Best Grub Killer: Get Rid of Them Guaranteed

Who doesn’t love the sight of a beautifully kept lawn?

You may relax in it on a lazy Sunday afternoon, walk your pets on it, or enjoy the sight of your kids running around on your lawn. But at times, you may suddenly notice brown patches on your lawn.

Nothing can be harder to watch than seeing the green grass on your lawn looking dull, withered, and faded. Plus, the soil will also loosen.

The grubs can be a serious threat to the well-being of your lawn. They may end up devastating large areas of your lawn even as they hatch and begin feeling over the summer months.

Once they reach the adult stage, they are even more lethal.

But worry not! Grub killer products to the rescue! You can use these affordable, reliable, fast-working, and easily accessible solutions to combat grubs and care for your lawn in the best possible manner!

Read on to find our picks for the best grub killer for lawns.

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Best Overall: BONIDE 60318 Annual Grub Killer

ONIDE 60318 Annual Grub KillerLet this orange-colored trimmer line be a part of your regular lawn maintenance from today. Buying it means you say goodbye to funny edges and challenging to reach spots while mowing.


BONIDE Annual Grub Killer is our top choice for the best grub killer. With this annual grub killer, you get enough coverage for 15,000 square feet.

If you have grass damaged due to grubs, you can apply this grub killer and allow it to do its magic. Your grass will soon look great. One application is all it needs for the entire season.

No matter what turf-damaging grub species are damaging the grass at your home, you can apply this grub killer and keep your grass looking nice and fresh.

What you get with this grub killer is fast action that lasts for around three months. Overall, this product may be the most expensive one on this list, but it is excellent value for money.

If grubs are causing you great annoyance and are detrimental to your plants’ health, this grub killer will help get rid of them and give you the lovely-looking lawn you have always dreamed of.


You may have to order more than the quantity required. Another minor drawback is that you may end up killing beneficial insects.

Additional Features

This 18 pounds annual grub killer covers up to 15,000 square feet.

You can spread this around on your turfgrass or lawn to get rid of grubs and other insect species over and under the ground in less than 24 hours.

It comes in the form of granules for effortlessly spreading it around on the lawn.

In Bonide, two powerful chemical agents, namely Imidacloprid and Lambda-Cyhalothrin, work together to give you a fast-acting insecticide that will get rid of grubs and 40 other insects.

Additionally, it will keep your lawn looking great.

Buying advice

Bondie is one of the best grub killers for lawns. It will rid your lawn of insects and keep your green space looking absolutely gorgeous.

Apart from the lawn, you can apply it in any outdoor location with insect problems.

All of this within 24 hours too! You can afford to be a little lax as this product comes with a wide application window.

It is okay even if you don’t apply it at precisely the right time. You will still get the best results!

Runners Up: Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix

Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix


You can effectively treat 7000 square feet of your lawn that grubs have damaged.

If unsightly brown spots cover your yard because of grub damage, you can use this organic grub control product and quickly get rid of them.

While it may not be as effective as some other chemical grub killers, the effect is long-lasting.

If your place is located in an area with plenty of wildlife, certain birds may feed on grubs and experience adverse effects from digesting the chemicals.

One of the main advantages of Gabriel Organics Milky Spore powder is that it is effective even in winters. In contrast, most grub killers are only effective only when you use them in spring or early summer.

Milky spore is a natural bacteria – Bacillus popilliae. It is specially tailored to target beetle grubs, which act as the host. The grubs feed on the grass, and as they do, they eat the spores.

The spores then multiply in large quantities and kill the grubs within a week. It may take more.

The decomposition of the dead grub releases the millions of newly produced spores that infect and kill more grubs. It’s a very effective system of control.

The spores population increases yearly, giving you over a decade’s protection against grubs. It comes in granular form, which is easy to spread with a spreader.

It is a completely safe product to use and will not affect birds, animals, bees, fish, man, or the environment. Since it is organic, you don’t have to worry about using it near waterways.


Keep in mind that it is a grub control product that gives protection against Japanese Beetle grubs, but not other insects.

Additional Features

This 20-pound organic lawn spreader can be effectively used for 7000 square feet of lawn space. This product comes in a granular form that can be spread on your yard with a spreader’s help.

The milky spore powder is a natural powder that kills grub worms even before they develop into stubborn and destructive adults.

This product works by attacking the larvae of Japanese Beetles even before they grow into adults. It is super effective at keeping grubs at bay.

Buying advice

If you require a grub killer that gets rid of Japanese beetle grubs and wants a safe product for your lawn and other wildlife, go with Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix.

