Best Soaking Hoses For Your Garden

Imagine watering a garden using a tiny watering can. It can be a tedious and very boring activity.

Using the best soaker hose will make everything easier for you, and the experience is truly remarkable.

A soaking hose is a traditional and ordinary hose with holes as if it is a puncture all through its entire length. It, therefore, manages to water your plants directly, reducing water wastage.

Quick comparison: Top picks for soaking hoses

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However, there is a challenging task that comes along when it comes to choosing the best soakers. Everything becomes more comfortable when there is a guide like the one presented below. Using your best soaker hose reviews write-up, you will get the best quality of products.

Best Overall: Buyookay Soaker Hose

Buyookay Soaker Hose

Using this best-rated soaker hose is lovely because of the various sizes. You will, therefore, choose one that matches the dimensions of your garden. You will enjoy the ability to save water and still have it adequately spread on the farm.

This specific soaker hose system has dimensions of 6.2 x 12.5 x 11.7 inches. Covering the whole of your garden will be effortless to the length of 100 feet that facilitates a broader coverage. Weight is 6.68 pounds hence offering simplicity in carrying.

Thanks to the recycled rubber that makes up the whole hose. It is environmentally friendly and allowing usage above and below the ground. It is quick to lay around the garden.

What we didn’t like

  • The rubber in use by the hose is slightly rigid and can pose difficulties when it is cold.

Extra features

The soaker hose is ideal as it directs water straight to the roots. Therefore, you have a guarantee that in terms of saving cost, it is the right choice.

Buying advice

The soaker has a superb performance and delivers ample water directly to the plants’ roots. It saves on cost and keeps the water supply low, hence ideal for many kinds of gardens.

It is also the best-rated soaker horse. Acquiring it is beneficial as it makes your work easier and saves on time and resources.

Runner Up: Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker

Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker

One thing you will enjoy with this hose is because it is leak proof. It delivers a remarkable service and comes in various sizes. You will choose one that will serve your entire garden without a hassle.

The hose has dimensions of 14.53 x 6.57 x 1.34 inches. It weighs 1.39 pounds. It is a heavy-duty hose and composes of a double layer that guarantees its performance. Environmental friendliness is one thing that will make you love, and you will want to have it in your garden.

What brings uniqueness to this soaker hose is the consistency it maintains. You will appreciate how it ensures that adequate water gets spread through the hose from the beginning to the hose’s end.

What we didn’t like

  • The material used makes the hose bulky.

Extra features

The soaker hose delivers its water directly to the roots. The rate of water evaporation is therefore limited. Each plant absorbs the right amount of water for its sustenance.

The quality of the soaker is excellent as it guarantees a long-life. The material used to make it ensures durability.

Buying advice

The multiple-use capability makes this soaker hose serve better. You will admire its service to plants and other growing species. This product also forms the best soaker hose for a vegetable garden. Purchasing it makes your daily processes effective and effortless.

Alternative: Water Right 25-Foot

Water Right 25-Foot

The hose comes from the right water brand and has fantastic quality. This one has a length of 25 feet, but you can get as much as 100 feet. It can spread water to all your plants without a hassle.

The product weighs 2.15 pounds and has dimensions of 300 x 0.5 x0.5 inches. It also contains lead-free fittings that also make water safe for drinking. Polyurethane material, which is the hose’s primary component, ensures that it is safest for use.

Any form of tarnishing gets limited in this hose as it has brass fittings, making it durable.

What we didn’t like

  • When not appropriately laid, some parts of the garden do not get water.

Extra features

The hose is ideal because it has fulfilled several requirements, including the NSF and FDA grades. It is lead-free and has stabilization of the UV. Its quality is, therefore, perfect as it ensures plants and human consumption is safe.

Buying advice

After assessing the several types of soaker hoses, you will realize that this one is good for you. It ensures there is the safety of the water for both plants and human use. Its weather resistance, making it reliable.

Alternative: Melnor 65062-AMZ Soaker Hose

Melnor 65062-AMZ Soaker Hose

This soaker has a color of the amazon bundle that makes it look colorful. It has a simple design that makes its transportation easy. Extending its coverage once laid on the garden floor is effortless.

