33 Stylish Garden Fence Ideas To Boost The Value Of Your Property

When thinking about the garden landscape, the most inexpert gardeners focus on the arrangement of the patio or lawn. Some of them even consider the disposition of the vegetable garden. However, only a few think about one of the most important element of the property: the garden fence.

Professional landscapers can’t emphasize enough the importance of a stylish garden fence.

The impression of style and tidiness starts with it, as the fence is the first element your visitors or potential buyers will see.

With a bit of originality, it is easy to create stylish and innovative boundaries that stand out. If you lack imagination, check out these 33 garden fence ideas that will boost the value of your property.

1. An Invisible Barrier: Integrate The Fence With The Garden Furniture

An original idea suitable especially for the small properties is to create an invisible barrier by integrating the fence with the garden furniture.

The best solution is to create an oasis of relaxation in the middle of your small garden by building a wooden deck. Choose matching furniture made of the same timber. Build the fence using the exact same timber used for the flooring solution to create an idea of continuity.

Depending on how much privacy you want, you can build a taller or shorter fence. To light up the environment and create the illusion of space, choose a light-brown timber. Light gray is another great option if you want to break the rules.

If the garden is really small, build a short fence and mount long flower pots on top of it. Plant some perennials or shrubs to increase the privacy and curb appeal of the property.

2. Woven Bamboo And Stone Walls

If you have a medium-sized or large garden, you can enhance the look of your outdoor space with an unconventional fence. There are many garden fence ideas that combine bamboo with stone walls but one I really like promotes the use of woven bamboo panels alternating them with stone walls.

Regarding the stone walls, on the market, there are numerous solutions that vary in terms of budget and aesthetics. If you don’t want to invest too much, a good idea is to replace stone walls with faux stone panels, alternating them with the woven bamboo panels.

This type of fencing is perfect in a minimalist or Japanese garden. Complete the garden design with a geometric garden edging placed along the fence.

3. Natural Plant Fences

If you love the idea of Japanese or Zen gardens and decide to create a landscape according to these rules, then you’ll also have to choose an appropriate garden fence.

Both Japanese and Zen gardens promote contact with nature and the use of living edging and fencing solutions.

Making a fence of natural plants is harder than it might seem but the result is rewarding. In an Oriental garden, choose tall green plants as fencing. Exterior bamboo plants are more than suitable for this solution and you can place them along bamboo panels to increase privacy.

In a minimalist garden, you can plant horsetail grass in rectangular containers made of concrete and stone and arrange them along a concrete or stone wall. The solutions are many and limited by your imagination.

4. Recycled Wood Garden Fence

Most of the times we don’t even consider recycled wood as a solution for a stylish garden fence. Nevertheless, recycled wood can be used in many ways and it can be the perfect material for the perfect minimalist fence.

This solution might require a little time and dedication, as well as carpentry skills, yet the result will certainly boost the value of your property.

The first step to take is to find sufficient timber panels of the same dimension. Treat the wood with dark varnish and arrange your garden fencing following straight, flawless lines.

This solution is ideal for small backyards or tiny properties and it pairs well with a house featuring large glass and metal structures, such as panoramic windows with steel frames.

5. Cheap Fencing With Prefabricated Panels

A stylish garden fence isn’t necessarily synonymous with expensive solutions. Sometimes, the cheapest landscaping solutions can be easily transformed into design elements.

This is the case of the prefabricated metal fence panels. Most of the times these panels are used by building developments and they are plain ugly. Nevertheless, these panels can be easily transformed into stylish fencing for a property by simply painting them in an attractive color.

For a minimalist design, I recommend using light gray and decorate the panels with geometric flower pots disposed at different heights. Use decorative grasses for a flawless design.

For a shabby chic look or for an unconventional garden, choose a bolder color for the panels and decorate them with perennials and other seasonal flowers.

6. Prefabricated Wooden Panels

Another low-cost garden fence idea that can boost the curb appeal of your property is to use prefabricated wooden panels as fencing.

This type of fence pairs perfectly with the design of an English garden. To boost the value of your property try to decorate your patio with timber and paint both the patio and the fence in matching colors. Create a transition area between the lawn and the fence with a flower bed.

