Best Decorative Garden Arch Reviews

We have all dreamt of a romantic spot in our garden where sparks can fly or the peace of birdsong mingles with the fragrant tones of jasmine trailing over an arch above you.

Whether or not you long for Mr. Darcy to sweep you off your feet beneath the looping tendrils of roses, or simply wish for an elegant statement to decorate your garden, there is a garden arch suitable for any occasion.

Garden arches are a beautiful artistic addition to any garden upon which the promises of sweeping blossoms at the height of the season hang. Read on to find out why you need one and how to choose it, or click on the links below to check out our selection of the best garden arches.

Product Price Rating
Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor, White $$$$ Star rating 4.5 of 5
HollyHOME Decorative Metal Garden Arbor $$$ Star rating 4 of 5
NStar Real Sized Metal Decoration Arch, White $ Star rating 3.5 of 5
Athens 39” W x 81” H Vinyl Arbor $$$$$ Star rating 4.5 of 5
Adorox 7.5 Ft Lightweight White Metal Arch $$ Star rating 3.5 of 5

Many gardeners and landscapers choose to use garden arches in combination with climbing roses, clematis, honeysuckle or wysteria. But anything from a labernum to a fruiting hop can look just as magical when traversing the looping curls of a garden arch.

Let’s see why it’s better to buy an arch rather than doing it yourself and see how to choose the one that fits into your stylish garden.

Why Should You Buy A Garden Arch Instead Of Building One

We can all agree that we are not all whizzes with a hammer and nails. The mere hint of DIY can make some of us run for the hills. Furthermore, building a garden arch, whilst seemingly a nice project for those inclined towards homemade, can be more costly than purchasing one from your local garden center.

Buying a garden arch can skip the anxiety of hitting a nail on the head instead of your thumb. Garden arches are easy to assemble and have been expertly designed to withstand the elements or the weight of thick foliage.

Aside from practicality, garden arches represent the opportunity to make your garden even more inviting. Furthermore, they come in a wide range of styles with looping facades and metalwork that, accompanied with abundant flowers, turn it into a living art piece.

How To Choose The Right Garden Arch For You

Sometimes looking at the array of garden arches available is dizzying, each representing individual artistry, shape, and purpose. But it doesn’t have to be quite so difficult.

Once you have decided upon the singular idea for your garden arch; whether you wish to use it to train a light climber up, or  for a heavier plant, you only need to review the thickness of the frame and general measurements to gauge which one will be suitable.

However, if you’re still not sure how to tackle the market and the overwhelming number of products readily available, here are three things to look for along with a concise review of five garden arches currently on the market.

  • Thickness: most garden arches are made from durable metal alloy and coated with a resin, paint or plastic to offer additional protection from the elements. However, the thickness of the alloy is most important as is the weight bearing capacity of the frame. If too thin, your garden arch will buckle under the weight of your chosen climbers. If too thick, it may look out of place and some plants will have difficulty gripping onto it.
  • Height: all garden arches look tall when assembled in a showroom; that’s because an additional feet or two is added onto the supporting struts in order that the arch can be buried into the soil and still provide good headspace. However, some garden arches are shorter than others. Make sure to have a rough idea of the amount of height you want or will need, and consider the space you will need if using it for a plant. If you’re growing a rose, for example, the last thing you’ll want is a face full of thorns because the arch is too short.
  • Material: most garden arches are made from metal alloy but some alloys are a lot stronger and can withstand the elements and weight bearing better than others. Understanding how different alloys react under these particular stresses will help to single out a garden arch which stands up to the task for a long time thus making the purchase economical.

Best Decorative Garden Arch Reviews

1. Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor, White

Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor

Dura-Trel Inc. has taken into consideration crucial elements such as weathering and exposure and the behavior of various materials under stress. Thus, they have developed the Dura-Trel 11178.Made of heavy duty PVC vinyl which can withstand seasonal changes and does not crack or fade, peel or discolor.

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The supporting struts measure 2×2 inches for durability and also incorporates 16-inch steel ground anchors for stability against wind or weight of plants.

Lastly, the arbor has been designed to be easy to assemble. No risk taking with the hammer! Pre-cut and pre-drilled holes with screws make this arbor quick to build and erect.

Things We Liked

  • Height: with an inner height of 22 inches, this arch offers suitable room to grow trailing plants up it such as wysteria or clematis, while still offering plenty of headroom for walking underneath the canopy.
  • Trellis: the lattice sides to the arbor offer plentiful opportunity to successfully train various plants up and over the top with less time worrying about tying it all in. This arbor offers a hassle-free way of growing climbers.
  • Colour: the white color of the arbor provides a good backdrop for most flowers and is a smart addition to any garden.
  • Material: PVC vinyl is tough and long lasting. Not only does it provide the strength and stability of its wooden counterparts, it is much lighter and easier to work with and maintain.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Steel anchors: over time the steel anchors will rust and the arbor become unstable thus prone to toppling. A steel alloy or other rust-resistant material would have been a better design to ensure that moisture from the soil and from the exposure will not impede on the arbor’s ability to remain secure.

2. HollyHOME Decorative Metal Garden Arbor

HollyHOME Decorative Metal Garden Arbor

HollyHOME have produced a garden arch that is aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the traditional arch design.Made of alloy metal and powder coated for weatherproofing purposes, this garden arch would be a pretty feature to any garden.

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Furthermore, HollyHOME has extended the range by offering variations on the design i.e. a Normandy (Church Window) Frame, Gothic and Gated.

By providing more choice, HollyHOME has designed a product that will appeal to a wider target audience.

