Best Leaf Mulcher: Get Rid of Leaves

Gardening is a super fun, enjoyable, and highly therapeutic hobby.

But the arrival of fall will make it slightly more difficult to tend to your garden because you have to deal with the inconvenience of the fallen leaves.

If you have no idea about what to do with the fallen leaves, we are here to help you out.

With the help of leaf mulchers, you can reduce garden waste by shredding it down into mulch. Of course, you can rake and bag them.

But there are much better ways to make use of the fallen leaves.

You can add it to the compost bin or directly to the soil. A leaf mulcher is a tool that works by chewing up the leaves for use in compost piles or your garden.

You get free fertilizer that can do wonders for the soil, plant growth, and eliminate weeds.

Quick comparison: Top picks for leaf mulchers

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Best Overall: WORX WG430



The WORK WB430 is a light to medium-duty mulching machine. It is an affordable, reliable, and effortless solution to clean up your lawn during the fall.

Lawn chore can be quite tricky, and lugging bags of leaves to the bin can make it even more so.

Instead of carrying 11 bags of whole leaves to the curb for disposing of them, all you have to worry about with this leaf mulcher is carrying 1 bag of leaves.

In fact, this is the only stand-alone mulcher on this list. This eclectic shredder was designed with the sole purpose of shredding the leaves in your lawn or garden.

A significant advantage of this mulching system weighs only 20 pounds.

It is the sweet spot between comfortable portability and the ability to stand sturdily on its own. It’s light enough that even one person can carry it around the yard.

The WORX Leaf Mulcher has the power to transform the dead leaves into vitamin-rich mulch and compost, which can be recycled into compost that is rich in vitamins.

The shredded leaves provide nutrients that help in new plant growth. Further, it will increase the soil’s water retention and help save time, effort, and money in the long run.

To top it all, it comes with a 3-year warranty. In all, it is our pick for the best leaf mulcher.


It may not give you the best results if the leaves are too small or, conversely, too thick.

Additional Features

Powered by a 13-amp electric motor, it can shred up to 53 gallons of leaves in just a minute.

This freestanding model offers a mulching ratio of 11:1. It means that it will chop 11 bags of leaves down to only 1, thanks to the innovative blade-less Flex-a-Line mulching system.

The clean air motor cooling system of this tool enables it to run at a super-efficient speed, munching 53 gallons of leaves every minute.

It also keeps the surrounding air clean and dust-free so that you can do your work without any annoyance. The 13” gauge extension cord ensures that your line is sharp.

In all, there are 24 cutting lines that are air-cooled to deliver top-notch performance. Along with the replacement lines, you also get a universal bag holder.

Weighing around 20 pounds, the WORX Leaf Muncher comes in a compact design in which all the disassembled parts can be put together quickly for off-season storage.

It requires very little time to assemble and can be done in super-quick time without any additional tools.

Moreover, in the dust-reducing clean-air motor cooling system, an external cooling air intake and exhaust will reduce the dust generation and separate the air and mulched leaves.

This system comes with a universal bag holder that helps to hold on to the bag of leaves as you shred them. This bag can accommodate both paper and plastic bags.

Plus, the oversized on and off switch enables easy and effortless operation.

Buying advice

If you are looking for a reasonably priced Leaf Mulcher to make your yard work easy, effortless, and less time-consuming, then this is the Leaf Mulcher for you.

Not only does it take minimal effort to operate, but it is super-efficient, portable, can be installed quickly, and provides dust-free operation by disposing of the leaves and debris straight into the bags provided.

Runners Up: Landworks Leaf Mulcher Shredder

Landworks Leaf Mulcher Shredder


Lankworks leaf Mulcher is one of the best leaf mulchers ideal for gardeners, landscapers, and Foresters. Made with Heavy Duty Steel, it is durable.

The operation is noiseless, and it does not produce any smog, making it eco-friendly and a great choice if you are into eco and user-friendly products.

It weighs close to 56 pounds, but you can quickly move it around in your yard. It provides a fast, easy, and mess-free solution to keep your garden as neat and tidy as you like it.


Some quality issues were faced by a few users, particularly with the efficiency of the blade operation.

Additional Features

This heavy-duty leaf mulcher is constructed out of durable steel housing, further supported by a firm and sturdy powder-coated steel frame.

It protects the motor assembly. It is stable, robust, and does a great job mulching and shredding the leaves without any hassle.

The waste catch bag with this leaf mulcher is made with durable PP Fabric with PE coating. It serves the dual purposes of lending water and tear-resistance.

It comes with a set of 6-inch wheels that makes it easier to move it from one place to another. It mulches leaves at a consistent speed due to the set of 3, 11-inch blades gyrating at 4,100RPMs.

