10 Best Succulent Pots And Succulent Planters

Great succulent pots are a terrific way to display cute tiny plants! However, putting your succulents in an ugly planter can mess up your interior decoration.

Also, having jarring pots that aren’t perfectly even in your home can create an unsettling place that you don’t want to return home to.

There is a solution to these design problems, though; putting your succulents in gorgeous value for money pots that work well in any room.

But, there are so many plant holders out there that searching for the right ones can be overwhelming.

So, to make sure your succulent pot shopping mission is successful, we’ve put together a handy list of the best planters. And, as an extra bonus, we’ve included our helpful buyer’s guide for purchasing these adorable items.

We’ve also got a helpful FAQ section at the end to clear up any questions you may have.

The great thing about succulent planters is that they don’t just have to be used for succulents! Air plants and cacti work well in these holders because both love shallow soil with excellent drainage.

To find some cozy homes for your beloved succulents, read on, and we’ll grow your knowledge!

Quick Comparison: Top Picks For Succulent Pots and Succulent Planters

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ZOUTOG White Mini 3.15 Inch

ZOUTOG White Mini 3.15 InchZOUTOG White Mini 3.15 Inch
How gorgeous are these highly giftable white pots? These planters are 2 inches high and 3 inches across the inside, 1 ⅞ inch tall, and 2 ¾ on the inside.

These dimensions let you easily fit the pots on windowsills so that your tiny plants can soak up the sun. It also means that there is enough space for new root growths inside.

The plant holders are glazed inside and out, so your leafy companions can quickly soak up the water.

In addition, they have a drainage hole each, which means your succulents won’t die on you due to being flooded.

And, the super cute bamboo tray is in proportion to the pot, meaning it will fit into any room while collecting excess water.

They are created without warping, cracks, or discoloration! So, you could comfortably give them as party favors or put them as centerpieces at a wedding.

In addition, the ceramic pots are sturdy and packaged very well so that you won’t have to worry about them rolling around in transit and getting broken.


  • Bamboo tray – Allowing you to let your succulents properly drain without spilling water.
  • Evenly glazed internally and externally – Meaning they’ll look super cute on a windowsill, as party favors, or make gorgeous gifts.
  • Drainage hole – So that you don’t flood your plants.
  • Value for money – Ideal for those on a budget.
  • Packaged very well – Stopping your precious pots from getting damaged on the way to you.


  • Not the highest quality – Meaning you will have to take care not to knock them.

AIMEBBY Face Flower Pot Head

AIMEBBY Face Flower Pot HeadAIMEBBY Face Flower Pot Head
If you’re looking for a peaceful-looking planter that you’ll probably get loads of compliments on, this one’s for you!

This face pot mellows us just to look at her and is a lovely touch to add to your home. This pot is so darling that it’s super giftable and would make a beautiful Mother’s Day present.

It’s 3 ¼ inches long, 2 inches wide, and 4 inches deep, comfortably fitting little succulents. There’s a drainage hole in the bottom to help dry out a plant when you need it.

It’s also a nice size for putting in a string of pearl plants that would make a face look like it has luscious hair.

This feminine holder is resin, meaning it’s lightweight, sturdy, and easy to move about. You can even use it as a vase for displaying anything from dried flowers to driftwood to pretty feathers.

Importantly, it’s packaged well by the manufacturer to prevent the little pot from breaking while being delivered.


  • Charming design – Allowing you to proudly gift it to a loved one or display it in your home.
  • Drainage hole – Letting excess water flow away from the pot to keep it healthy.
  • Multipurpose – Meaning you can happily use it as a vase for dried flowers, feathers, or driftwood.
  • Lightweight – So you can quickly move it around the home if you’re changing up your interior decor.
  • 4 inches deep – A succulent will comfortably live in this planter; in particular, a string of pearls would suit the design.


  • Top Heavy – When it’s unfilled, it could be easily knocked over and broken. This can quickly be solved by putting a plant in it and displaying it away from surface edges.

ZOUTOG 6 inch Planter With Bamboo Tray

ZOUTOG 6 inch Planter with Bamboo TrayZOUTOG 6 inch Planter with Bamboo Tray
If you’re searching for an elegant planter that would look great displayed on a desk in an office, the ZOUTOG 6 inch will suit you.

This good-quality planter is 6.17 inches wide, 1.57 inches high, and 6.14 inches in diameter. This is the perfect size for using it as a table centerpiece.