Things We Liked

  • Aesthetics: HollyHOME has focused on designing a garden arch which acts as an art piece as well as a functional plant support system. Specialist metalwork and molding provide unique features that attract the eye.
  • Dimensions: the arch is well planned to offer enough space to grow trailing plants as well as allowing you to walk under it comfortably. Most designs by HollyHOME are equivalent to a standard door frame, generally offering adequate width and height.
  • Weather resistant: the powder coating finish on the arch ensures that it can withstand general weathering and exposure to the elements. This arch would be economical therefore because it will be long lasting.
  • Sturdy: the pins on the bottom of the arch ensure that it can be erected and remain upright with little force.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Diameter: while aesthetically pleasing and generally fit for purpose, this arch would not be able to take significant amounts of weight from a full canopy. The metal frame is relatively thin and therefore it restricts the choice available when deciding what you want to grow up it. Anything with a significant stem or heavy foliage will likely cause buckling.

3. NStar Real Sized Metal Decoration Arch, White

NStar Real Sized Metal Decoration Arch

NStar has designed this simple garden arch with aerodynamics and spread of weight in mind. The curvature and simplicity allow it to stand up to the elements without losing stability.The splayed legs improve its weight bearing capability.

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Made of steel and coated in a weather resistant plastic, this garden arch has been designed for the unpredictable climate or even the most luscious gardens.

Things We Liked

  • Deep Struts: the arch comes with plentiful length to the feet to allow for deep burial for additional stability.
  • Trellis: though simple the cross structure not only act as a support to the main frame but is good for training plants up it.
  • Easy to Assemble: the arch comes with simple instructions and minimal parts for fast assemblage. Therefore, from purchase, this arch will be operational in very little time at all.
  • Height: at 94 inches tall there is plenty of scope for any deep foliage plants or trailing plants.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Plain: having a garden arch should be about making a statement. With a lot of time spent waiting for the plants to trail onto it during the season, this garden arch is rather plain and does not make much of a statement.

4. Athens 39” W x 81” H Vinyl Arbor

Athens 39''W x 81''H Vinyl Arbor

New England Arbors brings a touch of class and elegance to the garden with this decorative arch.Made from heavy duty vinyl and with additional trellising on the sides offer extra support, this garden arch is designed to last.

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This arch would be suitable for small or large gardens alike and would look attractive with your without plants on it.

The 1.5×1.5 inch posts give the arch the desired strength to weight bear when covered in blossoms as well as withstand the weather.

Things We Liked

  • Design: the contemporary Greek appeal of the design with elements of vintage, with the domed fixtures and trellising and the sweeping curvature is an elegant touch to any garden.
  • Supporting struts: vines or clambering roses would work wonderfully on this arch as there are plenty of trellises on both sides for plants to grow around and hold on to.
  • Strong: it is a chunky wide arch that is less likely to get blown over or buckle under foliage.
  • Tone: the white finish of the arch is both smart as well as an excellent backdrop for most flowering plants. Furthermore, it stands out, making it a superb contender as a centerpiece in the garden.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Height: at 81 inches high, while offering plenty of scope in terms of headroom and the types of plants that can be trained up it, maintaining the upper sections of the arch when in full bloom could be challenging for most.

5. Adorox 7.5 Ft Lightweight White Metal Arch

Adorox 7.5 Ft Lightweight White Metal Arch

Adorox has designed an arch for all occasions with scope to change the height of the arch to suit the purpose.Cast in metal alloy and coated in a white plastic, the arch is designed to be able to withstand corrosion and damage from exposure to the elements.

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With a width of 55” and a height of 90”, the arch can be buried deeper into the soil to provide optimum stability once erected.

Things We Liked

  • Simple to use: made in sections that slide together for a seamless finish, this garden arch can be altered in terms of individual requirements and available space.
  • Lightweight: the weight of the arch makes it easy to assemble, to move and to maintain. This is a hassle free garden arch suitable for all.
  • The depth of burial: Adorox has designed the arch with extra length and height so that the supporting pins can be buried deeper to offer greater degrees of strength against wind and plants. This makes it both multifunctional and safer.
  • Plastic coating: the addition of the plastic coating on the alloy frame improves its resistance to the weather and makes it more economical and long lasting.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not enough support: the lack of any substantial trellising on the sides of the arch make less adaptable to a wider range of plants. Unless you don’t mind spending a lot of time tying the shoots in place in the hope of effective climbing, this will waste time and be a lot of fuss.

Conclusion & Final Pick

A garden arch is meant to be a statement of elegance and perhaps even romance in the garden. It can be the perfect solution to getting your favorite flower on show for all to see without having to introduce pots or raised beds.

Taking into consideration the three main factors when considering a garden arch, the Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor stands out as the most economical and functional arch on the market.

The rectangular shape offers plenty of space to grow a variety of plants and its sturdy design means it can take heavier plants such as wysteria or laburnum without any problem. Furthermore, the PVC vinyl material used makes it timeless and long lasting, offering a lightweight and easy-to-maintain option to the more traditional metal arches which can rust, warp or fade over time.

While the steel anchors represented a minor potential issue due to rusting, there are ways to weatherproof them or, in turn, additional supports that do not rust can be utilized instead. Overall, however, the design of the arch, the materials, and the dimensions offer abundant scope for all garden types and occasions, and is an elegant finish to your own personal paradise.

Make your garden stand out with a flourish by adding a garden arch to it. Simple, cost-effective and  a fully functional planting system, the garden arch should be at the top of your horticultural shopping list.

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