How Far Apart To Plant Peppers?

Peppers, the delicious cousins of the aubergines, tomatoes or potatoes, come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and flavors. This plant is so versatile, that you can actually choose to plant bell peppers, small bell peppers, hot peppers, and the list can go on and on.

The versatility of this plant, however, can cause confusion among gardeners when it comes to seeding and planting requirements. And one of the main questions gardeners ask is how far apart to plant peppers.

In a world of so many choices, I have good news: all varieties of peppers have more or less the same growing requirements, therefore the same rules apply to all varieties of peppers.

Reasons To Space Peppers Out

Here are a few reasons to plant peppers at a distance from each other:

  • Pepper fruits need a lot of air circulation for proper development. This refers to all types of peppers, including sweet and hot varieties.
  • The yield will increase in the case of properly spaced plants. Pepper plants that are positioned too close compete for nutrients and oxygen, therefore will produce fewer fruits.
  • It will be easier for you to harvest them. In fact, if the plants are located at a distance from each other, it will be easier to spot mature peppers and pick them in time.
  • In the case of different varieties of peppers, by spacing the plants you can avoid creating hybrids. In fact, creating hybrid peppers is easier than you might think, as the insects can easily transport the pollen from one species of peppers to another. I believe you won’t appreciate much a tasty bell pepper that turns out to be hot.

If these reasons convinced you that planting peppers at the right distance is essential, keep reading to find out how far apart to plant peppers.

How Far Apart To Plant Pepper Seeds

How Far Apart To Plant Peppers: Distance Between The Rows

Before getting into details, I should mention that it is not essential to plant the peppers in rows. However, I really like planting all my veggies in rows because it is easier to check the crops and keep weeds under control.

If you want to follow my advice, the distance between the rows should be about 36 inches. This space will allow the plants to develop properly and you will have enough space to walk between the rows.

How Far Apart To Plant Peppers: Distance Between The Plants

The distance between pepper plants in the same row should be at least 18 inches. This is also the minimum distance you should give each plant in all directions if you choose to plant peppers in a square foot garden or in raised beds.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should respect the minimum distance between pepper plants. Let us know how you plant your peppers and if you respect these distances by leaving a comment below.

And don’t forget, plant the various species of peppers as far apart from each other as possible, to avoid contamination.

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