The Gravely Zero Turn Price List 2022

Many new users are unaware that Gravely Mowers are commonly used in professional landscaping. Choosing the appropriate mower for your lawn maintenance needs is not as simple as it may appear, given the wide variety of products available.

We have compiled a Gravely Mowers price list 2022 to assist you in narrowing down your options and finding the best deal.

Advantages of Gravely Lawnmowers

As technology advancements bring battery-powered and electric lawnmowers to market, many landscapers debate the efficacy of electric lawnmowers and if it’s time to abandon gas lawnmowers.

  • Environmental Friendly

Electric zero-turn mowers do not pollute the environment. They are completely battery-powered and lack a gasoline engine. Without a single drop of fuel, an electric zero-turn mower releases no hazardous substances, produces no exhaust, and pollutes the environment.

  • Mower Engines Do Not Require Oil Changes

Electric motors and internal combustion engines are fundamentally distinct. Internal combustion engines (ICEs) are the engines that power our cars, power tools, and other devices by combusting gasoline or diesel. Several moving components in these engines are lubricated with oil to ensure their longevity and function. After a given usage period, oil degrades, loses effectiveness, and must be changed, necessitating an expenditure on labour and new parts. Engine oil changes on the Gravely Pro-Turn EV will never cause downtime or cost money.

  • No Spark Plugs

Since they do not require spark plugs, electric lawnmowers offer steady and constant power. This eliminates the need to examine, replace, or re-gap spark plugs, saving time and money. A fouled spark plug (one coated in gasoline, oil, or another pollutant) can impede ignition in a gasoline engine. If a spark plug fails to ignite, causing a loss of power, the engine may not start or misfire. An electric mower will provide continuous power if the batteries are charged.

  • No Air Filter is Present

Electric motors lack an intake system for air. That means no more testing, cleaning, or replacement of air filters. No matter how dirty or dusty the atmosphere is, the health and dependability of an electric lawn mower will never be compromised.

  • Transaxles Are Not Present

Instead of conventional commercial lawnmower transaxles, the Gravely Pro-Turn EV employs innovative wheel-drive motors. The Pro-Turn EV’s electric wheel motors will not require a gearbox oil change for the first 250 hours of operation and then every 500 hours afterward. In contrast, conventional transaxles require an oil change after the first 75 hours of operation and then every 400 hours after that.

  • Lawnmowers Cut Grass Very Well

Exhaust and pollutants are as harmful to plants, trees, and grass as to humans. Even though trees, grass, and plants absorb CO2 and emit oxygen, there is a common misconception that they like exhaust. The exhaust contains poisonous chemicals, soot, and pollutants that are just as damaging to your plants and grass as to your lungs. Using electric riding lawnmowers benefits both you and your customers.

  • Decreased Operating Expenses

Costs that would have been incurred for upkeep alone:

  • Belts
  • Oil
  • Oil filtration systems
  • Air purifiers
  • Gasoline stabilizer are refunded to Pro-Turn EV operators’ pockets

Owners also avoid paying indirect maintenance costs. Electric mowers save you time and money by eliminating the need to purchase parts, pick them up from a dealership, send them to your home, and pay for service or installation. The most important aspect is that you do not pay for fuel. It’s no secret that an electric mower, such as the Pro-Turn EV, is more expensive to purchase than a gas mower, but when you consider the lifetime value of your fleet’s equipment, the battery-powered device proves its worth and pays for itself. For some operators, switching to an electric commercial lawn mower might pay for itself in as little as two years due to eliminating fuel costs, most maintenance costs, and time and labour savings. After the first two years as a company owner/operator, every dollar saved on gasoline and maintenance is money back in your pocket.

  • Lawnmowers Produce Less Noise

A gas-powered lawn mower is significantly noisier than an electric one. When the blades of the Pro-Turn EV are engaged, the decibel level is comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner. The noise level is comparable to that of a metro train and a gasoline lawnmower. Not only are quieter lawnmowers healthier for the operator’s hearing, but they may also be utilized in noise-restricted areas such as schools, nursing homes, and hospitals.

  • Comfort

The ride on the Pro-Turn EV mower is already more comfortable than on a gas-powered mower due to the absence of engine disturbance and a belts swiftly wrapping around spindle pulleys. It includes the same comfort features as other Gravely commercial lawnmowers, including adjustable steering levers and a suspension seat.

What Kinds Of Lawnmowers Does Gravely Provide?

Gravely has over a century of experience in the business and offers everything a homeowner might desire, including electric, zero-turn, stand-on, walk-behind, and job-site vehicles, in addition to a selection of mower components.

