Best Portable Greenhouse For Outdoor Growing

When elements or low temperatures interfere with your gardening, a portable greenhouse can keep your crops protected. Because we all know how annoying it is to see the hard work destroyed by the temperamental weather.

But what to look for when choosing a portable greenhouse? Size, sturdiness, and durability are just some of the features a good product should have.

Best Portable Greenhouse For Outdoor Growing

With so many greenhouses available on the market, deciding which is the best could be a bit of a hassle. This guide will show you how to choose a portable greenhouse and what to grow in it. Alternatively, click on the links in the table below and check our top picks.

How To Choose A Portable Greenhouse

When choosing a portable greenhouse, there are a few variables to consider. Where are you going to install the greenhouse? What do you want to grow in it? Will you have to anchor the structure to the ground? These and other questions need answers before deciding which product is the best.

Available Space

The choice of a portable greenhouse should begin with a thorough analysis of your available space. Portable greenhouses are great because they offer a protected growing space to all people, including those who don’t have a garden, but you’ll have to make sure the product will fit on your terrace or balcony.

Tiered greenhouses usually have compact footprints and are easier to install in a limited area, such as on a balcony or in a tiny backyard. One-level greenhouses have larger footprints that compensate for the lack of a vertical growing space and fit better in a medium to large size garden.


When it comes to portable greenhouses, size matters. And it’s not only the footprint. Some manufacturers propose vertical, or tiered, growing spaces that are rather compact, but tall. Others propose horizontal greenhouses.

The overall size of the product will ultimately determine how many crops it can protect, and you should decide based on your needs. For example, a small tiered greenhouse might be enough to grow tomatoes in a pot, but insufficient for a medium batch of pumpkins.


When it comes to design, things are more complicated than vertical or horizontal. Do you want to grow the crops in the ground or in pots? Do you need side shelves or not? Would a walk-in design benefit you or a small cabinet-like greenhouse is sufficient?

We like the tiered walk-in greenhouses because they are convenient, versatile, and fairly compact. But of course, the choice is up to you.


Portable greenhouses are renowned for their weakness; they are often blown away by strong winds, and some models are hard to anchor to the ground. But this isn’t necessarily true. The thing to consider is the sturdiness of the structure.

Steel frames coated with epoxy powders are preferred, and you should check if the legs come with holes that allow you to fix them with bolts or other hardware if needed. Ground pegs and rope anchoring systems might also help.


These greenhouses are usually covered with flexible polyethylene, but that’s not a rule. Covers can vary from transparent to reinforced plastics, rigid panels, and in some cases, even glass.

Plastic covers are preferred for their flexibility, and the reinforced models are usually strong enough to withstand harsh weather and elements.


Regardless of the design, a good greenhouse should offer easy access to your plants. If caring or watering requires you to sit in awkward positions, or if it’s a hassle to reach the pots, change greenhouse.

Walk-in models are great because they also keep you protected from elements while watering or potting your plants.


A portable greenhouse should also be versatile, especially if you live in an area with harsh winters. In fact, a small greenhouse can easily be moved indoors in the colder months, to keep your crops protected from the low temperatures.

What To Grow In A Portable Greenhouse

Because of their structure, many gardeners wonder what crops can thrive in a portable greenhouse. In broad terms, all plants can benefit from the protected environment, but here’s a list of the most popular choices.

Winter Crops

A portable greenhouse is usually an unheated environment, and the best crops to grow in such an environment are the leafy greens and other plants that tolerate lower temperatures. Lettuce, kale, spinach, and other winter crops thrive in a small portable greenhouse, as long as there is sufficient ventilation.

Edible herbs, such as rosemary and cilantro, also thrive in unheated greenhouses in almost all seasons.

Summer Crops

Summer crops can also benefit from the protected environment, as long as the outdoor temperatures are steady. Alternatively, you could invest in a climate control unit able to keep the temperature in the greenhouse under control.

In this case, you can use the greenhouse for an early start of most summer crops, such as eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini. Fruit such as strawberries and melons also thrive in a greenhouse.

Decorative Plants

Edibles apart, a portable greenhouse offers the perfect space for growing decorative plants, above all exotic species such as orchids or succulents. However, if you don’t want to install a climate control unit, move the plants indoors during winter.

In the colder season, you can even use a portable greenhouse to keep outdoor ornamental plants, such as pansies, ferns, and petunias.