Buying advice

Landworks Leaf Mulcher Shredder is ideally suited for the outdoor environment. Ensure that you use the correct extension cord type and cord size for how much extension distance you need.

Like other leaf mulchers, read the owner’s manual properly for instructions. Keep in mind; you should always connect the Wood Chipper to a GFCI outlet.

Alternative: Sun Joe SDJ616

Sun Joe SDJ616


Shredder Joe uses electric power, not gas, so you can eco-consciously shred your leaves without producing toxic emissions. The best part about this mulcher is that it can be used as a fertilizer.

You can bring new life to your garden with this leaf mulcher. It is because it mulches down to a very small size. Shredding leaves with this mulcher is much easier.

You can assemble this leaf mulcher in virtually no time as it does not require any tools. It comes with 20 replacement cutting lines that are just as easy to install.

Twenty replacement cutting lines are included and are equally effortless to install. Disposing of the waste is easy because it is mulched into just one bag.

Also, the trash container helps eliminate the waster in double-quick time.


According to reviews on the Amazon listing, few customers faced few quality issues, especially with the unit shorting out or overheating.

Additional Features

The leaf mulcher or shredder is equipped with a 13-amp electric motor that turns the dead leaves in your yard into nutrient-rich mulch to either be disposed of or utilized as compost.

At 13 amps, this is a powerful mulcher that reduces your leaves in the ratio of 1:16. It means that if there are 16 bags of waste leaves, it will be brought down to 1.

Sun Joe Shredder is a safe, efficient, and portable tool to lighten up your yard work. Mulching or shredding using this tool is as easy as dumping handfuls of leaves into the 19-inch hopper.

The motor and the bladeless mulching system will turn leaves, branches, twigs, etc., into mulch in super-quick time, thanks to the 13-amp powerful motor.

Despite the power it provides, the operation is near silent, and so your neighbors will not be disturbed. It comes with a user-friendly control dial with adjustable settings for both wet and dry yard waste.

A fantastic thing about this leaf muncher is that it comes with a 16-gauge extension cord with a maximum length of 50 feet for effortless access to a power socket.

The powerful motor rotates up to 8000 rotations/per minute.

Along with the 12-inch cutting diameter and heavy-duty trimmer line, Shredder Joe will efficiently mulch up to 55 gallons of leaves in a minute.

Moreover, the advanced motor cooling system will blow away any air from the shredded leaves. It will significantly reduce the amount of dust generated when using the unit.

At only 13.4 pounds, Shredder Joe is easy to transport and compact.

Buying advice

If you are looking for a non-toxic way to get rid of leaves, Sun Joe Electric leaf mulcher will be your best bet. You can get rid of mulches quickly and effortlessly.

It comes with all other features you will require in a leaf mulcher, such as powerful motor, silent operation, easy-to-use control dial, extension cord, advanced motor cooling system, trash can get rid of or convert into fertilizer, compact storage capability, and easy transportation.

Alternative: MELLCOM Compact Garden Shredder

MELLCOM Compact Garden Shredder


MELLCOM is yet another leaf mulcher that uses electric power and not gas. It is excellent if you want an eco-friendly solution to shred leaves without any toxic emissions whatsoever.

This leaf mulcher is super versatile. Not only does it help in transforming the leaves, but it also helps to convert twigs, branches, bushes, and hedges into top-quality mulch.

An excellent choice for optimizing your garden space, leaves, twigs, branches, bushes, and hedges can be brought down to 1/16th of their original size.

This wood chipper comes with all the hardware and instructions for easy assembly. Moreover, it comes with wheels for easy transportation.

You can move it around in your garden and clear all the leaves to make it look tidy than ever before.

Not only is it easy to operate and portable, but it is also safe. And it works noiselessly. In any case, never allow small children when the equipment is in use.

And as always, read the instructions carefully before you use them.


While it works great for small branches and sticks, it may not handle leaves all that effectively. It tends to clog up a little.

Additional Features

It is an electric leaf mulcher with a powerful 15-amp motor capable of quickly turning leaves and branches that have grown to 1.57 inches in diameter into mulch.

At 15 amps, the motor is rather powerful and capable of reducing the leaves in the ratio of 1:16. Not just leaves, but also twigs, branches, bushes, hedges, and so much more.

So, 16 bags of waste can be brought down to only one bag, which anyone can get rid of! One great thing with this leaf mulcher is the added safety it provides.

Anytime overload happens, the safety cut-out switch in tandem with the locking knob, a safety hopper, and a sturdy push paddle will ensure that it is safe to operate.

Buying advice

You should not allow small children anywhere close to this leaf mulching tool.

Even before you start operating this machine, read the instructions and then observe the feeding chamber to ensure it is empty.

Keep your hands and even your clothing away from the feeding chamber to ensure safety.

Alternative: WORX WG509 TRIVAC



Worx is the best leaf vacuum mulcher which makes yard work chore an enjoyable experience.

