The Best Outdoor Group Games

Outdoor Games for Groups

We all crave and look forward to sunshine, fresh air, and good company. Enjoying the great outdoors with your loved ones is a special indulgence and a good memory waiting to be made. Whether a day trip to the beach with your friends or a family barbeque that lasts all night, outdoor games are forever a great way to bond with your loved ones.

We have made quite an exciting list of outdoor games you can play with your friends and family to up the ante at your next event. From Speedminton (badminton’s fast-flying, durable sibling) to a giant Jenga game, these competitions will have your family and friends laughing with excitement and eagerness.

Net games:

Net games like badminton and volleyball are famous all around the world. You don’t necessarily require an extensive field or net to play with; you only need a couple of volleyballs, a racket, and a birdie.

When you have yards of sand or an expansive grass field for an outdoor game, put up a portable net for a spontaneous volleyball game. If you don’t like to serve and bump with your hands, badminton offers a similar experience with a birdie and a lightweight racket.


You can think of Speedminton as badminton’s faster, more sturdy, and weather-resilient sibling. You can enjoy badminton fun without worrying about the climate or wind. The Speedminton birdies (or Speeder, as they’re called) come in three different types; Night, Fun, and Match. Speedminton’s Speeder is made of solid plastic, making them super-fast. You can play in nearly all circumstances, and easy enough for kids and adults of all ages. The Speedminton set is exciting and fun for everyone to enjoy.

A flying disc game:

This game will test your teamwork, so be sure to be on your best behavior! The idea is straightforward. Make a team of two with your friend or family member, and use the flying disc to knock out the other team’s bottle or target. Catch the flying disc and falling target; you’ve saved your team from losing a point. This game is suitable for playing on the grass or the sand. It’s also called Bottle Bash. The name itself makes the people eager to play. The game is easy to learn, super fun, and great for testing your cooperation and coordination skills!

A ladder ball set that won’t move:

We don’t know why, but hurling and flinging things is fun. And tossing things onto other things is even more amusing. The ladder ball game makes a statement with its extraordinary height and build and is great for any party. The kit comes with everything you need, from setup to carrying, and is made from heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride, ensuring that the structure is strong and won’t dislodge.


Kubb is a Viking-inspired game that’s super easy to learn, is extremely fun, and encourages team building. A hybrid of bowling and horseshoe, Kubb’s rules can be altered to create games lasting from 10 minutes to over an hour. As your skills improve, precision and strategy will be your friends, and the competition is on!

Lawn darts:

Darts are an amusing game that has almost no barrier to entry. But make them sturdy, outdoors, and glow-in-the-dark? We’re sold. A fun game for all ages, Lawn Darts, are great for any party or event and perfect for any group, no matter the number of people. The rules depend on you!

Outdoor board games like giant Jenga:

These giant-sized versions of famous board games bring the fun from the lounge to the backyard. Some also make great conversation topics during outdoor parties.

If you’re bored of playing giant Jenga, you’re bored of life. The outdoor version of this classic game-night pastime is even more fun than the actual miniature version, requiring zero athletic skill so that anyone can play it easily. It does not matter how many people want to participate; giant Jenga is inclusive of everybody; you can play with two or ten people. The classic game of tumbling, block-stacking, and balancing, is nostalgic and simple. As with the indoor version of Jenga, an easy way to tailor the game is to write down questions on each block or designate questions for each block that urge conversation and competition. This makes it an excellent starter for groups of new friends.

A colossus version of Connect 4 that anyone can participate in:

Connect 4 is a classic game that’s exclusively recognizable and has been around for decades. But now, we can increase pressure and competition! With a giant Connect 4 set, you’ll be under pressure because all eyes will be on you and your rival, which makes it all the more fun. The supersized Connect 4 kit is large enough even to invite audience participation. Giant Connect 4 is another way to take your living room outside, as with the giant Jenga. This classy-looking king-sized wooden version of your favorite game will last as long as you want and is surprisingly easy to carry from one place to another, even with the included nylon carry box. It makes for an excellent choice for families and parents wanting to spend outdoor time with the young. And we’re sure everyone already knows how to play this classic. But in case you don’t, it’s effortless and addicting. You insert the black or red chips with the ultimate goal of connecting four of your colored chips in a sequence before your opponent does to win.

The set of giant dice:

Do you know how whenever you play with dice, you always seem to lose them? Well, that’s not going to be the case with these dice. The giant wooden dice set is fantastic and so satisfying to play with at any age. Who wouldn’t get excited and ecstatic to play with giant wooden dice? It is also a remarkable set to have at any lawn party. The set comes with six colossal dice pieces, laminated scorecards, a folding carrying bucket with a lid, and instructions that teach you around 20 dice games. So choose your game and start battling!