The ceramic pot has a drainage hole with a handy bamboo drip tray, securely collecting excess water. However, as it’s a bit shallow, it will only hold relatively new succulents rather than mature ones.

It’s wrapped really well to save you from opening a shattered planter when it’s delivered. This means it would make a perfect giftable item for friends and family.

The neutral color scheme, minimal and classic aesthetic would also suit a wide range of people’s tastes!


  • 6.17 inches wide – The perfect size for displaying it on a table or office desk, without feeling like your planter is taking up too much space.
  • Drainage hole – Letting you look after your plant without killing it by overwatering.
  • Elegant bamboo drip tray – Allowing you to water your plant without making a mess in your home.
  • Packaged well – So you can comfortably await the product’s arrival without worrying about receiving broken pieces.


  • A little shallow – Meaning you won’t be able to plant mature succulents in it.

T4U Small Ceramic Succulent Pots with Drainage

T4U Small Ceramic Succulent Pots with DrainageT4U Small Ceramic Succulent Pots with Drainage
Looking for beautifully shiny planters with exciting textures? These tiny pots are for you!

Each pot in this set of six is between 2.36 and 2.56 inches wide and between 1.97 and 2.16 inches tall. This mini size means they’re ideal for displaying on windowsills away from cats’ curious paws!

The sturdy pots also have a drainage hole so that cacti don’t get disastrously swamped in water. Every planter is slightly unique, meaning your jazzy and colorful planter is one-of-a-kind!

The selection has good pattern and texture variety, so they complement one another without looking too matchy-matchy.

And, they’re very inexpensive, so ideal for those on a budget or as little stocking fillers.

The packagers make sure they’re carefully wrapped in layers of foam to prevent the ceramic from chipping in transit.

The natural colored glazes would also suit a bohemian interior, as they have a charming, eclectic charm.


  • Between 2.36 and 2.56 inches wide – Meaning you can comfortably display them on windowsills without worrying about cats coming along and knocking them off.
  • Very inexpensive – Allowing you to buy these adorable pots cheaply without breaking the bank!
  • Foam packaging – Letting you sit back and wait for the planters to arrive without worrying about getting a refund because they’ve come cracked.
  • Drainage hole – So you can put cacti in these without killing them because too much water has gathered at the bottom.
  • Colorful – The bohemian glazing would add interest and style to any home.


  • Small – Not ideal if you want to display mature succulents in them, as they probably won’t fit.

Brajttt 2.5 Inch Ceramic Planter Pot

Brajttt 2.5 Inch Ceramic Planter PotBrajttt 2.5 Inch Ceramic Planter Pot
If you’re searching for a planter set for showcasing baby plants, this Brajttt collection is a perfect option.

These little holders would be so fun in a kitchen window, and they have a handy hole in the bottom for drainage, too!

The drainage hole keeps any plants inside fresh and helps prevent gross mold from growing in the soil and damaging your greenery.

These good-quality pots have the advantage of being excellent value for money, so you can wrap them up and give them to loved ones.

Also, as the planters are small, they’re made for small housing succulents and easily fit 2-inch nursery plants.

The pots will require you to keep them on a tray or in a small pot to stop the excess water from messing up your home. This is because the drainage hole will filter water straight out the bottom.


  • Drainage hole – Preventing you from repotting plants due to damaging mold growing.
  • 2.5 inches – Letting you display them on small bare surfaces, making use of undecorated space in your home.
  • Pretty – Meaning you can proudly line them up on a window ledge, and they’ll complement one another. Ideal for bohemian homes to add cohesion to eclectic decor.


  • No tray included – So, you would have to place a container underneath the pots if you want to catch the excess water from the drainage hole. This can be quickly done and prevents dirty water from messing up your home.

3pcs Owl Succulent Pots With 3 Tier Bamboo Saucers Stand Holder

3pcs Owl Succulent Pots with 3 Tier Bamboo Saucers Stand Holder3pcs Owl Succulent Pots with 3 Tier Bamboo Saucers Stand Holder
Owl about these! How adorable are these perching owl planters to house your succulents?

This three-tier planter display is super giftable and value for money. The design is easy to assemble, so you can add height and interest to your decor, preventing your home from looking bland.

A hole at the bottom keeps the soil feeling fresh and allows water to trickle out quickly.

In addition, the planter doesn’t take up a lot of space because it’s vertical, making it perfect for setting up in a dorm room or on an office desk.

The ceramic pots are big enough to hold growing succulents and durable enough to survive being delivered.