Regarding the plants, choose a few short shrubs and tall grasses. Avoid using perennials or other plants with blossoms if you want to create a stylish look.

7. Pallet Garden Fence

The idea of using recycled pallets as the garden fence is unappealing to many. This is majorly due to the many convenient DIY fencing ideas that are functional but less stylish.

Nevertheless, you can use pallets to create a design fence for your garden by simply using the wooden boards that connect the pallets together.

With these boards, you can create a chunky strip garden fence that matches perfectly with minimalist designs. To enhance the beauty of your property, build a few concrete flower beds along the fence and decorate your garden with small shrubs and a few trees.

8. Gabions And Wood Fence

Associating stone and wood is probably the simplest way to create a design fence. There are numerous similar garden fence ideas but one that stands out promote the use of stone gabions alternated with solid wood fences.

You can fill the gabions with a wide variety of stones, ranging from river stones to crushed concrete or large quarry stones.

Regarding the wood parts of the fence, you can choose woven wood if the gabions are filled with crushed concrete or river stones or solid wooden boards if using quarry stone. A stone edging and a few shrubs will complete the design of your fence.

9. Tread Wood Garden Floor And Fence

Returning to the small spaces, creating the idea of continuity will visually enlarge the dimensions of your garden or terrace.

A treated wood garden fence and floor is probably the best solution in this case. You can choose wood in any color although lighter shades are recommended.

If your garden is spacious, you can still use the idea but replace treated wood with dark gray decking planks. Maintain the linearity of the design building a raised bed of the same material and decorate your garden with matching furniture.

Keep vegetation to a minimum and only plant a few perennials in the raised bed mentioned above.

10. Trellis And Ivy Fence

Sometimes, traditional solutions are the best. Especially if you have a countryside cottage or a garden decorated in shabby chic style.

In this case, the best garden fencing solution is to invest in a sturdy wooden trellis and plant some ivy. Climbing roses are another great option if you want to give a romantic touch to the property or you can choose any other climbing plants you might like.

A trellis fence represents a great solution for the vegetable garden too. In this case, plant some tomatoes and peppers next to the fence to create an aesthetic disposition of the garden.

11. Woven Panels In A Japanese Garden


Woven panels suit a Japanese garden as a glove. To maintain the theme choose the panels in a natural color and avoid painting them with dark varnish.

Woven panels can also represent an inspired choice in a Mediterranean garden. In this case, plant some lush vegetation along the fence and build some flower beds using pieces of the same woven panels. In this case, you can also opt for a darker color such as cherry.

Regarding the plants, choose colorful perennials and a few dwarf trees. If the climate is mild, the best option to go for is citrus trees.

12. Rural Wooden Fence For A Romantic Look

The simple countryside wooden fence is a cheap and easy solution if you want to decorate a romantic garden. Ideally, you should choose a short fence. Leave its color natural or paint it in white and mount some flower pots with perennials along the length of the fence.

Match the rest of the décor with the fence to create a linear look. The pathways and patio should be made of wood planks or stone. Along the pathway, place a bench or two paying attention to choose one that matches perfectly with the fence.

A lush vegetation and the presence of a few statues are also a good idea. Maintain everything tidy though, if you want to avoid the impression of an abandoned house.

13. Artificial Plant Fence

Garden Fence Ideas

Who doesn’t love the idea of a tall shrub fence? The only problem with living fences is that they need constant maintenance. You will have to invest not only time but also a lot of money, therefore a living fence isn’t a solution for everyone.

If you love the idea but hate the commitment, a good compromise is to opt for a faux-living fence made of artificial plants. Artificial ivy is probably the simplest solution; it looks natural and it is easy to maintain.

The only thing you’ll have to worry about is washing the fence every now and then to maintain its aesthetics.

14. Metallic Net Fence For The Vegetable Garden

A tidy and convenient fencing solution for the vegetable garden is a metallic net fence. What I like about this garden fence idea is its simplicity nonetheless versatility.

To create a unique design, use fine mesh wire that is almost invisible to the eye and use solid wooden trunks to mount it.

