Best Ego Leaf Blower For Home Use

If you’re looking for the best cordless power tool to remove dry leaves and debris from your yard, then an Ego leaf blower might be the right one for you. The manufacturer is renowned for its battery-powered tools that deliver the efficiency of their gas-powered counterparts.

The Ego leaf blowers are manufactured with both residential and professional users in mind, but I truly recommend them for home use.

They are powerful, the batteries have decent runtimes and the tools themselves are made to last. And the best part is that the same battery fits all the other power tools from the manufacturer. Now that’s what I call added convenience.

Product Price Rating
Best Ego Leaf Blower For Home Use $$$ Star rating 4.5 of 5
EGO Power+ 142 $$$$ Star rating 4.5 of 5
EGO Power+ 480 $ Star rating 4.5 of 5
EGO Power+ 600 $$$$$ Star rating 4 of 5
EGO Power+ 530 Battery And Charger Not Included $$ Star rating 4.5 of 5

What Features To Look For In A Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is one of the most trustworthy aids a gardener or homeowner can have. Gathering dead leaves and sweeping away debris from your driveways or flower beds may take forever without such a reliable power tool.

Nonetheless, choosing the right leaf blower is often a hassle. Choosing the brand, the type and the features of the right tool is quite confusing if you don’t know exactly what to look after. So, here’s a list of features you might want your leaf blower to have.

  • Speed settings: to most of us, being able to switch between the speeds of a power tool seems natural. But not all leaf blowers available on the market come with variable speeds. This feature is important especially if you have a cordless electric blower, as you’ll be able to choose between the maximum power or maximum runtime.
  • Vibration reduction: believe it or not, all gardening power tools have some level of vibration. The battery-powered tools have reduced levels of vibrations compared to their gas-powered counterparts but some manufacturers equipped them with further vibration reduction mechanisms. This increases the handling comfort and you’ll be able to use the tool effortlessly for a longer time.
  • Low weight: leaf blowers are either handheld, backpack or walk behind tools. Residential users usually invest in handheld or backpack units, are they are cheaper, easier to use and more compact. But a thing to consider is the weight. Cordless units usually weigh more than corded electric ones, but they are more versatile to use.
  • Vacuum setting: most leaf blowers also have a vacuum function. In this way, you’ll not only gather the debris but will be able to actually remove it without hassle. Some of these units even double as upholstery vacuum cleaners you can use to clean your vehicle or garden furniture.
  • Noise level: not actually a feature but a thing to consider is the noise level of the power tool you like, especially if you live in a residential area. Your neighbors might be bothered by the noise of your tool and some areas might even have strict noise regulations.

Features Of Ego Leaf Blowers

The history of Ego begins in 1993 when the manufacturer started to produce cordless electric power tools. Since then, the brand established its name and is today renowned for its wide range of reliable tools that deliver the efficiency of the gas-powered tools in an environmentally friendly formula.

One of the brand’s characteristic is the use of interchangeable batteries that can be easily switched between the tools. Thanks to this feature, you’ll only need one battery to power up your leaf blower, lawn mower, string trimmer, and hedger.

When it comes to the leaf blowers, Ego is renowned for reliability. The manufacturer is popular among homeowners and it offers a range of handheld and backpack units. Here are the most popular features of Ego leaf blowers.

  • Wide blowing tube: Ego manufactures its leaf blowers with comfort and efficiency in mind. The wide blowing tubes ensure a quick airflow, sweeping away dead leaves and debris quickly and effortlessly.
  • Variable speed control: all Ego leaf blowers boast a variable speed control. You’ll be able to use the tool at full speed for heavy-duty jobs or on the lowest setting if you need an extended battery life.
  • Turbo Boost mode: if you need more than the maximum speed, the Turbo Boost mode available on most leaf blowers will deliver that extra power you need, when and where you need it.
  • Brushless motor: the brushless motor that equips Ego’s leaf blowers is designed to endure intensive use for long times.
  • Turbine fan: thanks to this technology, the leaf blowers have impressive air outputs and are suitable for a wide range of gardening chores.

