How to Use Ironite for Lawns

If you want to take good care of your lawn, one aspect that you would consider when it comes to the overall health of your lawn is the color of it.

More often than lots, greener lawns will appear much healthier than a lawn that has a lighter green color or that is yellowing. There are various things that you can do to restore your lawn and keep it looking healthy.

In an ideal world, you would only need to provide your lawn with water and sunlight to keep it healthy and attractive, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, our lawns will need an extra boost of nutrients and supplements in order to reach their full potential, and this will require some extra care and attention. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at how to use ironite for lawns, and what it can be used for. Ironite is a popular iron supplement that will help to turn your grass a darker and deeper shade of green.

We are going to explain to you exactly what this product is, and how you can use it to create the best results with your lawn. 

What is Ironite?

As you may have already guessed from the name of the product, ironite is a nutrient supplement that is used for lawns that has a really high iron content.

Lots of people choose to use ironite on their lawns to keep it looking healthy. Over time, your lawn will become a deep and dark shade of green.

Iron is an essential ingredient when it comes to re-greening lawns, and it does so by helping with the process of photosynthesis.

The same can actually be said for lots of other plants, and using an iron supplement for things like rose bushes and vegetables will actually work to help the foliage turn to a healthier and darker color of green.

Ironite contains high levels of iron, but there are various different formulas of ironite that will be made up of different micronutrients.

Some of the extra nutrients that could be added include manganese, nitrogen, and potassium, and all of these things will provide additional benefits for your lawn. 

How to Use Ironite

The best thing to do if you want to use ironite as a form of lawn care to its full potential would be to distribute the product with a fertilizer.

You will need to do this anywhere between 4 and 10 times per year, depending on the current state of your lawn and how much work it needs.

You should also be aware that there are two different forms of ironite that you can get, which are liquid and granular.

We are going to provide you with some extra information about each of these options below, so you can choose the one that would work best for you.

Liquid Ironite

Liquid ironite is something that should be used with alkaline and sandy soil, and this is because loose soils are well known for allowing lawn amendments and treatments to quickly wash past the roots as soon as it starts to rain.

By using a liquid product, you are allowing the grass blades themselves to absorb the product at the same time.

Granular Ironite

The alternative option would be to spread granular ironite directly onto the soil. You would need to immediately water the area once you have applied the granules, as this will help them to adhere to the soil and get to work on improving your lawn.

This is the perfect product to use on normal lawns, and it even works really well for grass that is growing in clay soil. If you do choose to use granular ironite on your lawn, it can also be beneficial to mix it in with a granular slow release fertilizer that can also be used at the same time.

Applying Ironite for lawn

How Much Ironite Should I Use?

When you are using ironite, it is really important that you use the right amount and that you properly distribute it across your lawn. The right amount of ironite to use has always been 1 pound per square feet of grass.

However, you should know that they have recently changed up their formula, which means that it should now be applied at the rate of 1/3 pound per 100 square feet.

If you are using a measuring cup in order to measure the right amount of product to use, then you should know that ½ a cup is approximately the right amount to use.

This means that you could use 5 cups of ironite to be applied to 1000 square feet of your lawn.

There are various different tools that you can use to measure the size of your lawn, and you can then adjust the settings on your spreader in order to get a nice and even distribution of the product across your lawn. 

What Can Ironite Do For My Lawn?

Other than the things that we have already mentioned, due to the fact that ironite has such a unique formula and composition, it makes it one of the best options out there for lawn care and re-greening an established lawn.

We are going to talk about some of the main benefits that work to make ironite such a great product for homeowners that want to improve their lawn below.


Ironite is actually a versatile product that is not only great for helping to restore your lawn, but also for revitalizing flowers, trees, vegetables, shrubs, and more.

All of this means that ironite can be excellent for making your entire landscape healthier. All you need to do is distribute ironite on the soil and allow it to balance out the pH levels of your lawn and work to promote growth and general plant health.