Flexibility is what you will enjoy most with this product. For easy transportation, you will quickly fold it. Seventy-five feet is what it covers once you extend it. A leak-free seal protects it’s both ends hence preventing the chances of having water losses.

The dimensions of the soaker are 1.18 x14.96 x7.67 inches. Its weight is 2.2 pounds and has a material made up of rubber that is quite flexible. The watering design is fantastic as it gets laid on top of the ground or underground.

What we didn’t like

  • You may experience some leakages at the hose joints.

Extra features

Following the flow of water using this horse is straightforward. Points that have leakages and no flowing water are easily identified; hence, it is beneficial. Using the washers, you will find it lovelier to replace any washer that gets missing.

When it comes to rolling the hose in the garden, you will have an easy time.

Buying advice

Choosing to buy this soaker hose is a superb decision. It will ensure that you enjoy the reliability and simplicity you want in the garden. The soaker hose system is reliable as it quickly addresses points that have challenges.

Alternative: Soaker Hose For Garden

Soaker Hose For Garden

This is the best soaker hose for vegetable garden used in various gardens. It uses drip technology that makes it possible to target each plant individually. The rate of plant growth, therefore, gets boosted, hence better output.

In terms of water conservation, it has the best ratings. The most significant advantage of it is that you will use less water to maintain your plants’ growth in the best state. At least 70% of the water you have gets conserved.

The hose length is 25 feet and weighs 1.55 pounds. The package dimensions are 11×10.9×2.9 inches. Carrying it to your garden is, therefore, an effortless task. You can also get other larger sizes depending on the size of the garden.

Materials used are 30% polyethylene and 70% recycled rubber.

What we didn’t like

  • Not ideal for cold areas as it remains rigid

Extra features

The soaker has holes that facilitate consistent watering. It is therefore ideal for daily use and all kinds of gardens. The use of timers to maintain the hose’s performance is reliable and straightforward to use.

Buying advice

If you want reliability and performance, this hose will serve you best. The soaker boasts of excellent quality and material composition. You also find pores make the ability of water spreading useful far-reaching to all parts. Service to all kinds of terrains makes the soaker a fabulous choice. It is, therefore, ideal.

Soaker Hose FAQ

How Long Do You Leave the Soaker Hose On?

How Long Do You Leave the Soaker Hose On?

Unlike the traditional irrigation methods, using a soaker hose helps conserve a lot of water that would have otherwise been wasted. A soaker hose has a hole throughout its entire length, and water is directly delivered to the plant’s roots.

The amount of time you are supposed to leave your soaker hose on depends on various factors, such as:

Soil type

If you are an avid farmer, you know the type of soil you are using and your water needs. For instance, sandy water needs to be watered frequently as it does not retain moisture and gets dry quickly. If your soil is more concentrated in clay, you are in luck as you do not need to do a lot of irrigation. This is because too much water will leave your plants water-logged.

The best water to improve water retention in sandy soil is to add compost and loam soil to your plants.


The weather changes with changes in season and the plants also need change. For instance, if the weather is hot and dry, your plants will need more water to stay green and sturdy. However, during winter, your plants will need as little water as possible.

If you have plants in the field during summer, it’s advisable to water your plants early in the morning and in the evening. But if it’s in winter, you can water your plants during the day to avoid damaging the roots at night due to water freezing at night.

If it’s during the rainy season, save your water and make maximum use of the rainfall. Please turn off your faucet, but remember to turn them back on once the rainfall season is up.

Plants’ need

The type of roots and age of the plant determines the amount of water they need. New plants and seedlings have small roots that are delicate compared to more developed trees and plants. Therefore, they must be water more regularly because they cannot source water for themselves.

Another factor to consider is if the plants require a lot of water to mature fully; for instance, watermelons need an adequate water supply to grow and develop taste. At the same time, succulent plants require little to no water to grow and develop fully.

You can also experiment with your timer to get the right amount of time to leave your soaker hose on. You can begin by setting 30 minutes, then after the time is up, dig up the soil a little to see how deep it has penetrated.

For plants whose roots are near the surface, the water should be about 20 cm below the surface, but it should penetrate more in-depth for more mature plants.