Best Portable Greenhouse For Outdoor Growing

1. Best Choice Products 3-Tier Portable Outdoor Walk-In Greenhouse

This 3-tier portable greenhouse from Best Choice Products is one of the most popular on the market, and our favorite, for a reason. The unit is perfect to protect the plants from bad weather all year round, the structure is lightweight, and the greenhouse fits perfectly in a small backyard or even on a balcony.

The overall dimensions of the greenhouse are 57.5x56x76 inches, while the walk-in design adds up to the convenience. A thing we like is the sturdiness of the structure, given by solid, rust-resistant tubes. The structure is covered by a transparent, reinforced polyethylene mesh that allows sufficient light to pass through.

Best Choice Products 3-Tier 8-Shelf

Easy access is ensured by a zippered roll-up door, while screened ventilation ensures optimal air circulation, helping your plants thrive. As for the capacity, this portable greenhouse has plenty of space.

The three-tier structure is provided with eight wired shelves, four on each side, which provide ample room for plant storage. The shelves are removable, allowing the structure to accommodate larger pots or growing plants, while each shelf has a weight capacity of 33lbs.

Things We Liked
  • check
    Design: the three-tier design of this greenhouse ensures plenty of growing space, while the walk-in access makes the product convenient.
  • check
    Roll-up door: easy access is ensured by a zippered roll-up door that fixes with Velcro straps. The design of the door also ensures proper ventilation in the hotter days.
  • check
    Space: this portable greenhouse is spacious and comes with 8 wired shelves that provide ample room for plant storage. 
  • check
    Weight capacity: each shelf has a weight capacity of 33lbs and can hold large pots. The shelves are also easy to remove for a versatile configuration.
Things We Didn't Like
  • exclamation-triangle
    The cover is hard to fit and seems flimsy.

2. Blissun 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

Blissun 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

Blissun 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse is a small portable greenhouse ideal for small spaces, such as a balcony, deck, or patio. The greenhouse has a small footprint, offering a vertical growing space. The product’s dimensions are 27x19x62 inches, which makes it easy to install indoors if needed.

The greenhouse offers the ideal space where to propagate seeds and grow young plants or rare flowers, and the flawless design matches with almost all landscapes.

This product has a solid structure made of high-quality tubular steel, while the heavy-duty bearing on each layer provides sturdy support for multiple pots. On the other hand, the transparent polyethylene cover allows plenty of sunlight to pass through.

Easy access to plants is ensured by a zippered roll-up door that is easy to secure with straps. Access apart, the door also ensures proper ventilation in the hotter days. In the colder days, just close the door to regulating the temperature.

Things We Liked
  • check
    Compact: this greenhouse has a small footprint ensured by a tiered design. The unit is ideal to install in a balcony or small backyard.
  • check
    Cover: transparent polyethylene cover allows plenty of light to go through and helps regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse.
  • check
    Zippered door: the roll-up door ensures easy access to the plants and is easy to secure in position with straps. 
  • check
    Structure: although compact, the greenhouse boasts a robust structure made of tubular steel, while heavy-duty wire shelves provide enough support to your pots.
Things We Didn't Like
  • exclamation-triangle
    The cover of this model also seems too small and it’s a hassle to fix it over the frame.

3. Ohuhu Small Walk-in Plants Greenhouse

Another tiered walk-in greenhouse that impressed us is Ohuhu Small Walk-in Plants Greenhouse. This unit boasts a spacious interior and a sturdy structure that is easy to secure with ground pegs and guy ropes. The large internal space is enhanced by the six wire shelves, three on each side, and the whole unit is compact enough to fit in a small backyard.

The overall greenhouse measures 56.3x28.7x76.8 inches, providing enough clearance to accommodate taller people. Rock-solid stability is ensured by heavy-duty rust-resistant steel tubes painted with epoxy powders, while the 18lbs weight capacity of each shelf allow you to grow numerous plants.

Ohuhu Small Walk-in Plants Greenhouse

Another feature we like is the heavy-duty reinforced polyethylene cover that resists weather and environmental elements. The cover is equipped with a zippered roll-up door that ensures easy access.

Assembling the unit is also easy. The greenhouse has a fit-in structure with detachable parts that join together smoothly. The greenhouse is easy to erect and dismantle, and no tools are required for the assembly.

Things We Liked
  • check
    Spacious: this portable greenhouse boasts a walk-in design and has plenty of space to accommodate numerous pots.
  • check
    Stability: made of heavy-duty and rust-resistant steel tubes, the greenhouse is made to withstand bad weather and to last for a long time.
  • check
    Layout: this unit is constructed with 6 wired shelves, three on each side. Each shelf has a weight capacity of 18lbs. 
  • check
    Assembly: this greenhouse is very easy to put together without any tools, thanks to the detachable design.
Things We Didn't Like
  • exclamation-triangle
    The weight capacity of the shelves is quite low.