In this way, you will have a fancy vegetable garden and will be able to keep pests away without compromising on the aesthetics.

15. Mesh Metal Panels

Mesh metal panels are a great fencing solution both for the vegetable garden and for the yard. This type of fencing looks awesome on top of concrete walls and ensures a great level of privacy.

However, similar to the vast majority of the unconventional fencing solutions, mesh metal panels look good only when used in a modern garden decorated in minimalist style.

As mentioned above, associating it with concrete walls is a great solution and don’t forget to include shrubs and other greenery in your design as well.

16. Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Panels

Are you dreaming of a flawless garden fence idea to pair with your modern vision? Laser engraved stainless steel panels might be the solution you were looking for.

The result will be a futuristic design and the best thing is that you can engrave the steel panels with literally any pattern you like.

You can choose geometric shapes if your space is minimalist or motifs of vegetal inspiration. The type of pattern will also determine the level of privacy this type of fence can offer. However, since this solution is fully customizable, it is easy to create the fence you were dreaming to have.

17. Woven Willow Garden Fence

In a rustic environment, a woven willow garden fence is a simple yet stylish solution to use. This type of fence is great to use for a countryside cottage or for a house on the beach, although you could use it anywhere if matched with the right decorations.

A woven willow garden fence requires a lush vegetation and a Mediterranean style garden is the best way to go.

This type of fence is also great for Oriental gardens and in this case, opt for pathways made of stone. Mount a small fountain in a corner of the garden and if the space allows it, build a pond too.

18. Stone And Wood Garden Fence

You can match stone and wood in countless ways. A great garden fence idea is to install a chunky timber fence on a garden edge made of stone.

Opt for timber in a strong color, such as cherry or chestnut. Regarding the stone edge, build it with black stones to maintain a stylish design of the garden.

To increase the level of privacy, plant a few evergreen trees along the fence wither on the outer or on the inner edge of the garden.

19. Recycled Shutters Garden Fence

Creating a stylish fence is easy when using recycled materials. For an innovative solution, make the fence out of recycled shutters.

To enhance the look of your property paint the shutters in bold, strong colors such as intense blue, green, dark pink, and even yellow and red.

Decorate the fence with flowers of the same colors but placing them on differently colored shutters. For example, place a pot with blue flowers on the yellow shutter and a pot of yellow flowers on the blue shutter.

This will create an image of continuity and will also give the impression of tidiness. In the end, you want your garden to look stylish, not cheap.

20. Recycled Timber Garden Fence

A stylish garden fence idea to use for a countryside property is the use of recycled timber. You can use anything from industrial timber to railway sleepers and don’t have to worry about the dimensions.

In fact, it is better if the individual elements of the fence have different heights as the effect created will be that of a modern fencing solution.

As a color, I’d suggest using a mix of dark and light colored paint to create the impression of old. If you use railway sleepers, keep the ones stained with oil or diesel fuel and just apply a thin layer of transparent varnish on them to define the look.

21. Wood Planks And Metallic Wire

Metallic wire and wood planks represent another unconventional yet stylish garden fence solution. This type of fence can be used in many environments ranging from gardens of modern design to countryside spaces.

The ways of alternating these two elements are also countless. You can choose to alternate wood planks with metallic wire patches or simply mount the wire above the planks.

Another great solution is to use this type of fencing for the vegetable garden. in this case, use the planks as support for the wire, mounting them in the corners of the garden.

22. Log Garden Fence For A Rustic Feeling

If you live in a countryside or have a nice cottage in the suburbs, choose a log garden fence to give a rustic feeling to the property.

The plants to use in this case include evergreen shrubs and dwarf trees, colorful perennials and numerous types of tall grasses.

Decorate the pathways with stone vases and planters and make sure to mount a log bench in a quiet corner of the property.

23. Stone And Wooden Beams Garden Fence

As it is easy to see, there are countless ideas when it comes to associating stone and wood. In this case, I suggest pairing quarry stone with tall wooden beams, a traditional solution perfect for all types of gardens.

This type of fence has numerous benefits. The first one is the traditional aspect that can increase the value of your property because many potential buyers will like it.