The stand is made from gorgeous light-colored wood, complementing the crisp white pots.

If you already have a crowded kitchen or room full of plants and just can’t help yourself buying more, this planter is a fabulous option. As the base takes up little space, it utilizes unused vertical areas!

The wooden stand is easy to assemble, coming with all the screws you need to put it together. In addition, the kit comes with a screwdriver, perfect for anyone, even if they’ve never done any DIY projects.


  • Vertical stand – Allowing you to save space in crowded rooms and still display gorgeous succulents. The staggered height would also add interest to the plain decor.
  • Drainage hole – Letting you not worry about your succulents from getting root rot!
  • Assembly kit – Meaning you can quickly assemble the elegant wooden base even if you have no prior DIY knowledge. The handy screwdriver will help you tighten up fiddly screws.
  • Value for money – So it makes a great affordable addition to any dorm room.
  • Sturdy – So you won’t have to tiptoe around it in your home.


  • No tray to catch water – This means that to water the plants without making a mess, you will have to take them to a sink. Letting the excess water drain out before putting them back on the stand will prevent dirt from gathering on the wood.

COLOAPT 3.1 Inch Ceramic Planter

COLOAPT 3.1 Inch Ceramic PlanterCOLOAPT 3.1 Inch Ceramic Planter
The COLOAPT 3.1 Inch Ceramic Planter is a super vibrant option for pattern lovers!

The pots come with a handy drainage hole and tray so that you can safely water your plants. The tray will catch water, preventing you from finding a small pool underneath your pots.

You can easily plant herbs in these, which will look appropriate with these Mediterranean-inspired patterns.

The pots are 3 ⅛ inches in height and 3 1/16 inches on the outside, so they’ll fit on most windowsills without a problem.

Inside, they’re 3 inches in diameter, letting you re-pot baby plants and happily watch them grow.

The plant pots aren’t thin or flimsy, too. Instead, they’re sturdy enough to survive heavy winds outside. In addition, the seller wraps them perfectly to make sure your little planters are safe and secure en route.

If you’re a big fan of bohemian and vibrant decor, these pots’ jazzy mandala-like designs are right up your street.

The cheery orange colors will brighten your day, and the intricate repeating patterns will add interest to any plain home.


  • Drainage hole and tray – Collecting water, allowing you to keep the surface underneath them dirt-free.
  • Sturdy – Letting you confidently display them outside, even if you live in a super windy area.
  • Vibrant – Allowing you to brighten up your home, even if you live in a white-box rental.
  • 3 inches diameter inside – Fitting any baby plants or little succulents you want to display.
  • Ceramic – Making them easy for you to clean when repotting or dusting.


  • Small – It is not ideal for repotting more mature succulents in them, as they will quickly outgrow it.

11 Inch Long Rectangle White Succulent Planter

11 Inch Long Rectangle White Succulent Planter11 Inch Long Rectangle White Succulent Planter
This rectangular succulent planter will make an excellent window display if it’s filled with tiny plants! The elegant shape would make any flat window area look chic and fit Scandinavian aesthetic interiors.

The long rectangle has one hole that lets water drain into the removable wood saucer beneath for easy cleaning.

This pretty matte pot is ideal for succulents grown in dryer climates because it funnels any extra moisture.

This is an excellent value for money product, which will let you give it to loved ones without going over a modest budget! It can fit around 4 medium succulents or 5 small ones, ideal for avid plant collectors.

This planter would make an excellent place to grow wheatgrass if you have cats in your home.

Cats often love snacking on this grass, so it’s a lovely way to add life to your home while making your pawed companion happy.


  • Sleek design – Allowing you to comfortably add it to any minimalist, Scandinavian or mid-century modern style decor.
  • Drainage hole – Keeping warm climate-loving succulents nice and dry when they need it.
  • Removable tray – Perfect for letting water drain neatly into. And allowing you to clean any water and dirt that builds upon the bottom.
  • Value for money – Ideal for those on a budget and for an inexpensive yet elegant gift for loved ones.
  • Cat friendly – Meaning you can grow wheatgrass in it that your feline friends can enjoy snacking on.


  • Shallow – So, it’s not suitable for you to put mature succulents in it. Ideal for small plants, wheatgrass, and sprouting seeds.

T4U Hexagon Set Of 12 White Pots

T4U Hexagon Set of 12 White PotsT4U Hexagon Set of 12 White Pots
The T4U Hexagon set of 12 white pots is ideal for small plants, from air plants to larger succulents.