  • Mowers for Lawns

Gravely stand-on and walk-behind mowers are renowned for their durability and precision. The high-quality structure of these options is designed to withstand severe weather and meet seasonal mowing needs.

  • Wheeled Lawn Mowers

If you look around, you’ll notice that this company sells electric and gasoline-riding lawn mowers. Most experts favour the electric alternative because of its quiet yet robust operation.

Both electric and gas-powered mowers have a zero-degree turning radius. In contrast, fuel-powered machines are not limited to batteries and are permitted to carry at least 5 gallons of fuel for each cutting session.

  • Lawn Mower Attachments

Another outstanding feature of Gravely is that you do not need to go for a replacement part for your mower. A list of available blades and lawnmower attachments will be displayed if you input the equipment’s model and serial number on the manufacturer’s website.

  • Gravely Mowers Lineup

Compact Pro

Gravely manufactures the Compact Pro line of diminutive zero-turn lawnmowers. Despite their small size, many lawn care experts are certain that these devices can access tighter areas than bigger versions.

Zero-Turn Engine Riding Mowers

Compact-Pro 991144 ($7866)

Compact-Pro 991145 ($8540)

Pro-QXT Tractor

Complex lawns need the use of flexible walk-behind mowers like the Pro-QXT Tractor. This equipment’s quick-attach system enables its users to quickly transition from snow blowers to power brushes.

Wheeled Lawn Mowers

Tractor Pro-QXT 985911 ($7830)

  • Pro-Turn 100

This line of Gravely mowers comprises models with engines ranging from 22 to 26 horsepower and deck widths ranging from 48 to 60 inches. In addition, these mowers are powered by engines from a range of recognized manufacturers, including Kohler, Kawasaki, and Yamaha.

Riding Mowers that Run on Gas

Pro-Turn 100 991133 ($10363)

Pro-Turn 100 991130 ($10640)

Pro-Turn 100 991132 ($10063)

Pro-Turn 100 991129 ($10,603)

Pro-Turn 100 991128 ($10368)

  • Pro-Turn 200

In addition to being more expensive, Pro-Turn 200 mowers have more potent engines. With horsepower between 27 and 31 HP, these mowers can handle demanding mowing tasks for lengthy periods.

Zero-Turn Engine Riding Mowers

Pro-Turn 200 992268 ($12796)

Pro-Turn 200 992269 ($1,319)

Pro-Turn 200 992298 ($13243)

Pro-Turn 200 992267 ($11902)

Pro-Turn 200 992270 ($1,398)

  • Pro-Turn 400

Depending on the model, the engines of lawnmowers in this category may provide up to 35 horsepower, although having the same deck diameters as earlier versions.

Riding Mowers that Run on Gas

Pro-Turn 400 992273 ($12,907)

Pro-Turn 400 992275 ($1,4520)

Pro-Turn 400 992278 ($14537)

Pro-Turn 400 992276 ($14742)

Pro-Turn 400 992 227 ($1555)

The Pro-Turn 600

If you want greater comfort and control in a zero-turn mower, the Pro-Turn 600 is a fantastic option to explore. These durable motorcycles include Kawasaki engines ranging from 27 to 38.5 horsepower and sturdy suspension.

Zero-Turn Engine Riding Mowers

Pro-Turn 600 992500 ($14316)

Pro-Turn 600 992501 ($1,5860)

Pro-Turn 600 992503 ($16474)

Pro-Turn 600 992502 ($16142)

Pro-Turn 600 992504 ($16695)

  • Pro-Turn EV

With the Pro-Turn EV Options, Gravely Mowers, like any other manufacturer, offered environmentally friendly lawn care options to its consumers. Users should anticipate paying more for these mowers due to their silent operation and long-lasting batteries.

Riding Mowers with Zero-Turn Capability

Pro-Turn EV 997008 ($32340)

Pro-Turn EV 997005 ($32340)

Proposition 997009 ($3256)

Pro-Turn Electric 997006 ($3256)

Pro-Turn EV 997010 ($32632)

Pro-Turn 997007 ($32632)

  • Pro-Turn Mach One

Mach One is a mower option designed to cut large quantities of overgrown grass. To maintain high-speed and high-quality cuts, continuous belt tensions are also utilized.

Riding Mowers that Run on Gas

Pro-Turn Mach One 992297 ($14160)

  • Pro-Turn Z

According to MANY specialists, Gravely also provides a low-cost zero-turn product line called Pro-Turn Z that features commercial-grade components and engine choices with up to 26.5 horsepower.

