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Among the homeowners, a tool that is becoming more and more popular is the electric weed eater. The “green” alternatives of their gas-powered counterparts, these weed eaters are not only environmentally-friendly but also more lightweight, easier to use and need a little maintenance. This guide will help you in selecting the best electric weed eater.

A proof that the electric weed eaters are gaining popularity is the investment of many established manufacturers in improving these tools. As a result, on the market, there are available many models of electric weed eaters that can easily compete in terms of performance with the heavy-duty gas-powered string trimmers.

If you have any doubts about purchasing an electric weed eater, read this buyers guide. Then, read the best electric weed eater reviews to decide which tool to buy.

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Characteristics Of The Electric Weed Eaters

The electric weed eaters are not yet extremely popular tools, mainly because many users believe that they are less powerful and less practical compared to the gas-powered weed eaters. As the name says, these weed eaters need an electric power source in order to function, be it an electric outlet or a battery.

Regardless the model, the electric weed eaters will limit your mobility or autonomy. However, there are some remedies in both cases.

Regarding the cordless models, some manufacturers produce a series of highly performant tools with batteries that can easily compete in terms of power and autonomy with the gas-powered models. These tools are generally expensive, therefore consider your real needs before investing in one.

There are also many cordless weed eaters that have batteries compatible with other tools , or batteries with fast recharge characteristics. In the first case, you will be able to change the drained battery with a recharged one from another tool. In the second, you will have to wait for up to one hour for the battery to recharge.

As an alternative, you could even purchase a second battery, so you will always be able to replace the drained one for a continuous trimming.

In this way, a cordless electric weed eater can be suitable for all lawn sizes, including the large lawns.

Another characteristic I particularly like about the electric weed eaters is their lightweight. In fact, these tools often weigh only a few pounds, generally under 10. This characteristic increases the maneuverability and these tools can be easily handled even by those who have less physical force.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Weed Eater

In addition to all the characteristics described above, there are a few other things to consider before deciding which weed eater to buy.

Handling Ease

The ideal weed eater should be very easy to maneuver and boast an ergonomic handle. The most lightweight models generally have a single handle, while some manufacturers equip the heavier tools with double handles.

You should also check the length of the shaft. Ideally, you should choose a weed eater with a telescopic shaft, so you can adjust its length to your own height. This is an essential aspect to consider especially if you have a large lawn or if you plan to use the tool often.

The best way to determine if the tool is easy to handle is to test it with the engine turned on, to see how it feels.

Noise level

Because we are talking about electric weed eaters, you should choose a model that is as silent as possible. This will not only improve your user experience, but it will also be less annoying for your neighbors.


However, since the cordless models are more versatile, you should consider well all your necessities before taking the final decision.

Cutting characteristics

Most weed eaters use a nylon string mounted on a rotary head to cut the grass and the weeds. However, the more advanced models are also equipped with metallic or plastic blades.The string weed eaters can use a fixed line system, that require you to replace the line each time it is damaged. Usually, you should replace the line each ½ acres.

Another type of string weed eaters are the bump-feed heads. The line is placed on a spool that is fixed in the weed eater’s head and advances each time you bump the tool on the ground.Finally, the automatic feed heads use the same spool system as the bump heads, but the line advances automatically without requiring any action on your part.

The weed eaters that have blades attachments are more efficient in cutting the tough grass or weeds, but they are more expensive and require more power to function.

Keeping in mind all these characteristics, you should be able to decide which is the best electric weed eater considering your real necessities.

Now, let’s see the best electric weed eater reviews to decide which tool to buy.

Now Let’s Get Started On Detailed Reviews of the Top Electric Weed Eaters…

1. EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

One of the most convenient electric weed eaters is the EGO Power+, a tool powered by a 56-volt lithium-ion battery that can compete with the most reliable gas-powered weed eaters available on the market.The powerful battery ensures that you will have sufficient autonomy to trim the grass on lawns up to 1 acre, while it will provide sufficient power to the cutting head to ensure an excellent performance.Featuring a 15-inch cutting swath, this tool is one of the best choices if you want to trim the weeds and grass fast and efficiently. The tool uses a professional .095-inch dual twisted line and a bump-feed head.

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2. BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

Equipped with a less powerful battery, this Black and Decker LST136W still has the power to provide sufficient autonomy and deliver excellent results.With a 13-inch cutting swath, this tool was designed to be efficient and convenient, being easy to transform it from a trimmer into an edger.In addition, the exclusive PowerDrive transmission system will provide sufficient energy to allow you to trim the grass in all hard-to-reach areas of your lawn.

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For a more thorough review on Black & Decker models, check out our Black & Decker string trimmer reviews here.

3. GreenWorks 2101602 G-MAX 40V 12-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

GreenWorks 2101602 G-MAX 40V 12-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

Similar to the BLACK+DECKER LST136W, the GreenWorks 2101602 is powered by a 40-volt battery and boasts a 12-inch cutting swath, slightly narrower than the LST136W.This weed eater is using a .065-inch auto feed twisted dual line, providing excellent results on almost all types of grass and weeds.What I really like about the GreenWorks 2101602 is the three-position pivoting head, that increases the versatility of this tool by allowing the trimming from multiple angles.

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4. Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer

Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer

The Makita XRU02Z is an excellent choice if you have a small lawn with thin grass. This weed eater is powered by an 18-volt battery and boasts a cutting diameter of 10 inches.The 3.0Ah battery has an autonomy of about 45 minutes and a fast recharge of only half an hour, allowing you to spend more time trimming than waiting.The versatility of this tool is also impressive. Not only you can use it as a trimmer or edger, but it also has a pivoting head that can be fixed into five different positions, ensuring a good cut quality regardless the topography of your lawn.

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5. Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Equipped with a powerful 5 amp motor and boasting a 14-inch cutting swath, the Toro 51480 represents another excellent alternative if you have a small size lawn.The dual line cutting head is designed to trim efficiently all the types of grass, while you will also be able to transform this tool into an edger with a simple touch.For more comfort, the Toro 51480 features a telescopic shaft and an adjustable handle, so you will be able to adjust them to fit your height or personal needs.

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If you’re looking for more information, read our more detailed Toro string trimmer reviews here.

Conclusion and Final Pick

As these best electric weed eater reviews show, there are performant models from both the cordless and corded categories.

However, in my opinion, the best electric weed eater available on the market is the EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer.

This weed eater not only competes with the most popular gas-powered weed eaters, but it represents an excellent choice regardless of the size of your lawn. Its 15-inch cutting swath is ideal for small lawns as well as for medium and large lawns.

Regardless of the lawn size, it’s always nice to know that you have a powerful and reliable tool to count on. In addition, the long shaft will allow you to trim the grass even in the places that are unreachable for your mower.

For these reasons, the EGO Power+ is the best electric lawn mower available on the market. Make sure you check out our other weed eater reviews in case you’re looking for something else.

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