The super cute design would look lovely near a kitchen window, on the sill, or as a table’s centerpiece. They can fit a 2-inch wide succulent, too!

These geometric pots are of excellent quality, with drainage holes to ensure your succulents don’t get root rot.

And, they can be used for succulent propagation so that you can increase your plant collection as much as you want.

This saves you from spending money on other plants, and you can get more of the succulents you love.

The sender makes sure they’re well packaged, putting many layers of foam surrounding the pots. This ensures that your planters stay intact on the journey into your possession.

The perfectly fitting bamboo trays are beautifully resilient. So, you don’t have to be precious with these wood bases- ideal if you have children!

You can even buy just the trays if you want if you have other planters with drainage holes that cause a mess when you water the plants inside.


  • Bamboo trays – Meaning they can be knocked about and won’t be damaged. Ideal if you live in a home with energetic children!
  • Well packaged – The planters will arrive as fresh and crisp as when they leave the factory.
  • Hexagonal design – Allowing you to add classy and minimalist decor to your home. Perfect for those with a Scandinavian aesthetic interior.
  • Drainage holes – Letting your succulents thoroughly dry out so they won’t die on you.
  • Value for money – So you can happily decorate your home with these without worrying about how much you’re spending.


  • Small – Only suitable for small plants, including air plants, propagating succulents, and wheatgrass.

SE SUN-E Modern Style Marbling Pot

SE SUN-E Modern Style Marbling PotSE SUN-E Modern Style Marbling Pot
This marbled collection is lightweight and sturdy, making it highly giftable for family and friends.

In addition, the group is value for money because it gives you super cute medium-sized planters approximately 3.35 inches wide and 2.56 inches tall.

This means they’re small enough to fit on a windowsill without them looking ridiculously small.

The marbling design is fabulous if you’re going for a bohemian aesthetic, as it’s laidback and packed with character.

The planter’s funky design is another reason why it would make great presents for any plant-lover in your life. And, they’ll easily fit into any room’s design!

The SE SUN-E pot has a drainage hole in the bottom, which is brilliant for succulents and cacti.

The beautiful pots fit well in bathrooms because they have been decorated in a fluid style. The packaging is fantastic because it doesn’t let the pots roll around and break.

So, you can be confident that the items you see in the images will match what you receive.


  • Good packaging – Meaning you’ll receive what you buy, not ceramic shards.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Allowing you to put the planters quickly in any room without them looking jarring. And, you can give these as cute presents, too!
  • Good-sized draining hole – You can easily keep your succulents alive because the design helps prevent root rot.
  • Value for money – Letting you buy them guilt-free if you’re on a budget!


  • Not glazed on the inside – So if you want a super well-draining pot that doesn’t slightly absorb some water, this isn’t for you.

Buyer’s Guide

You might believe that buying a succulent pot or planter is an easy task. After all, even though there are plenty to choose from, all the pots hold succulents.

However, to ensure you buy the correct succulent planter to suit your individual needs, there are several things to consider.

Below, we’ll look at some key factors to think about when you begin your search. Spending a little extra time considering these points will make choosing a pot easier, saving you precious moments and effort in the long run.


The first thing that will help you whittle down your succulent pot search is working out what size you want.

It’s best to consider the size of succulents you are hoping to put into a new pot that you already own and if you wish to buy new plants as well as the planter.

If you have small succulents that are slow-growing, you don’t need to get a planter that’s bigger than approximately 3.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

This sized pot is ideal for tiny air plants and growing wheatgrass for cats to munch on.

Having a little pot lets you propagate succulents, too. Even if your original plants outgrow these planters, you can quickly grow more that will fill them.

So if you have a small space, already have an extensive collection of plants, or want to put succulents on a windowsill, these little planters are ideal.

However, it’s best to size up to make your succulents a centerpiece in a large table or more extensive feature in the room.

More mature succulents often require planters bigger than 3.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall to allow their roots to stretch.


It’s important to consider where you want the planter to go to decide its shape.

Pick a long rectangular pot is a brilliant option if you want a super cute windowsill feature. This planter will be thin enough to fit on a ledge, maximizing the amount of greenery you can have in this space.

On the other hand, picking a small singular pot is an excellent way to highlight the leaves if you have a round succulent.

Individually potting tiny plants lets you appreciate them, preventing them from getting lost in a larger container.


Your succulent pot doesn’t have to be all style and no function.