If you find that the soil is too wet, reduce the running time, but if it’s still dry, add more time. Please do not give your plant less than enough water supply frequently as it encourages shallow and delicate roots growth.

The ideal way to water your plant is to schedule three watering days every week and then monitor your plants’ response and make the necessary adjustments.

Are Soaker Hoses Worth It?

Are Soaker Hoses Worth It?

If you are looking for an efficient irrigation system, the soaker hose is your answer, as it gives you the following benefits:

Help reduce water usage

Compared with a sprinkler system, a soaker hose reduces the amount of water you use because it goes directly into the roots.

The hose is set up to ensure that the water goes exactly where it is needed, thus no water run-off, and the water evaporation is reduced significantly. It saves costs by lowering your water bill.


Most of the water hose in your homes are made of recycled materials such as old rubber from vehicle tires. Thus help reduce landfills and conserve the environment.

They are easy to set up

Compared to other forms of irrigation systems such as sprinklers, a soaker hose is easy to set up, as it does not have a lot of parts.

Help improve plant health

Many plants do not develop well when water-logged as their roots and leaves suffer, making them susceptible to diseases and parasites. Soaker hoses help farmers avoid this issue by giving their plants the right amount of water delivered directly to the roots.

This method also helps suppress weed growth as water is only delivered to the plants’ roots, making it impossible for weed to sprout in between the plants as there is no water.

How To Set Up Your Soaker Hoses?

Before setting up your soaker hose, you need to have and consider the following:

The length of the soaker hose

Before setting up your soaker hose, it essential to draw a layout of the irrigation you plan to water. This gives you a rough idea of how to lay your hose. It also helps you avoid perforating the hose during your future developments. It also enables you to determine the length of your hose.


Although it’s easy to set up, you will need a few connectors, especially to create better water flow at the corners. You will also need a timer to ensure that your plants get sufficient water. You will also need pegs to hold the hose to the ground to prevent it from tripping people.

In some instances, you will need a backflow preventer and pressure regulators, especially if you are connecting it directly to the municipal water supply.


You need to determine if it’s flat or hilly ground because a soaker hose cannot work well on sloppy land. Some plants will not get sufficient water.

Adequate water supply

Ensure you have an adequate water supply before installing the hose and connecting it to the faucet.

You can secure the services of a professional, or you can set it up yourself. Follow the procedure below:

  1. Set up the main supply line from the primary water source to the field. You can dig a furrow for the main supply line.
  2. Install the water switch valve. It is also called the master valve, and it controls the water being released into the garden. The valve also allows you to switch off water from flowing during winter to preventing the freezing of the supply lines.
  3. Install irrigation system control valves for each zone. A timer controls these valves, and they turn on and off depending on the timer’s signal.
  4. Connect the supply lines to the control valves. Ensure that they are long enough to cover up to the end part of the garden.
  5. Each bed should have its spigot where the soaker hose is attached. The stopper allows the farmer to determine which bed gets irrigated and which doesn’t. Ensure that the other end of the soaker hose is capped.
  6. Arrange the soaker hose at the base of the plants. Now you are good to go. Experiment with your soaker hose till you get the time to open and close the valves.

Which Is Better: Drip Irrigation or Soaker Hose?

Which Is Better: Drip Irrigation or Soaker Hose?

While both methods help reduce water wastage and deliver water directly to the roots, drip irrigation is ideal for large scale farming, while soaker hose is suited for small flatlands.

This is because soaker hose is cheaper and easy to install, and its length limits usage in the large field as it is not easily customizable. Drip irrigation is also applicable in sloppy grounds.

Therefore, if you are looking to farm a small garden, then soaker hose is your ideal irrigation system. But if you are doing corporate farming, then go with a drip. Although the start-up cost is high, it will serve you longer.


There is no lovely thing you can do to your garden other than having the best soaking hoses. One major thing that you will enjoy is that you will want quick watering for your garden. Another thing that makes the hoses unique is that they can get extended and targeted because of their many pores.

The soaker hose review above is sufficient to help you choose the best ones. Each product highlighted boasts of excellent quality and is remarkable.

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