering wheel.

Instead, its two drive wheels are separately controlled by lap bars. The bars give you more control over the direction of the mower, which allows you to get into tight spaces on the lawn or spin the mower on a dime if need be.

Bad Boy mowers all boast of a frame that’s made of 7 to 11 gauge steel, consisting of 2″ by 2″ rails welded together. The thickness of the steel and the way it is constructed are meant to give the mowers a longer life than similar models, which are typically made from stamped (not welded) steel.

You can see some of that in Bad Boy’s video here:

Another feature you’ll only find on Bad Boy mowers is a “swing away design.” Whether you need to have your mower serviced or cleaned, it is easy to access all areas of it. You can even get to areas that are usually difficult to reach on other mowers. The swing away design is patented by Bad Boy and only found on their mowers.

Some of the brand’s commercial mowers are equipped with a n EZ-Ride System, which absorbs shocks and vibrations. Even if you aren’t a landscaping professional, choosing a model with the EZ-Ride system in place can make sense. It’s ideal for people who need to mow large areas that feature uneven or rocky terrain.

Advice for First Time Buyers

If you’re buying your first Bad Boy mower and you don’t run a professional lawn company or have a massive yard to mow, you don’t necessarily want to jump in feet first and purchase the top-of-the-line, biggest diesel model.

There are different levels of zero turn mower, and an entry level model is most likely going to be best for the first time buyer.

For example, if you usually mow less than 1.5 acres per week, a zero turn mower with a cutting width between 48 inches and 54 inches is usually going to be sufficient.

Entry level zero turn mowers are good for learning on, as well, as many models don’t go more than 6 mph and don’t have a considerable amount of horsepower. The last thing you want when you’re first learning to use a Bad Boy mower is for it to get away from you or it to accidentally speed around your lawn.

It helps to think of the slope or incline of your lawn before you invest in a Bad Boy mower. Because they are rear heavy and have limited, if any, steering control in the front, zero turn mowers are usually not recommended for use on steep inclines. If your lawn has a slope that’s greater than 10 degrees, a zero turn mower isn’t the choice for you.

Using Your Bad Boy Mower

There are some basic safety rules it’s important to remember when using a residential or commercial Bad Boy mower. Rule one is wear ear protection. Bad Boy mowers are gas powered or diesel powered machines. They can be quite loud, especially when you are sitting on top of one. A pair of earplugs or sound-proof ear muffs will go a long way towards protecting your hearing.

You might also want to wear some type of safety goggles when using your mower. Wraparound safety glasses will protect your eyes from flying grass clippings and other yard debris.

Be very careful to avoid obstacles and objects that might be on your lawn. Although zero turn mowers have a tight turning radius, they can be be tricky to maneuver. You don’t want to get too close to a lawn ornament, mailbox or piece of furniture and accidentally run into it or over it.

It also helps to be particularly cautious around curbs, drop-offs and other edges. Keep your mower far away from the edges of ponds, swimming pools or other bodies of water. You don’t want to risk toppling over into the water. Dropping your mower over a curb is a great way to damage the mower, even one made of heavy duty steel.

If you’re used to a traditional ride-on mower or to using a push mower, there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to maneuvering a zero turn mower. You might want to practice using your Bad Boy mower without the blades on at first, so that you can get a good feel for how turns and how it handles.

Meet the Bad Boy MZ Magnum Mower


TheBad Boy MZ Magnum Moweris the brand’s entry level residential mower. It’s a great choice for first-time zero turn mower owners and for homeowners with medium-sized yards.

The MZ Magnum is available with a choice of three different engines and cutting widths. The 726cc Kawasaki FR651V engine model is available with a cutting width of either 48 inches or 54 inches. It offers cutting heights ranging from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches, making it a good option for medium sized lawns with coarse or delicate grass.

The model with the 725cc Kohler KT740 engine is available with a cutting width of 54 inches, making it a good choice for a slightly larger lawn. Like its cousin, it has a range of cutting heights from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. A third model has a 725cc Kohler KT725 engine and a cutting width of 48 inches and the same range of cutting heights as the other two.

The MZ Magnum is powered by regular unleaded gasoline, so refueling it shouldn’t be much of an issue. Its gas tank can hold up to 5 gallons.

One feature that sets the MZ Magnum apart from other residential zero turn mowers, such as theHusqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Moweris its construction. It’s common for residential mowers to feature a flimsier stamped cutting deck.