Riding Mowers that Run on Gas

Pro-Turn 991280 ($7,889)

Pro-Turn 991256 ($7227)

Pro-Turn 991282 ($8018)

991258 Pro-Turn ($7340)

Pro-Turn 991284 ($8131)

  • Pro-Walk Drive Gear

The Pro-Walk Gear Drive option is a low-cost alternative to consider. These lawnmowers require less maintenance and operate effectively despite being less expensive.

Gasoline-powered Lawn Mower

Pro-Walk Gear 988150 ($4,068)

Pro-Walk Gear 988151 ($4406)

Pro-Walk Gear 988152 ($4,632)

  • Pro-Walk Hydro

The Pro-Walk Hydro is, an excellent option for commercial mowing novices. Why? Because these devices’ hydraulic levers are easy to move and manipulate.

Rear Wheeled Lawn Mower

Pro-Walk Hydro 988184 ($7201)

Pro-Walk Hydro 988185 ($8101)

Pro-Walk Hydro 988186 ($8439)

Pro-Walk Hydro 988187 ($9339)

  • ZT HD

With the introduction of the ZT HD model series, Gravely Mowers embraced affordability. Despite having less horsepower than the Pro-Turn 600 and EV, these mowers are the most popular in their category due to their appropriate horsepower and deck sizes.

Zero-Turn Engine Riding Mowers

ZT HD 991266 ($6731)

ZT HD 991268 ($6988)

ZT HD 991274 ($6763)

ZT HD 991270 ($7101)

ZT HD 991276 ($6876)

ZT HD 991272 ($7214)

ZT HD 991278 ($6988)

  • ZT X

The ZT X line of lawnmowers is ideal for homeowners with limited budgets and storage space that need commercial-grade lawnmowers. The manufacturers of these engines include Kawasaki and Kohler.

Zero-Turn Engine Riding Mowers

ZT X 915255 ($4486)

ZT X 915276 ($4602)

ZT X 915257 ($4717)

ZT X 915280 ($5115)

ZTX 915256 ($4602)

  • ZT XL

Despite not being categorized as commercial mowers, ZT XL models have heavy-duty capabilities that deliver professional-grade cuts and enduring durability. It is also constructed to withstand lengthy mowing sessions without exhausting the operator.

Zero-Turn Engine Riding Mowers

ZT XL 915262 ($5368)

ZT XL 915261 ($5597)

ZT XL 915263 ($5712)

ZT XL 915258 ($5597)

ZT XL 915264 ($5940)

The Top Three Gravely Mowers Currently Available and Their Prices

  • Gravely Zero-turn Mower ZT HD 52

This can traverse tough terrain because of the comfortable seat separation that reduces vibration during cutting operations. It also features a 10-gauge steel deck, which provides ventilation and industrial durability. It also has a large deck capable of cutting expansive areas.

Retail Price: $7,101

  • FR691V Gravely ZT x 52

Most specialists recommend this device for novices due to its straight pins and levers. If you look closely, you’ll discover that it has a completely welded steel frame, which means it’s durable enough to manage your seasonal lawn care demands. This model is also less expensive than other alternatives.

Retail Price: $5,115

  • Gravely Zero-Turn Mower

This ZT HD machine was occasionally misidentified as a commercial mower, which is not surprising given its commercial deck construction with 10-gauge steel that can withstand challenging mowing conditions. This $7,214 model particularly impressed us with its tubular frame, which provides excellent stability when driving on slopes.

Retail Price: $7,214.

How Much Should I Pay For A Gravely Lawnmower, Taking Other Considerations Into Account?

  • Dimensions and Condition of the Lawn

Determine whether your mower can handle the size and condition of your grass if you wish to accomplish the task as quickly as feasible. Riding mowers should be utilized for fields greater than 12 acres instead of walk-behind mowers. Zero-turns are your best choice while manoeuvring through yard decorations.

  • Budget

The vast majority of commercial-grade Gravely mowers are not inexpensive. However, they provide inexpensive product lines such as the ZT X, ZT XL, and ZT HD.

  • Utilize Frequency

Since no two lawns are identical, some will require more frequent mowing than others. You may thus desire to investigate zero-turn mowers, which require less maintenance.

Where Can I Find Zero-Turn Gravely Mowers in My Area?

Suppose you don’t have time to hunt for a shop that offers Gravely Mowers. In that case, we suggest visiting the brand’s website, which includes a part where you can search for a certain brand and pick a dealer, enabling you to quickly find Gravely Mowers price and a list of local businesses.


Gravely Mowers alternatives are a good investment if you are engaged in commercial mowing and demanding lawn maintenance. Although it looks more costly than other brands, according to the experts, these mowers are designed to resist harsh circumstances and last longer than less expensive models.

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