A football training set that can double as a game:

A bit progressive but endlessly enjoyable, the throwing net was initially made for football training sessions. But you can use the numbers on the marks as points and play in teams or solo to test your skill and accuracy. This net has a fast setup and breakdown feature, which makes it easy to appear at any outdoor party or event. And the feeling of flinging the football directly in the pocket is so satisfying.


This is an easy outdoor game to learn and set up. If you ever get tired of volleyball, give Spikeball a try, specifically on beach trips. Instead of smacking a ball over the net, the Spikeball game revolves around you bouncing a ball into a small netted trampoline.

Classic cornhole:

Cornhole is a classic open-air game that only requires bean bags to toss and a board. You play to test your aim and try to get the bean bags on the board. It is a fun activity to bring to a tailgate or the beach. If you’re taking public transport or walking to the park, here’s a lightweight folding fabric cornhole set that you can easily carry. The setup takes only about a minute, and both boards conveniently fit into the same carry case, which weighs around ten pounds. The plastic-and-fabric boards are more durable for use on the seaside.

Tossing games:

Tossing games seem pretty basic, but they’re exciting, usually travel-friendly, and small to store in a backpack or reusable bag.


Croquet is one of the best games to pass the time at a party or a barbecue. There are endless ways to end posts and arrange wickets to make a game more challenging or easier. People have loved this quintessential lawn game for decades and still do. The main goal is to hit your designated balls through a course of rings arranged in the way you have designed, scoring points as the game goes as you hit the balls through the hoops in the correct order.

Mini golf or PutterBall:

If you want the mini-golf experience in the coziness of your home or backyard, PutterBall is the game for you. The two putters, felt-lined mat, six turf hole covers, and four golf balls make it an easy-to-set-up game that’s also transportable to bring to a nearby park or a friend’s backyard.


A horseshoe set is a favorite game on the beach or grassy area. Additionally, a set of horseshoes is portable for traveling and easy to carry around in a case.


KanJam is a fun Frisbee game to bring to the beach and play with your family or friends on the sand. Simply gather a team and get the Frisbee into the cans. The more times you get the Frisbee in, the more points you’ll win. Soon everyone will want to join in on the fun.


Bocce is one of the more team-focused and engaging outdoor games. It’s not as frequently played as some of the other games we have listed in this article, but it is addicting and fun, and once you get started, all you will want to do is play it every day.

Capture the Flag:

Capture the flag is an entertaining game you probably haven’t played since your school days, but it’s a football-like, low-impact activity you can play with adults and kids.


You might have played this game on cruise ships, but you can also play it on a driveway. All you need are sidewalk chalk, two cue sticks, and pucks. You can consider it as outdoor hockey but with a loop.

Flying disc or Frisbee:

The flying disc, better known as a Frisbee, is an excellent toy for tossing around with your friends or playing a game of catch with your dog.

Outdoor bowling:

Strikes and spares aren’t only confined to bowling areas. You can bring an outdoor bowling set for your next backyard party. These sets are also typically built from weather-resilient materials, so they’ll last for summer and spring.


Hopscotch is fun to play, especially with kids. You can get a hopscotch ring set that lets you set up a game anywhere.

Yard pong:

Yard pong is also known as bucket ball. The game comes with three balls of various weights for pros and beginners alike. It’s like a family-appropriate version of beer pong. You can also reuse the buckets to build sandcastles when you visit the beach.

Potato sack races:

You can take a ride back in time to your summer camp and order some potato sacks for racing with your friends and family outdoors. Expect never-ending laughs and stumbles with this simple activity.

Street Racket:

If you didn’t grow up refining your tennis serve, it could be hard to get a match going. The solution that we present to you is Street Racket. It’s a paddle game played with an oversized bouncing ball that reduces the need for constant striking. The rectangular playing field is divided into three squares. The players stand in the two outer squares and compete over the middle one, which functions as a net. You score a point when your rival either misses your square or cannot return your volley from within their square. The sport is surprisingly fun and fast-paced. 

Paddle racket game:

A time-tested game that’s like playing tennis on the beach. It’s transportable and compact enough to put in your beach bag. This lightweight game doesn’t need a net, making it perfect for trips to the beach, and it can include as many players as you have rackets for. Gameplay can be as easy as hitting the ball to and fro, making it educational for kids to develop hand-eye management. You can add a scoring system where teams or players get points for each hit, restarting the game every time the ball hits the sand. You and your family can enjoy spirited and friendly competitions. Just try not to send the balls sailing at neighboring beachgoers.

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