Apart from these features, Ego leaf blowers are also popular because of a series of characteristics that are common to all power tools manufactured under the brand’s name. In fact, these power tools are usually quieter than all the others available on the market, they have a zero-emission output when in use and benefit from the use of interchangeable batteries.

Ego leaf blowers are also easy to store when not in use, thanks to their compact dimensions. They are perfect for those who have little storage space available and fit even in the tiniest places.

If all these features convinced you that an Ego leaf blower might be the perfect one for you, take a look at the most popular models and choose the right one for your needs.

Best Ego Leaf Blower For Home Use

1. EGO Power+ 530

EGO Power 530 CFM 3 Speed Turbo 56-Volt

The EGO Power+ 530 is probably the most popular Ego leaf blower. This handheld power tool delivers gas-power performance packed with the benefits of a cordless electric solution. The tool is convenient to use, lightweight and compact, designed with comfort and efficiency in mind.The manufacturer equipped this leaf blower with a high-efficiency brushless motor with an extended life. Moreover, thanks to the motor’s efficiency, the tool is also able to deliver an extended runtime compared with similar cordless tools.

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Thanks to the advanced technology used, this leaf blower boasts low vibrations, it is quiet, and ideal to use in a residential context.

Regarding the performances, the leaf blower has a runtime of up to 75 minutes when used on the lowest speed. The battery recharges in only 50 minutes and, if you own other compatible tools, you can continue working by simply using a different battery.

Things We Liked

  • Water resistant: this leaf blower was designed with a gardener’s needs in mind. It resists to heavy use in damp atmospheric conditions and it is water resistant.
  • Compatible battery: the tool comes equipped with a 2,5Ah battery that is compatible with all Ego Power+ tools and chargers.
  • Ergonomic design: this leaf blower is easy to handle and comfortable to use even for an extended time thanks to the low weight and ergonomic design.
  • Warranty: the product is backed up by a 5-year limited warranty.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The battery drains quickly when the unit is not in used. Keep this in mind and check the level of the battery before you start cleaning your property.

2. EGO Power+ 142

EGO 142 MPH 575 CFM Variable-Speed

Powered by a 5,0Ah 56-volt arc lithium battery, the EGO Power+ 142 is probably the most powerful cordless leaf blower on the market. The tool boasts a turbine fan engineering that is inspired by the aeronautic technology and it performs better than its gas-powered counterparts.This Ego leaf blower boasts the efficiency of a brushless motor and it is designed to perform for a really long time. Apart from this characteristic, the unit is ergonomic and comfortable to use, it has a low level of vibrations and an extended battery life.

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The unit comes with a versatile nozzle attachment designed to help you clean all dead leaves and debris from corners and flower beds.

This leaf blower also boasts a water-resistant construction, a quiet operation and a variable speed control that lets you switch between max power and extended battery life.

Things We Liked

  • Battery: this leaf blower is powered by a 5,0Ah battery that provides sufficient power to handle even the heaviest debris-cleaning chores.
  • Nozzle attachment: cleaning the dead leaves from a flower bed or the debris gathered next to the fence was never this easy. The nozzle attachment will make these chores a breeze.
  • Quiet: this tool is four times quieter than a gas-powered blower. Your neighbors will love you and the tool complies with most noise regulations.
  • Easy to handle: the tool boasts an ergonomic design and it comes with a shoulder strap that makes carrying more convenient.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • When in use, the battery drains pretty fast. It has a fast recharge, though.

3. EGO Power+ 480

EGO Power+ 480 CFM 3-Speed Turbo

The manufacturer advertises its Power+ 480 leaf blower as the first rechargeable leaf blower on the market that performs better than most gas-powered models. And there is to say that the manufacturer is probably right.What impresses about this power tool is the exceptional power delivered by a 56-volt lithium-ion battery. The blower doesn’t come with a battery and a recharger though, therefore you’ll have to invest extra money in getting the battery kit.

