Find the Best Portable Greenhouses for Mobile Gardens

Our recommendation for the best portable greenhouse is Ohuhu’s Portable Greenhouse. However, this product is but one of a vast field of portable greenhouse products on the market. We’ve included a few other recommendations below, as well as some additional info that can help you get the most out of this unique product.

Our Picks for the 4 Best Portable Greenhouses

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Why Consider a Portable Greenhouse?

If you think of a greenhouse, your mind may instantly jump to images of large, immovable buildings loaded with row upon row of botanical goodness. While the image might be romantic in scope, it also may lead you to think that greenhouse growing is a little too large-scale for your blood.

This is precisely why a portable greenhouse should be something imparted upon your consciousness. As the name implies, these structures are designed to give your plants the benefits you’d find in using a typical greenhouse. The only difference is you can set it up and tear it down at your leisure.

Essentially, a portable greenhouse acts as the middle ground between a cold frame and the greenhouse that exists in your head. Interestingly enough, it’s not uncommon to find these units to be a little more cost-effective than cold frames. If you’re in the market for taking your gardening game to the next level, a portable greenhouse may be your most sensible entry point.

A portable greenhouse prepares you to face whatever curveball nature may throw at you with confidence. If weather patterns become too extreme for an extended period, or if the glories of a particular growing season are naturally yet unexpectedly truncated, a quick-building temporary structure will not only help your gardens hang in there, but also help them thrive.

These structures also are ideal for those that don’t have the budget for a permanent greenhouse, which could be viewed as an investment. Because of the cost-effective nature of the portable greenhouses, you may choose to look at it as practice prior to buying a permanent structure, just so you can make sure greenhouse gardening is something you truly want to accomplish.

The Design of a Portable Greenhouse

The typical portable greenhouse or greenhouse kit will be made from plastic or glass. As you may guess, those that use glass panels are typically more expensive, but they do require less maintenance than their plastic counterparts. Of course, glass portable greenhouses also carry the classic greenhouse aesthetic better.

With that being said, if you plan on using your greenhouse for seasonal protection, it makes better sense to purchase a plastic portable model. They tend to be easier to set up and break down, and they also won’t take up a hunk of your back yard on a permanent basis.

Setting Up a Portable Greenhouse: A Video Overview

If your green thumb tendencies don’t translate to the deft assemblage of various items, you may be concerned about properly setting up a portable greenhouse. Yet as this video demonstrates, the ease in which these greenhouses can be assembled leaves you very little room to fret.


The Benefits of a Portable Greenhouse

The practical perks behind owning a portable greenhouse are equally distributed between you and your plants. While the benefits concerning the latter seem fairly obvious, the benefits for the former may be overlooked. However, they are just as important.

Let’s look at the obvious benefits first. A portable greenhouse is designed to help you extend your garden’s growing season, particularly during early seasons. While this may not make the veggies you’re growing produce perennially, they will at least allow you to enjoy more bountiful yields.

The structure can also make it easier for you to grow certain cold-weather plants, such as lettuce or spinach. This is especially the case if you’re living in an area of the country where snow and frozen ground are a routine occurrence during the winter months.

A portable greenhouse will also help you keep crop-killing pests at bay. Even a material like plastic or vinyl can prove to be sturdy enough to thwart any would-be attack from various insects and bugs that live to thrive on your hard work.

Beyond these plant-based benefits, the beauty of a portable greenhouse is that it’s not stuck to one place. Its lightweight frame is sturdy enough to withstand wind and rain, but delicate enough to be easily moved if you decide it needs to be somewhere else in your garden.

What’s more, thee structures are typically as easy to set up and break down as a camping tent. This is an important element to keep in mind if you’re prone to entertaining family and friends in your backyard, especially if gatherings coincide with times where you aren’t growing things.

Yet perhaps the ultimate benefit behind a portable greenhouse is that it will help you determine whether or not owning a permanent greenhouse is something you want to do. Considering how relatively inexpensive portable greenhouses typically are, you may view the purchase of one as a smart short-term indicator of what may be a potential long-term investment.

You’re Not off the Hook

If you think that using a portable greenhouse is as easy as putting plants within its frame and watching magic happen, think again. Even though these special structures do wonders in terms of plant protection and season extending, they don’t preclude you from doing all of the normal gardening things you’d normally do.

One thing to also consider: maintenance. Because you’ll most likely not be dealing with plastic, you’ll have to keep an eye out for rips, tears, or any other similar damage that could otherwise threaten the integrity of the greenhouse’s performance. Failure to do this may have unforeseen consequences.

Our Recommendation: Ohuhu’s Portable Greenhouse

When it comes to portable greenhouses, it should be noted that mobility does not equate to flimsiness. A product like Ohuhu’s Portable Greenhouse with 3 tiers demonstrates this rather well.

Portable greenhouses designed like this product will come equipped with the framework of a durable material such as metal. The outdoor covering that fits this frame, while not necessarily as strong as glass, will still be sturdy enough to withstand elements.

Furthermore, any portable greenhouse you purchase should feature a stable base that can be secured to the ground. This anchoring system will provide further resistance should your neighborhood be ravaged with particularly nasty weather.

When you decide that it’s time to purchase a portable greenhouse, its sturdiness and stability should be something that’s at the forefront of any decision. All of the other benefits of owning such a structure inherently flow from this, from its protective properties to its penchant for assembly and disassembly.

Paying attention to this level of sturdiness will provide you with the ultimate benefit of portable greenhouse ownership. That is, plants and veggies that thrive even in the harshest, most unforgiving conditions. And really, isn’t that why inspired you to pick up a portable greenhouse in the first place?

Photo by stekam licensed by CC0

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