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Ego Power+ lawn mowers are powered by advanced lithium batteries. They have a longer battery life than most other cordless electric mowers and can often handle tougher and coarser grasses. Ego lawn mowers, such as the Ego Power+ 20-inch mower, require less maintenance than gas powered machines, but don’t have the same amount of power as those mowers. While they might not be equal to a gas powered mower, they do offer the benefits of compact storage and ease of use, and are usually a good pick for people with smaller yards.

Gas vs Battery Powered Mowers

The three different lawn mower models that Ego produces are all battery powered and run on a 56 volt battery. There are a few advantages, as well as drawbacks, to choosing a battery powered mower over a gas powered one.

For one thing, battery powered mowers are usually considered more eco-friendly than their gas burning cousins. The mowers don’t produce exhaust or constantly need refueling with fossil fuels.

You will need to recharge a battery powered mower from time to time and are likely to find that the mower operates for a much shorter amount of time than a traditional gas powered device. For example, Ego lawn mower models typically get about 35 to 45 minutes of use before their battery runs down.

There’s a bit of discussion on this here:

Recharging an Ego lawn mower typically takes about 30 minutes, which isn’t too long for recharging a battery, but is a considerably longer process than refueling an empty gas tank.

Another difference between battery powered mowers and gas powered ones is the amount of noise they make. Gas powered lawn mowers aren’t exactly known for being quiet. They typically produce a loud roar, which can wake up the neighborhood on a summer’s day.

Battery powered mowers are considerably quieter. If you live in an area where the yards are close together and where people value peace and quiet, an Ego lawn mower might be the more neighborly choice, compared to a gas powered mower.

Yard size also matters. If you have a larger yard, 35 minutes of run time might not be enough to get the entire mowing job done before the mower runs out of juice. Battery powered mowers are typically recommended for smaller lawns while gas powered ones are better suited for bigger yards

Ego Lawn Mower Features

Technology is what sets Ego lawn mowers apart from other electric or battery powered mowers on the market. The brand’s mowers are powered by a POWER+ Arc Lithium battery, which has a unique shape and stay cool technology to provide power for longer.

Heat build up is what usually causes batteries to drain quickly and to slow down charging time. Since the charger that is included with the lawn mower battery includes a keep-cool fan, the battery is able to charge quickly.

Ego lawn mowers only come with a single 5.0 Amp battery. However, if you want to double your mowing time, you can purchase an additional battery and charger separately.

Ego lawn mowers come in two cutting widths, 20 inches or 21 inches, and offer a variety of cutting heights. The 21 inch model will cut grass ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. The 20 inch model will cut grass ranging from 1.2 inches to 3.5 inches tall.

Although battery powered mowers are usually known for struggling to cut coarser or thicker grasses, such as Zoysia, Ego mowers tend to have less trouble than average. Keeping the cutting deck raised will help the mower handle coarser grasses.

That said, Ego lawn mowers aren’t the perfect pick for people who want an immaculately manicured lawn. The lower power you get from the battery can lead to some uneven cutting. Even though Ego mowers tend to be more high powered than your typical battery operated lawn mower, they still don’t have the power that gas driven mowers do.

Using, Charging and Storing Your Mower

Ego lawn mowers are generally pretty simple to use. The three different models each have a push-button starter as well as one-handed cutting height adjustments. You can also adjust the height of the mower’s handle with ease.

One of the brand’s models is a self-propelled mower. If your lawn is a little uneven or has a bit of an incline to it, a self-propelled model can be a better option, since it is able to go on its own. Otherwise, the brand’s walk behind push mowers should be sufficient for you.

The mowers are considerably lighter in weight (under 60 pounds) than gas powered mowers, so you don’t have to have a lot of upper body strength to use them.

When your mower is running out of power, a light will turn on to let you know. The mower will stop working when there’s no more power, so you don’t have to worry about over-discharging the batteries and damaging them. To charge the battery, all you need to do is attach it to the charger and plug in.

Before you buy any type of mower, you want to think about how you’ll store it or if you have the storage space for it. Many styles of mower can fold flat for compact storage, including Ego mowers. One benefit of an Ego mower over others is that you can storage vertically without worrying that any gas will leak out.

A Closer Look at the Ego Power+ 20″ Mower

Ego produces three battery powered lawn mowers. The Power+ 20″ lawn mower is the most basic model. The 21″ lawn mower offers an extra inch of cutting width and the self-propelled model offers a longer battery life.

The 20 inch mower is ideal for people with small, even lawns who are looking for a compact, low maintenance mower. Depending on the type of grass you’re cutting and the weather conditions outside, you can expect to get at least 40 or so minutes of run-time from the mower. With delicate grass on a warmer day, you might get nearly an hour’s worth of power.

The mower weighs just over 56 pounds, which makes it lightweight, but not as lightweight as some other types of battery powered mowers. For example, the 20″ model from Black & Decker weighs almost 10 pounds less.

Given that the Ego mower has a heftier battery (56 v compared to Black & Decker’s 40 v), it might be worth having to push around an extra 10 pounds of weight. Even with the mower clocking in on the heavier side for a battery powered machine, it’s still about half of the weight of a gas powered mower.

Is it worth investing in the self-propelled lawn mower from Ego? It really depends on the type of yard you have and how much oomph you want to put into mowing.

If your yard is on an incline, using a self propelled machine, which moves forward at a continuous speed whether you are pushing it or not, can make short work of going up hills. But if your yard is mostly flat and you don’t mind pushing the mower to make it move, the extra cost of a self-propelled machine might not be worth it.

You do get an extra inch of cutting width with the self-propelled Ego mower, as well as a longer battery life, since it uses a 7.5Ah battery.

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