The MZ Magnum is made from welded steel, which makes it considerably more durable than its competitors. It might be designed for home use, but it can handle pretty tough conditions, too.

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Photo by Nickel licensed under CC0

Bad Boy BZS60KT745 ZT Elite Zero Turn Lawn Mower

produs1Are you searching for a fully-fledged lawn mower that does not let you down? If you do not mind spending a considerable amount of money, the Bad Boy BZS60KT745 ZT Elite Zero Turn Lawn Mower is a near-perfect option in the market. This product has been designed for maximum performance and best-in-class comfort. When you want to take care of an extensive lawn, this lawnmower can keep up.
First and foremost, Bad Boy has included a 747cc KHL Pro Engine that provides a sufficient amount of power. You can rely on the full front suspension system and the renewed seats if you are concerned about the overall comfort. Therefore, regardless of how much time it takes to mow your lawn, this machine will keep running. The ¼-inch steel blade can offer the best lawn mowing experience thanks to its 18,000fpm speed.

The air-cooled engine on the machine is powered using gasoline, and the tank can store up to 6.5 gallons of gas. You can reach forward speeds of up to 7mph and reverse speeds of 3mph. You can also count on the adjustable speed options for a holistic lawn mowing experience. In short, this zero-turn lawn mower can help you deal with yards as big as 5 acres.

All the specifications apart, the lawnmower offers ultimate comfort, thanks to the front suspension and the additional padding for the seats. When combined with its stable performance, you can use it for an extended period without cramping. We would have loved to see an electric lift system in the package, but it is not the case.

Compared to other lawnmowers of this size, the Bad Boy BZS60KT745 ZT Elite Zero Turn Lawn Mower is easy to use. Even if you have little experience with zero-turn lawn mowers, you can start using the product within a few minutes. The company provides sufficient support documentation as well. You can also reach out to customer support if you have doubts.

That is not to say that the Bad Boy BZS60KT745 ZT Elite Zero Turn Lawn Mower is perfect. There are some noteworthy issues with the machine. For instance, you may have to replace the built-in rear tires with some aggressive alternatives if you need an enhanced experience. Similarly, the zero-turn mower does not have an electric lift system, which is something we expect for this price.


  • The full front suspension for extra comfort.
  • Powerful and stable engine
  • Excellent tech support
  • Two-year limited warranty


  • Less powerful rear tires
  • Lacks an electrical lift

Bad Boy ZT60 Avenger Lawn Mower

produs2If you want to save a couple of hundred dollars without compromising performance, you must consider the Bad Boy ZT60 Avenger Lawn Mower. Another product from Bad Boy, this machine comes with an ergonomic and compact design. It is the best choice for residential homeowners who cannot get the best experience from a traditional lawnmower. It is also an impressive upgrade from that perspective.
This lawnmower also comes with a 725cc KT740 engine from Kohler, and a hydraulic trans-axles drive type powers it. Together, the machine delivers impressive performance even during challenging situations. Like the previously listed product, the device has a 6.5-gallon fuel tank, and it uses gasoline. The fuel tank is big enough to power an entire lawn mowing session.

You can also expect the standard features you see in popular lawnmowers. For instance, you can achieve a top speed of 7mph while moving forward and 3mph while moving reverse. Even though the machine does not offer mulching capability, the foot-assist manual lift is a great option. It can handle lawns as big as three acres without any hassle, even if it means shifting between slight hills and uneven grounds.

When it comes to real-world performance, the Bad Boy ZT60 Avenger Lawn Mower is more than sufficient. The KT740 engine can handle entry-level and rough lawns with ease. You would not feel the lack of power unless you have an uneven land. It also comes with a 10cc piston pump. It makes stuff effortless when you have to shift between different drivetrains and performance requirements.

The 6.5-gallon fuel tank is sufficient for a full day of lawn mowing. You will not have to refill the tank during the hot day, which is excellent for professionals and amateurs alike. Even though the mower does not have an electric lift, the adjustable lift pedal is super user-friendly. The steel-based construction can handle a massive amount of weight with ease.

It would help if you kept in mind that the Bad Boy ZT60 Avenger Lawn Mower is made for residential use. It would struggle if you were to use it for commercial purposes. Similarly, if you want to spend the whole day mowing a large lawn, you may feel like the product has a low speed. It seems to be the case while moving up a hilly surface.


  • Powerful 725cc engine
  • Intuitive drivetrain control
  • Large gasoline tank
  • Excellent support


  • Not for commercial use
  • Speed could be better

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