How to Find the Best Price on Gravely Zero Turn Mowers?

What are Gravely Zero Turn Movers?

Gravely is designed for commercial landscapers that place a premium on long-term use, productivity, and reliability. Gravely mowers are designed to help you keep and maintain a beautiful landscape acre after acre. Mowers with zero-degree turns are no longer limited to use in commercial settings only. A number of manufacturers, notably Gravely, produce lower-scale zero-turn mowers for domestic usage. The Gravely ZT is a great choice for first-time buyers of zero-turn mowers. In addition to being comfortable and easy to use, it features three different cutting widths and seven different cutting heights. The lawn mower is capable of mowing yards that are up to three acres in size, depending on the size of the cutting deck.

Benefits of Using Gravely Zero-Turn Mower

Even while zero-turn mowers have become increasingly common, scepticism still exists. The advantages of a zero-turn mower include greater manoeuvrability, increased cutting speed, and less fuel consumption.

1. Effortlessly Shifts Position

Even the most challenging obstacles are no match for zero-turn mowers. With the simple hand controls, you may spin around in a complete circle.

2. Rapidly Cuts Grass

Your time is worth money. A zero-turn mower can help you save both time and money since it allows you to cut grass without turning around. Mowing speed and direction are both simply adjustable using the hand controls.

3. Uses Less Gas

Low fuel consumption is another benefit of zero-turn mowers. Since you will be more agile and able to swiftly move about the property, you will use less gas when cutting the grass. If you take a mower that uses little gas and improves its manoeuvrability and speed, you may cut your costs even further.

4. Time Saving

Depending on the size of your lawn and the number of impediments in its way, zero-turn mowers can save you time by mowing grass in rows as narrow as 34 inches or as wide as 60 inches. With the increased clearing widths at your disposal, you can cut larger yards with fewer passes. Zero Turn Mowers don’t need to be backed up or turned around to mow between rows or around obstacles. Because of this, mowing using a zero-turn mower may significantly reduce the amount of time spent doing so. That’s great news since it means greater business development during the day as a result of more satisfied consumers.

5. Easily Transportable Zero-Turn Lawnmowers

Your workers spend all day mowing the grass. Zero-turn mowers’ comfort features go beyond cushy seats. The ergonomic design of a lawn mower puts the operator in a natural, relaxed posture, with quick and simple access to all of the machine’s functions. When workers are more relaxed, they are more motivated to put in long hours and do a good job.

6. Zero-Turn Mowers Last For a Very Long Time

Zero-turn mowers have become standard equipment for landscapers. That means they need to be sturdy and durable enough to withstand daily usage. In order to ensure that zero-turn mowers survive for many years, they are constructed from stronger steel than lawn tractors and are put through extensive testing.

7. Zero-Turn Mowers Accessories

A wide variety of add-ons are available for zero-turn mowers, which might be useful for your landscaping company all through the seasons. These additional zero-turn mower accessories, such as finishing mowers, power brushes, blade attachments, and snow blower attachments, will allow your business to serve consumers year-round.

Guidelines for Choosing a Zero-Turn Mower

Cutting your lawn with a zero-turn mower is faster and easier. Zero-turn mowers have been standard equipment for landscape maintenance companies for quite some time. It’s now possible to buy a zero-turn vehicle for use in your own home.

There are some things you should know about zero-turn mowers before you make the investment. The meaning of “zero turns” should be understood first.

· Turning Angle

The standard turning angle for ride-on mowers is between 15 and 30 degrees. This means that a section of grass will go uncut whenever you turn the mower to mow a curve or a new row. So that you don’t miss any of your grass, you’ll need to go over the areas more than once.

However, the turning radius of zero-turn mowers is exactly zero degrees. The mower can be turned around in a complete 180-degree circle without cutting any grass short.

· Steering Controls

Steering controls on a zero-turn mower and a standard lawn tractor are located in very different places. The front wheels of a ride-on mower are typically manoeuvred via a steering wheel.

Steering a zero-turn mower is done via the rear wheels. Turning the mower requires much less space because of the rear-wheel steering. If you’re going fast while mowing, it can help you maintain your balance.

· Speed

Another distinction between zero-turn mowers and standard ride-on mowers is their speed. A typical lawn mower may achieve speeds of 3 to 4 mph. That’s significantly faster than a push mower, but it’s still not fast enough.

Meanwhile, household zero-turn mowers may achieve speeds of up to 8 miles per hour. Commercial mowers may achieve speeds of up to 13 mph.

Factors to consider to find the best price on Gravely Zero Turn Movers

Look for some of the same features in a zero-turn mower that you would in a conventional lawn tractor, even though these two types of mowers operate in quite different ways.

· Deck Size

One factor to think about is the cutting deck’s size. Some zero-turn mowers have cutting decks as large as 60 inches, while others have much narrower decks (34 inches).