Having great drainage features take away many risks associated with root rot for succulents. But, finding planters with brilliant drainage without messing up a surface after watering can feel frustrating.

No one wants to see an adorable planter, only to find that it doesn’t come with a crucial style complementing tray!

Succulents and cacti love growing in porous and well-draining soils. Unfortunately, keeping succulents in pots without drainage holes dooms them to get the dreaded root rot.

Root rot causes your beautiful plants to slowly die due to sitting in overly soggy soil. No one wants that!

To prevent root rot and keep your home muddy water-free, buying a planter with a snugly fitting tray is a brilliant option. These trays work to collect excess moisture, allowing you to remove them and easily clean away residual dirt.

If you have a pot without a hole in the bottom and no means to drill one, there are ways to drain the soil.

For example, placing a layer of small rocks at the bottom of the pot before filling it with porous soil helps.

By putting in a rocky layer, you’re stopping the earth from touching the trickled down water, meaning it will dry out quicker.


If you’re wondering what the difference between terracotta and glazed ceramic is, look no further!

Glazed ceramic pots are often beautifully shiny, keeping moisture from the clay. This means that water will drain through the pot quicker than terracotta pots.

Terracotta pots absorb more water than smoothly glazed ceramic, meaning the plants inside need less watering.

Both styles are suitable for keeping succulents in. However, it’s essential to consider whether you tend to over or under-water your plants. If you water too much, buying glazed ceramic pots is the best option.

For those that under-water their succulents, the terracotta’s porousness will suit you.


For the style-conscious plant-lover, finding an aesthetically pleasing pot is fun. However, with so many trends out there, it can be tricky to figure out which planters will match your existing decor.

Firstly, deciphering your overarching design style is critical.

Most interior design trends are based on a few basic principles. For example, if your home has an eclectic, laid-back, and vibrant vibe, a bohemian, patterned succulent planter would fit well.

On the other hand, simple white pots with matching bamboo trays wouldn’t look out of place for those who have a sleek, neutral, and minimal interior.

If you like the traditional design, retro styles using handcrafted pottery fit into this category. Ultimately, what kind you choose for your succulent is down to personal preference!

Best Succulent Pots and Succulent Planters FAQs

Do Succulents Need Drainage?

Yes. Succulents love porous, well-draining soil. It’s great if they’re placed in a pot with a drainage hole and accompanying drip tray. Glazed ceramic planters are ideal for letting excess moisture run down.

If you don’t have a pot with a drainage hole, placing a layer of rocks in the bottom before the soil helps. This layer protects the earth from absorbing too much extra water that gathers at the bottom.

Allowing the succulents and soil to sit in water for too long causes root rot which often leads to the plants dying.

It’s best to research how much your succulent or plant needs watering and follow these requirements to help prevent them from perishing.

Letting the soil dry out between watering and doing exactly what the species wants is another brilliant way to stop root rot.

What Can Be Used As A Succulent Planter?

Traditionally, succulents are planted in ceramic pots with a drainage hole in the bottom.

Having this hole stops the plants from getting disastrous root rot. However, if you’re feeling creative, plants can be grown with many items!

Some quirky planters include: a watering can, teacups, tin cans, spoons, teapots, disco balls, lego pieces, wine corks, and even cut-out vintage books!

It’s essential to thoroughly research how much drainage and watering your succulent requires before planting, though.

Knowing this will help you figure out whether watering a lot would cause a container to be damaged. This is particularly true of placing a succulent in a vintage book!

You can comfortably grow plants in many containers, so you don’t need to go out and buy a new planter. Instead, washing out an old glass sauce jar, mason jar, or soup tin can make a cheap and effective pot.

Do Succulents Need Deep Or Shallow Pots?

Generally, succulents prefer shallow pots, which let the soil dry out quickly.

These planters help keep succulents happy and healthy because they go a long way to prevent root rot. You need enough room for the plants’ roots to grow but not enough to stop the soil from drying.

Ideally, a succulent pot should be approximately 10% bigger than the leafy part of the plant. This gives the plant enough space to grow, but not so much that it has to sit in water.

If you have an existing deep pot that you’d like to use for growing succulents, there are ways to adapt it.

For example, by sprinkling a layer of small pebbles into the bottom before packing in the soil, you’ll elevate the plant.

In addition, you can consider packing the bottom out with ceramic shards instead, acting as a rigid barrier preventing the soil from absorbing extra moisture.

Raising the succulent and reducing the earth in this way means there’s less surface area, allowing moisture to evaporate more quickly.

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