Low Need for Water

As we have already mentioned, ironite is a product that has a very unique formula. One of the biggest benefits that comes from using this product is the fact that it does not require as much water to grow your grass and keep it green.

You will also be able to water less when you are using ironite on your lawn.

There are various other formulas that can be used on your lawn in different quantities, but often, many of these products will use too much nitrogen, which can end up burning your lawn and affecting your growth rate.

This is certainly not the case with ironite. Instead, each different part of this lawn supplement has solid ratios when it comes to the level of used nutrients. It will work really well and it is completely user friendly.

Various Soil Types

Ironite also works really well with various different types of soil. However, it is often recommended to use the liquid version of this product if your lawn has alkaline or sandy soil.

For other types of soil, you can go ahead and use the granular version of this product. Ironite is also great to use in any weather conditions, which is typically something that can influence the quality of your soil.

Interestingly, ironite can work to improve your soil quality by improving water penetration and minimizing a loss of soil.

No Burning

One of the most common benefits of ironite is that it will neither stain nor burn your grass. Although, with that being said, if you do use too much of this product, it can cause your grass to develop a gray-ish hue.

So, you should try to avoid using too much ironite and stick to the recommended amount. 

Potential Disadvantages of Using Ironite

There are not many reasons why you wouldn’t want to use ironite on your lawn as it is a high quality product that has been tried and tested.

It has also been created by one of the most trusted lawn care companies, which is Pennington. Although, there are some things to consider if they apply to you.

Firstly, you will need to be really careful if you have concrete walkways or a concrete driveway, and you might even want to consider using a different product entirely.

Ironite is something that can permanently stain concrete, which is why it is not recommended to use if you have concrete in your lawn.

Should I Use Ironite On My Lawn?

We have already mentioned all of the benefits of ironite, and if any of these things appeal to you, then you should definitely consider using ironite on your lawn.

If you are looking to improve the general appearance and health of your lawn, then this is a great product to try.

It also comes in both a liquid and granule formula, and you can choose the one that you think would work the best for you, depending one which type of soil you have in your lawn.

Lawn care requires a lot more than just some water and sun, and while there are various products available on the market, ironite is one of the best, and it comes from a reputable and trusted company.

Iron is also a natural product that will help to improve your lawn, rather than do more harm than good.

Ironite is a product that is very popular among homeowners, and this is mostly due to the fact that it is readily available locally, it is really easy to use, and it will not stain or burn your skin.

Although, you might want to consider an alternative product if you have any concrete pathways or a driveway amongst your lawn. Otherwise, ironite can stain your concrete over time.

Alternatives to Ironite

Something that some people choose to use instead of ironite is Dr. Iron, which is another iron supplement product that is very popular to use when it comes to lawn care.

It offers great value for money as you don’t need too much of it, it won’t stain your concrete, and it works just as well as ironite. 

The product itself is 22% iron, and if you are looking for an alternative to iron that will not stain your concrete, then we recommend that you try out this product.

It also works really well with Milorganite, and you can apply it around 4 times a year, depending on the state of your lawn.

Does Ironite Offer Good Value For Money?

Yes, ironite offers great value for money. If you are really interested in keeping on top of your lawn care and you want your lawn to be healthy and thriving, then you should definitely purchase this product.

As we have already mentioned, just sunlight and water will not promote the best lawn health, and it is worth making investments like this one if you want to see the best results.

One of the best things about ironite is that it is a natural product that will support a healthy lawn, simply by amending the soil instead of introducing synthetic products that only feed the grass.

It will not only make your lawn look great, but it also makes vast improvements within the soil.

You will no longer have to deal with brown or yellowing grass, and can enjoy all the benefits of this product at a reasonable cost.

All in all, ironite offers excellent value for money when you consider all of the benefits that it has to offer. Although, this might not be the case if you have concrete on your lawn too.

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