How much grass can be mowed at once by your mower is not the only reason why the cutting deck size matters. Also, here is how you find out if a zero-turn mower would work on your lawn. With a 54- or 60-inch cutting deck, mowing your lawn may be a snap.

A machine of that size, however, won’t be able to pass through most garden gates and could even be too big for the doors of a shed. Unless your garage has extra-wide doors or you don’t need to manoeuvre the tractor via a gate, a smaller cutting deck may be preferable.

· Height

The cutting height is another factor to think about while looking for a zero-turn mower. The height of the cut varies depending on the type of grass. On the other hand, you might not want someone to come in and trim your overgrown grass. When first learning to cut, it’s best to start at a higher height and become lower as you progress. Having the blades’ height easily adjustable across a wide range is preferable to having just a few pre-set positions.

· Comfort

Comfort is another consideration while looking for a mower. Comfort features like high-back seats and ergonomically placed handles aren’t skimped on by many zero-turn mower manufacturers. Mowing the lawn may be less of a priority if doing so results in cramping or back pain.

How to Use a Zero-Turn Mower

When it comes to using a zero-turn mower, there is a slight learning curve involved in the process. If this is your first time buying or using one, you should probably practise on some grass first.

To begin, a zero-turn mower’s brakes function differently than those of a conventional mower. Rather, you may halt the mower’s forward motion by bringing the handlebars together and locking them in that position. When you push the mower’s handles in front of you, it will advance. You go backward by pulling the grips in the back.

Many zero-turn mowers don’t come with steering wheels, so you’ll have to use the handles to manoeuvre the vehicle. To make a right turn, thrust the left handle forward. To make a left turn, use the handle on your right.

Start off gently and work up to full speed as you become used to using your zero-turn mower. Going across your lawn a few times without turning on the blades is also a good idea.

Let’s find out more about the many Gravely zero-turn mowers that you can purchase.

200-Series Professional Turn

There is no task too big or too tough for the Gravely Pro-Turn 200 Series mower. In addition to the 7-gauge X-Factor deck, the 200 Series is equipped with a complete suspension seating system as standard equipment.

Pro-Turn 400 Series

The Pro-Turn 400 Series provides reliable performance around the clock. This Gravely has a durable construction, responsive controls, and a comfortable ride to provide years of reliable service.

Pro-Turn 600 Series

The Gravely Pro-Turn 600 Series is the newest and finest addition to their line of commercial zero-turn lawnmowers, and it will more than meet your high standards. Take pleasure in the streamlined performance and refined focus on user convenience. The X-Factor III Deck is built out of 7-gauge steel and has been updated to better disperse grass. The Kawasaki FX1000 engine included in the 600 Series generates 35–38.5 horsepower.

Spin-Turn ZT X Series

The Gravely ZT X Series zero-turn mowers live up to the brand’s reputation for excellence in cutting. Whether you need a mower with a 42-inch or 52-inch deck, the ZT X Series has you covered.

Series Zero Turn HD

When it comes to strength and reliability, the ZT HD Series mowers are built to last and deliver, allowing you to get more mowing done. Find out how the ZT HD Series easily surpasses your expectations for a mower in terms of ease of use, productivity, and good looks. ZT HD Series mowers come with deck widths ranging from 44 inches to 60 inches, so you can pick the one that works best for your lawn.

Professional Turning Gear EV Series

Find out more about the new Gravely Pro-Turn EV Series electric commercial zero-turn mower, which can provide power and performance for your property or business all day long. These are durable. The EV 60 model, which has a 60-inch deck and 11 mph forward ground speed, can mow up to 6.1 acres in 60 minutes. Your staff can work continuously for a whole day if you invest in FusionCore QuikSwap batteries, the first interchangeable lithium-ion battery solution in the industry. You may rest easy knowing that the innovative spindles are there to aid avoid motor damage and inadvertent run-ins with invisible barriers.

The Bottom Line

With its zero-turn design, the Gravely ZT Mower is ideal for home lawns. In terms of cutting deck width, you may choose between three options ranging from 34 to 50 inches. The 34-inch version works well for spaces up to 2.1 acres in size. This 50-inch model is suitable for yards up to three acres in size.

There are seven distinct height-of-cut options available on this mower. Using a foot-operated lift, the deck’s height may be readily adjusted to meet the requirements of your grass. The cutting deck’s height may be adjusted quickly and simply to suit the user’s preference for a snug or lose fit.

Although they are zero-turn mowers, Gravely ZTs can only reach a peak speed of 6 mph. The Gravely Compact Pro is a better option if you’re looking for a home mower with professional-grade capabilities.

The cutting deck of the Compact Pro is just 34 inches in width, making it narrow enough to squeeze through standard gates. It may travel as fast as 9 miles per hour. It also has a number of features designed to make your ride more pleasant, such as a padded seat and grips on the handlebars.

Like Gravely mowers, Ariens Zoom series mowers come with a choice of cutting widths between 34 and 50 inches. In case you are looking for a zero-turn mower for a smaller lawn, they are an option to consider.

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