Secondly, it is a type of fence easy to achieve. Both quarry stone and wooden beams are easy to find in any DIY store.

For a modern solution, maintain the design minimalist and follow a strict geometry when mounting the fence.

24. Innovative Surf Boards Garden Fence

If you have a beach house and are looking for an alternative garden fence idea, mount old surfboards instead of a wooden fence.

The main advantage of this type of garden fence is that you’ll not have to worry about anything else than tying the boards together with thin metallic wire.

The colorful fence will certainly draw attention and you will most likely be appreciated for your creativity.

25. Vertical Garden Fence

A vertical garden fence is a great solution if you want a living fence that looks less traditional. Before choosing this type of fence remember that it requires a lot of maintenance and that even the minimal neglect will cause it to lose its aesthetics.

That said, a vertical garden can boost the value of the property with ease. Moreover, this type of fence is great in any environment.

There are many ready-to-use solutions or you can do it yourself. However, for the best results, the advice of a professional landscaper is essential.

26. Irregular Railing Steel For A Minimalist Design

Minimalist design is really popular nowadays but this doesn’t mean that it is easy to achieve. Despite its simple name, the minimalist design requires a detailed planning of all the decorative elements and this includes the garden fence.

In a garden characterized by geometric lines, an irregular railing steel fence will bring a touch of style. Opt for black or dark brown steel and mount the fence without thinking too much about the direction of the lines.

This type of fence will make your property stand out and it will soon become the envy of your neighbors.

27. Shabby Chic White Picket Fence

Garden Fence Ideas

When it comes to garden design, shabby chic style is synonymous with white picket fences. Fortunately, you will be able to choose between numerous options.

The most popular promote the use of wood or metal fences. Regardless of the material, the fence must be white or at least ivory.

Choose perennials such as hydrangea, violets, roses, and other colorful flowers to decorate the edge between the fence and the pathways.

28. Wrought Iron Garden Fence

Another type of garden fence that can adapt to all tastes is the wrought iron fence. Shapes, patterns, and height can vary depending on your preferences and the wrought iron fence can match both traditional and modern landscapes.

There are numerous garden fence ideas you can draw inspiration from. Depending on the grade of privacy you want to achieve, you can match wrought iron with concrete or plant some evergreens along the fence.

29. Concrete Terrace Fence

For an alternative solution, create a garden fence using large concrete planters. Arrange them one on top of each other and plant the same type of perennials in each of them.

The great part about this type of fence is the fact that it is completely customizable. You can choose how tall you want it to be and what aspect to give it based on the flower choice.

A concrete terrace fence will also say a lot about your creativity and I can ensure you that your property will be unique.

30. Horizontal Slats Garden Fence Ideas

Another garden fence idea you can use regardless of the style of your property is a fence made of horizontal slats.

Horizontal slats are perfect to use for a traditional garden as well as in a minimalist context. Moreover, you can use them to create a romantic environment by adding a few climbing plants to the décor. The ideas are many and the solution is truly versatile.

31. Solid Concrete Garden Walls

If you’re looking for absolute privacy, opt for a concrete fencing solution. Solid concrete walls are the best solution to use if you want to create a private space away from prying eyes.

To make the fence less anonymous, choose concrete panels decorated with geometric or vegetal motifs according to your personal preferences. To create the impression of coziness, choose a garden gate made of chunky timber or wooden planks.

32. Brick And Metal Garden Fence

Another great garden fence idea is to associate brick and metal to create an alternative fence. You can either use metal panels and alternate them with brick patches or mount metal panels on top of a thick brick edging.

You can also decide whether to use matching or complementary colors. For example, you could use gray bricks and steel or red bricks and black metal. It all depends on the overall design of your landscape and style you want to achieve.

33. Frosted Glass Garden Fence

Lastly, an awesome garden fence idea is to use frosted glass panels. Glass panels give a sense of open space and liberty while maintaining your privacy at a maximum.

The glass panels can be mounted on chunky timber for a cozy effect or on thin steel planks to maintain a minimalist design.

Regardless of your choice, the frosted glass garden fence ideas are many and I guarantee they will all boost the value of your property.

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