15 Plants That Will Repel (Or Kill) Spiders in Your Garden

#1 Peppermint

Peppermint is one of the best choices for keeping spiders away from your garden. If you didn’t know, spiders are very sensitive to scent, which is how they detect friends and foes. As it happens, a peppermint plant produces intense scents that can penetrate through a considerable area. This widespread scent should be an efficient motivation for spiders to stay away. In short, plants in your indoor/outdoor garden will be free from the potential damages a spider could inflict. However, it would be best to keep in mind that peppermint is an aggressive plant in many ways. So, you have to re-pot the plant if you think the growth is out of control.

#2 Lavender

You do not have to think about repelling or killing spiders to keep a lavender plant in your garden. But, as you do know, this perennial plant is a definite value addition to outdoor gardens. As it happens, the attractive scent from the plant is powerful enough to keep spiders away as well. Here is the problem with lavender, though. Growing the plant indoors is not as easy as keeping it in an outdoor garden. Even if you are growing it outside and using it as the sole spider-repellent element, you should keep the plant in check all the time. The plant may face stunted growth during the winter season when it does not get enough sunlight.


#3 Basil

Most varieties of basil plants are great at repelling spiders. Once again, you do not harm the spiders in any way. But the spreading smell from the basil plant will keep a distance between spiders and your garden. The good thing about basil is that it can survive in different living conditions, including indoor and outdoor ones. Of course, you have to ensure that the plant gets direct sunlight for a good 4 or 5 hours every day. You may have to add something to the package if the environment becomes very cold. If we keep these apart, basil plants will do a great job of keeping your garden spider-free.

#4 Chrysanthemums

Looking at Chrysanthemums, you would never think of getting insects killed, right? But, as it happens, pyrethrins from these plants are common ingredients in natural pesticides. Therefore, keeping one of these plants in your garden can keep spiders far away. Here is the problem, though. Unlike other plants, you have to ensure that chrysanthemums are always flowering. Most of the scents are coming from the flowers and not the leaves. So, you would have to remove dead flowers so that newer ones can blossom. But, as long as you have a few flowers on the plant, a Chrysanthemum can effectively keep your garden free from spiders.

#5 Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is another plant you can use to keep spiders away from your indoor or outdoor garden. Thanks to its strong smell, the plant can also keep fruit flies away. You would not be surprised if other insects also stay away from your garden after you have planted Lemon Balm. Like peppermint, though, Lemon Balm is also very aggressive in the garden. Before you know it, the plant will dominate your garden. Therefore, while Lemon Balm is a good spider-fighter, you should always keep an eye on it. On the bright side, you will love the scent from the plant at all times.

#6 Citronella

Do you want to kill a few birds with one stone? In that case, you should keep Citronella in your garden. This seemingly simple plant can keep spiders and mosquitoes and other flying bugs away from the garden for an extended period. Citronella plants are dependent on light, and you will have to compensate using artificial light if the plant does not get enough sunlight. Apart from this, taking care of Citronella in your indoor garden should be an easy task. As you may already know, the scent from Citronella can be extreme in most cases. If you are uncomfortable with that smell spreading across your garden, you may want to stay away from Citronella.

#7 Rosemary

Rosemary is another plant that can take over your garden with its smell. As a coincidence, not many spiders are comfortable living near the smell. So, if you can place some rosemary plants in your garden, it should do an excellent job of keeping spiders on their toes. It would be best to keep in mind that rosemary plants are very easy to take care of. You can grow them in almost any type of container, including outdoor or indoor ones. So, even if you want to keep spiders away from your tiny kitchen garden, rosemary would be the right fit for most people.

zone 8 onions

#8 Onions

Onions are perfect when it comes to warding off spiders. Once again, we have to thank the smell of the plant and its components for the said effect on spiders. In particular, onions are great at keeping red spiders away from your garden. Red spiders are more problematic than regular spiders because they loot resources from different plants in your garden. Therefore, placing a few onion plants in the garden can effectively keep Red spiders far away. As you probably know, taking care of onions is not a big deal and can be done by amateur gardeners and professionals alike. The plants do not require much attention either.

#9 Citrus Fruit

You would have at least one person in your family who loves citrus fruits. Will it not be great if a citrus fruit can also keep spiders and other insects away from the garden? In short, different citrus fruits will do an exceptional job of warding off any insect that is sensitive to scent. Fortunately, the list includes spiders, and your garden can be spider-free even before the first citrus fruit blooms. If you have an indoor garden, the unique smell of citrus fruits can also fill your kitchen or hall. Lemon would be the top option, but you can also try oranges.

#10 Marigold

Like Chrysanthemums, Marigold flowers also do not seem threatening to most people. However, these plants are exceptionally good at keeping away a variety of nuisances like spiders, mosquitoes, and lice. More importantly, Marigold plants can add so much charm and aesthetic look to your garden. You can even grow them around your house if you would like to create a layer of protection from spiders and other insects. In short, Marigold is the easiest-to-set-up spider-repellent plant you can get today. Even if you do not have the plant with you, procuring it would be easy.

#11 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is another plant that you can bring into your garden as a tool against spiders. The problem with Eucalyptus is that they are not small plants. Instead, they become fully-grown trees that take up a lot of space. It means you cannot have this plant in an indoor setup all the time. So, you are left with two options. First, you can find a place where you would not mind having a Eucalyptus tree. The other option is to find a dwarf variety of the tree, which is common. Regardless of the size, the Eucalyptus tree will maintain the rich scent, keeping spiders away.

#12 Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is another plant you can depend on when maintaining a distance between your garden and spiders. Like Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena is also on this list due to the smell. The smell doubles as an agent that repels other pests and bugs from the system. Unlike citrus trees, however, Lemon Verbena does not become very huge. Therefore, managing the plant in your garden would not be complicated even if you do not have much previous experience. On the bright side, Lemon Verbena plants will add a lot of greenry to your garden if it does not already have it.

#13 Catnip

Catnip is another plant that comes from the same family of mint and is noted for the extreme smells that it produces. Compared to some other plants on this list, catnip does not get bigger, meaning that you will have an easy time taking care of it. Because these plants can be potted in small containers, they are suitable for indoor gardens alike. Once again, we are focusing on the natural scent produced by the catnip plant for its spider-repelling abilities. However, if you have cats in the household, you may have to keep an eye on what the plant might do to their sanity!

#14 Lemon Thyme

Lemon Thyme is another alternative to the lemon-based plants we have listed so far. Once again, we have to appreciate the large amount of smell it creates and spreads across your garden. And you cannot go wrong with the choice.

#15 Osage Orange

Osage Orange is another plant that can effectively repel spiders. These plants are also known as hedge apple trees and are known for producing an oily substance. Because this substance has a smell that resembles citrus fruits, spiders tend to stay away from them.





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