4. Homewell Mini Walk-In Greenhouse 3 Tiers 6 Shelves

Homewell Mini Walk-In Greenhouse

If you’d like to invest in a greenhouse that provides better visibility to the plants, the Homewell Mini Walk-In Greenhouse might be it. This unit provides plenty of growing space thanks to the tired shelves arranged on two walls.

The thing we like best is the impressive weight capacity of each shelf, which is 75lbs. On the other hand, the roll-up door with zipper offers easy access and ensures proper ventilation in the hotter months.

The greenhouse boasts a sturdy design, conferred by a strong frame made of heavy-duty powder coated steel. On the other hand, the reinforced transparent polyethylene plastic cover retains heat, regulates the temperature, and protects the plants from elements.

We also like the portable design that is easy to set up and dismantle. Assembling the greenhouse requires no tools, and moving the structure from outdoors to indoors is simple when the season change.

Things We Liked
  • check
    Size: this greenhouse is wide enough to accommodate lots of plants and compact enough to fit in a small backyard. It measures 56x29x77 inches.
  • check
    Space: the greenhouse boasts a spacious growing area which is arranged vertically with six wired shelves, three on each side.
  • check
    Weight capacity: each shelf has a weight capacity of 75lbs, which means that they can support heavy or large pots. 
  • check
    Cover: the clear polyethylene cover allows you to monitor the status of your plants without accessing the greenhouse while a large roll-up entrance provides easy access.
Things We Didn't Like
  • exclamation-triangle
    The cover is rather thin and won’t withstand heavy weather.

5. Outsunny Portable Steel Large Backyard Greenhouse

If you’re looking for something big yet portable, ideal to propagate seeds in early spring and grow your crops in colder climates, the Outsunny Portable Steel Large Backyard Greenhouse might be the one you were looking for.

This portable greenhouse impresses with a walk-in design and a very spacious interior. The product measures 20x10x7 feet, which means there is plenty of growing space. However, this also means you’ll need a suitable space to erect the structure and you’ll have to dismantle it before moving the greenhouse to another place.

Outsunny 20' x 10' x 7' Portable

The structure is resistant. Made of heavy-duty steel coated with epoxy powders, the frame withstands rust, corrosion, but also bad weather and elements. Two slant bracing tubes enhance the stability, and for further anchoring, it’s even possible to reinforce the structure with ground pegs, leg weights, or guy ropes.

We also like the cover, which is reinforced with a green grid. The cover is UV and water-resistant, protecting the plants while allowing enough sunlight to pass through. A large roll-up door ensures easy access, while 8 roll-up windows with nets allow cross ventilation and improve the climate control.

Things We Liked
  • check
    Size: this is one of the most spacious portable greenhouses. It has a walk-in design and can accommodate numerous crops.
  • check
    Cover: made of durable polyethylene, the cover is reinforced with a green grid and provided with a large door and eight roll-up windows.
  • check
    Frame: the sturdiness of the structure is ensured of a heavy-duty steel frame that is resistant to rust, corrosion, peeling, and chipping. 
  • check
    Climate control: the eight windows, four on each side, allow an improved climate control and ensure proper ventilation.
Things We Didn't Like
  • exclamation-triangle
    The greenhouse doesn’t come with shelves; however, they are easy to install if needed.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Finding the perfect portable greenhouse is harder than it seems, but our favorite is the Best Choice Products 3-Tier Portable Outdoor Walk-In Greenhouse. We like this product because it’s convenient, versatile, it comes at a great retail price and fits in most spaces.

The greenhouse boasts a vertical growing area that measures 57.5x59x76 inches. The three-tier design boasts eight shelves, four on each side. Each shelf has a weight capacity of 33lbs. Additional growing space is available on the floor tier, and the shelves are easy to remove to accommodate fast growing plants.

The reinforced polyethylene cover might be tricky to fit on the structure but is sturdy enough to protect the plants from elements, while allowing sufficient light to pass through. Moreover, the large roll-up entrance is easy to secure on top, providing easy access and sufficient ventilation.

This portable greenhouse is easy to install outdoors, on a terrace or patio and is easy to erect, dismantle, or displace. Without a doubt, an excellent product to consider for your gardening needs.

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