It is fast-working and will keep your lawn looking great for years to come.

Alternative: Tomcat Mole Killer Grubs

Tomcat Mole Killer Grubs


This grub killer mimics a mole’s natural food source, nothing but the grubs.

Moles may consume a lethal dose in a single feeding, but it may take two or more days from the time of bait consumption for moles to die. You can use it immediately after purchase.

To apply, simply dig a hole in the runway with a rod. Drop two grubs one after another into the opening while ensuring that they are entirely on the runway and no part of the grubs should be exposed.

After this, seal thoroughly and check for mole activity five days to a week after application.


Although effective against most mole species, It does not work against the star-nosed mole in NC.

Also, even if the moles consume the lethal dose in a single feed, it may still take a couple of days for the moles to die.

If the spot where you have to apply this grub killer is located near woods, fields, streams, or lakes, you will have to keep constant tabs on the grub activity to ensure it’s working correctly.

It is because these locations are especially prone to recolonization.

Additional Features

Tomcat Mole Killer grubs are one of the best grub controls for lawns. It comes with two grubs that have to be applied for each placement.

If your lawn is infested, you must use the bait every 5 to 10 feet. Tomcat Mole Killer looks just like grubs, which happen to be a mole’s natural food source.

It comes in the form of ready-to-use Grub-shaped baits that are so similar in appearance to moles’ natural food source that you can hardly tell them apart!

Buying advice

If you are looking for a good grub killer for your lawn, Tomcat Mole Killer is one of the best choices. Once you apply this grub killer, you don’t have to worry about your lawn being infested again!

Just use them at the first sign of mole activity, and stop their spread in their tracks.

Alternative: BioAdvanced 700740M 24-Hour Grub Plus

BioAdvanced 700740M 24-Hour Grub Plus


This Grub killer is made with DYLOX and comes in the form of easy-to-use granules that not only get rid of grubs but get it done in under a day!

The best part about this grub killer is that it gets rid of grubs and insects such as ants, ticks, billbugs, Chinch Bugs, Crickets, cutworms, earwigs, grasshoppers, and so many more.

It is that versatile!

You can treat up to 5000 square feet. It comes as easy-to-use granules which prevent the grubs from spreading all over and damaging your well-kempt lawn.

It is a product from BioAdvanced and comes with an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), which ensures that the product is safe for people and the environment in which it will be applied.

Overall, this is one of the best grub control products available in the market.


It only kills grubs when they are young and actively feeding. So if you apply this grub killer way too early in the year, it may not give you the results you are looking for.

Additional Features

Trichlorfon is the active ingredient present in this grub killer.

If you notice the first sign of grubs (this could be dead or brown patches in the lawn, or find that your lawn is suddenly infested by adult beetles, birds, raccoons, moles), then applying this grub killer will help to get rid of them overnight!

You can use this product in both springs and summer to stop grub spread. The granules can be spread evenly across your lawn with the help of a broadcast or a rotary spreader.

If you are using a spreader, you should apply 2 pounds for every 1000 square feet of your lawn.

Buying advice

If you are looking for a grub killer that is easy to apply and gives you overnight results, you can go with the BioAdvanced 700740M 24-Hour Grub Plus.

Alternative: Motomco Plac Mole Killer Grub Formula

Motomco Plac Mole Killer Grub Formula


Hours of research have gone into the development of this mole killer. It is specially tailored to mimic a mole’s typical food source: grubs and earthworms.

One of the significant advantages of using the Motomco Plac Mole Killer Grub Formula is that it is effective against most of the common species of grubs.

Moreover, you can use it immediately after purchase. You can expect it to give the results you are looking for within a week.


It may not be much of a downfall, but even if the moles consume a lethal dose in a single feeding, it will still take a couple of days before the moles are completely terminated.

Also, one issue with this grub killer is that it can only get rid of moles and not other insects like few other grub killers. It is limited to manual, below-the-ground applications.

A couple of reviews of this grub killer on Amazon have issues that on receiving the product, it arrived melted together as one big ball of bait instead of individual worms.

Additional Features

It comes as a set of 2 boxes, each containing four placements. So in all, there are eight placements. What you get is two grubs per placement.

It works by mimicking the mole’s natural food source, which is grubs.

Buying advice

On the lookout for a ready-to-use mole killer that will get rid of grubs in your beautifully maintained lawn?

The Motomco Plac Mole Killer Grub Formula imitates a mole’s natural food choice, which is a great option.

Grub Killers FAQ

Grub Killers FAQ

How do you get rid of grubs fast?