It stands out from other leaf mulchers because it is an electric blower, mulcher, and vacuum system all at once! It is easy to use this to keep your lawn looking good and not require any additional tools.

WORX WG509 is cost-effective and will last the distance, giving you many years of the best in cutting-edge technology and a cost-effective solution to eliminating unkempt leaves and debris on your lawn.

It is light in weight for all the power and functionality it offers. So, just about anyone can operate it. In fact, you can do it with only one hand! The operation is effortless.

Using this device, blow the leaves into a pile and then flip the switch to suck them up into the collecting bag that comes with the mulcher. Mulching will happen in the collection bag itself.

You can then dump it, and you can go for either collection or compost.

If you are serious about keeping your lawn in tip-top condition, you will love this leaf mulcher because even the hard-to-reach places can be easily accessed and cleared away just like that!

It is particularly true when it is in vacuum mode. Overall, it is versatile, functional, powerful, fun, and offers excellent value for your money.


The suction force tends to be a little weak.

Additional Features

It is a 3-in-one unit that eliminates leaves and debris on your lawn. Flipping from blower to vacuum mode and back again is easy. It just takes the flip of a switch to achieve this.

It comes with a metal impeller that works at two speeds for different mulching needs. You can set it anywhere from 80 miles per hour to 210 miles per hour.

In pavements and other tight corners, a lower speed setting works well. In the open lawn, a higher speed setting is ideal.

Instead of the leaves being blown all over your award, mainly when it is very windy, you can use this device to suck all the leaves and mulch them in the same unit.

At just 9.3 pounds, it is specially tailored to reduce operator fatigue. It offers an impressive 18:1 mulch ratio.

Eighteen bags of leaves, debris, and more can be mulched to just one bag. Made with all-metal construction, it does a beautiful job in chopping leaves to 1/18th of their original size.

Buying advice

If you find yard work to be super tricky or have arthritis or back pain, and you are looking for an easier way to eliminate the leaves and debris in your lawn, we recommend this leaf mulcher.

It is lightweight, can be operated with just one hand, more accessible to operate than a traditional leaf blower, and you can switch between functions with just the flip of a switch. It is that easy!

Leaf Mulchers FAQ

Leaf Mulch

Why do we shred leaves?

Instead of allowing the leaves to be blown all over the lawn, some people prefer shedding them. If left in the unshredded state, the leaves may end up creating dense mats that block water and air.

It will suffocate the plants and soils beneath. Shredding helps to avoid this.

Shredding the leaves into the mulch or compost is a beautiful way to protect your plants and provide them with the nutrients required to suppress weed growth.

Once the leaves break down, they provide the necessary nutrients to the soil. Leaves are shredded to be used as mulch for flowers and vegetables and improve soil drainage and water-holding capacity.

It also helps to retain soil moisture.

Are leaf mulchers worth it?

Leaf mulchers are worth it, but it depends on your needs.

If you need to quickly mulch leaves for immediate composting or don’t want to use a mulching blade on our mower, then leaf mulchers are most certainly worth it.

How do you use a leaf mulcher?

Leaf Mulcher Working

Mulch is the material placed on top of the soil to moderate its environment and improve the soil value. Leaf mulch is a type of mulch that is composed entirely of leaves.

A leaf mulcher is a tool that comes equipped with special blades that will help to shred leaves into tiny pieces. First, you will have to collect the leaves strewn about in the garden to use a leaf mulcher.

Then place them in a holding container for the machine. It will funnel them through the blades of the mulcher, where the leaves will be shredded and deposited into a bin or holder beneath.

Can you mulch wet leaves?

Wet leaves are a lot more difficult to mulch than dry leaves. While it can be difficult, it is not an impossible task. Turning wet leaves into mulch can be super beneficial for your garden.

Mulching of wet leaves can be done either with a lawnmower or leaf shredder. Pile them no more than 2 to 3 inches deep before mowing.

Make sure to check for clogs by stopping the mower or leaf shredder every so often.

There is a high possibility of wet leaves clumping together, but with a few more passes on your mower, your wet leaves can be turned into an excellent mulch.

Once done, you can spread this mulch in your lawn and places where you need it most.


Leaf Mulcher

Before you buy a leaf mulcher, you must consider certain vital factors.

These include the power of the motor (denoted by wattage), safety features ( automatic switch off when the machine gets blocked or clogged), whether it comes with speed adjustments, the design of the nozzle, how environmentally friendly it is, how compactly you can store the shredder, your budget, and how effective it is at cleaning the leaves and how silent or otherwise it is (electric mulchers are quieter).

We hope this list of 5 of the best leaf mulching machines currently will come in handy when you are looking to pick the ideal leaf mulcher to handle fall gardening with aplomb!

Happy Gardening!

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