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Nevertheless, the blower is compatible with all 2,0 or 2,5Ah 56-volt batteries manufactured by the brand. In other words, if you already own another cordless EGO power tool, you might be able to simply use the same battery with both tools.

Apart from this inconvenience, this leaf blower is simply awesome. It boasts the turbine fan engineering and the Turbo Boost function, it has an extended lifetime and is backed by a limited 5-year warranty.

Things We Liked

  • Variable speed: the leaf blower comes with a variable speed control that lets you choose between 250 and 480 CFM.
  • Brushless motor: the motor ensures a superior performance compared with similar power tools and an extended runtime.
  • Compatibility: the tool is compatible with all EGO Power+ arc lithium batteries.
  • Lightweight: this power tool boasts a lightweight and compact construction. It is easy to handle and store.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The tool doesn’t come with a kit of battery and recharger. If you don’t have other EGO tools, you’ll have to spend extra money on them.

4. EGO Power+ 600

eGO LB6004 145 MPH 600 CFM 56

Backpack leaf blowers are often seen as bulky power tools suitable for professional use. Yet, if you have a large property, a backpack blower might change your life forever. A tool to consider is the EGO Power+ 600, the backpack leaf blower by EGO.This leaf blower is designed to provide power and convenience. It incorporates the same turbine fan engineering present on all leaf blowers manufactured by the brand and it is powered by a 7,5Ah battery that is compatible with all Power+ products.

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This power tool is quiet and environmentally friendly. It has 0 emissions when in use and it is eight times quieter compared to the gas-powered backpack blowers. Moreover, it is easy to carry and comes with an adjustable harness with a waist belt.

The tool also boasts a brushless motor with extended lifetime and variable speeds with air output between 320 and 600 CFM.

Things We Liked

  • Efficiency: this backpack leaf blower has been designed with efficiency in mind. It is suitable for both residential and professional use, blowing away leaves and debris in no time.
  • Battery: the 7,5Ah battery is one of the most powerful manufactured by the brand and it is compatible with all Power+ products.
  • Noise level: this is one of the quietest backpack leaf blowers available on the market.
  • Warranty: the product comes with a 5-year limited warranty that covers all manufacturing defects and the parts.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The leaf blower occupies some space when not in use and it is rather expensive.

5. EGO Power+ 530 Battery And Charger Not Included

110 MPH 530 CFM Variable-Speed Turbo

Like we already said, the EGO Power+ 530 is probably the most popular Ego leaf blower. Despite its awesome characteristics, many homeowners find the complete package expensive and those who already own other EGO Power+ tools might be interested in getting the tool without the battery kit.In fact, this leaf blower is the same as the Power+ 530 model described above and the only difference is the lack of the battery and charger.

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The battery kit is available separately but this is a great occasion for those who already have other power tools from the manufacturer. The blower uses a 2,5Ah battery but is compatible with all Power+ batteries manufactured by the brand.

Other than that, expect to get the same performance and features at a more than affordable price.

Things We Liked

  • Price: because it comes without the battery kit, this Ego leaf blower is available at a really competitive cost.
  • Compatibility: the tool is compatible with all Power+ batteries. Either you decide to invest in a battery kit or use the one of another tool, it is completely up to you.
  • Performance: thanks to the brushless motor and turbine fan, this leaf blower provides an outstanding performance and is more reliable than a gas-powered tool.
  • Speed control: the unit has a dual speed control and a Turbo Boost function that allows you to choose the desired air output.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The leaf blower doesn’t come with any accessories.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Choosing the best Ego leaf blower wasn’t easy. All the options listed above benefit from the same awesome characteristics and they all use interchangeable batteries, making a homeowner’s life easier. Therefore, based on its popularity, we consider the EGO Power+ 530 the best.

This Ego leaf blower is available in various purchase packages and you can choose the one with a battery kit or the package including the blower alone. Regardless of your option, you will invest in a reliable, durable, and comfortable to use leaf blower that will help you keep your property tidy at all times. What else could you wish for?

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