The minute you notice signs of grub infestation in your lawn, you need to think of how to get rid of it. For this, you need to know the symptoms of drug infestation.

Brown spots or patches will start to appear in your lovely green lawn. The grass itself will look dull and dead-looking instead of green, fresh, and thriving.

You will also begin to notice moles, raccoons, birds, and beetles on your lawn. Once you ascertain that your lawn is infested with grubs, you should determine the infestation level.

The general rule of thumb is that if there are less than five grubs per square foot, it is terrific as long as your lawn is healthy in other aspects.

If there are more, you have no other option but to use grub control products to get rid of them.

You can either use grub killer or Nematodes. However, Nematodes (small parasitic worms) will give you detailed results only after three years (yes, it is quite the long-term solution!).

If you want a quicker solution to keep the grubs in check, you should go for grub killers. These products will not only kill grubs but also protect your lawn from grubs throughout the year.

What is the best time to treat for grubs?

Timing plays a crucial role and can affect how effectively the grub killer you use can get rid of grubs, prevent new adults from emerging, and salvage your lawn.

The ideal time to treat for grubs is early fall or late summer. It is because it is during this time that the smaller, young grubs are susceptible to grub killers (or Nematodes, if that is what you are using).

You can make use of the narrow window in early spring before the grubs get bigger, pupate, and become deadly.

But keep in mind that that is a narrower window, and you may find it challenging to get it right.

Treat at the right time, and you will face no issues with grubs for years to come. The result? A gorgeous looking-lawn you put so much effort, maintaining!

Does laundry detergent kill grubs?

Laundry Detrgent

Yes, you can get rid of grubs with laundry detergents. To use laundry detergent to kill grubs, mix laundry detergent with water.

You need to mix only as much as the lawn area where you intend to pour it over.

Pour the detergent mixture you just prepared onto your lawn, and you will notice the grubs rising to the surface immediately.

To get them off the yard, you can do two things. Either remove them yourself, or leave them for the birds, animals, and other wildlife to eat.

This method works well, but we don’t recommend it as a first choice.

It is because the active ingredients in laundry detergents may cause damage to the grassroots in your lawn, slowing down growth.

Will grub-damaged lawn grow back?

If your lawn has suffered due to grub infestation, you can still bring life back to it and restore it to its former glory.

Once the damage has occurred, reseeding is an easy and effective treatment to make grub-damaged lawn grow back. The first thing you have to do is get rid of the dead grass affected by grubs.

Now, loosen up ¼ to ½ inch of topsoil. That is where you will plant the grass seeds. You can do this easily by simply scraping back and forth across the surface.

Next, add fertilizers like a bone meal to encourage healthy roots that run deep. Rake it into the soil that you have just loosened.

Sprinkle the seed over the loosened soil so that every square has 5 to 7 grass seeds. You can sprinkle a little topsoil atop the seed. Ensure that the spot is well-moisturized.

You can do this by watering thrice everyday day. Do this till the seeds start sprouting roots. These roots should be long enough to draw their water from the soil.

Water daily after the grass reaches about 2 inches. You need to keep pets away from your lawn and practice proper mowing techniques.

Mowing should be done only after the grass becomes 3 or 4 inches high.


Conclusion About Grub Killers

It is all about the timing when it comes to effective grub treatment!

No matter how good the product is, if you don’t follow the instructions properly and apply it within the proper time frame, even the best products will be rendered useless.

Using too early will cause the insecticides to decompose in the soil even before the grub eggs can hatch.

But applying them late is also problematic because it will be harder to get terminated grubs once the damage to the lawn has already been done.

To make things easier for you, we have curated this list of 5 of the best grub worm killers in the market.

When you first start noticing the signs of grub activity, you should drop everything else and start taking care of your lawn.

Apart from causing damage and leaving brown patches of dying grass, they will also attract other wildlife like moles, skunks, raccoons, and a whole lot more!

These will feed on the grubs by pulling your lawn apart.

Moreover, prevention is always better than cure!

So, even before you start to notice signs of ravage to your lawn caused by grub infestation, you can still make use of grub killers just in case. It will prevent the problem in the first place.

The grub killers we have featured on this list are all effective and work fast. Each comes with its benefits and drawbacks.

We have chosen products so that some of these grub killers help get rid of not just grubs but other insects as well.

But some of them will get rid of other pests like ticks, bugs, ants, crickets, and grasshoppers. Some are effective only against a particular grub variety.

So, choose a grub killer depending on the type of infestation problem you have. Good luck taking care of your lawn to keep it green, lush, and flourishing!

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