5 Garden Angels To Enhance The Look Of Your Property

Having a garden or backyard doesn’t mean having an attractive property. To raise the curb appeal of your outdoor space, you have to beautify your landscape with natural and artificial ornaments.

Garden angels, and all garden statues, as a matter of fact, come in all sizes and are made of the most various materials. Their main purpose is to give a touch of class and elegance to the environment, but most of the time they can even be functional elements.

In most gardens, garden angels are perfect decorative elements. They are able to enhance the look of your property when matched with the vegetation, transforming your outdoor space into a true oasis of peace. If you’re not sure why to choose a garden angel, read on. Otherwise, click on the links below and get inspired!

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Why Choose A Garden Angel

With dozens of models of garden angels available on the market, one might wonder why to choose a garden angel. The reasons are many, but the most important one is because of their grace. All the other garden statues put together are not able to give the sense of peace and tranquility garden angels add to any space.

Apart from beauty and aesthetics, there is also the spiritual consideration. If you have faith, then garden angels will make a statement in your outdoor space.

On the other hand, these statues also integrate with success in other types of décor. For example, you can use some garden angels as decorative pieces in a fairy garden. In this case, the statues lose their spiritual characteristic, becoming adorable elements and characters of the tale.

Types Of Garden Angels

Garden angels can be classified based on their aesthetics or based on the materials they are made of. Because aesthetics is subjective, let’s see what type of garden angels you can choose based on the materials and dimensions.

Resin Garden Angels

The most inexpensive are those made of resin or other plastic materials. These garden angels can come in all sizes, although they are usually small or medium-sized. A characteristic of these statues is that they can be painted in a wide range of colors.

Thanks to this characteristic, you can choose from angels painted in bright colors or state-of-the-art garden angels that closely resemble stone or marble.

Poured Concrete Garden Angels

Another inexpensive solution but more elegant than resin is poured concrete. This type of garden angels are made in molds and because the inexpensive material used to make them, they come at affordable prices.

A great characteristic of concrete is that it is weather resistant and it is more durable than resin. Concrete is also a great replacement for stone. To give it an aged look, decorate the statue with moss graffiti.

Stone Garden Angels

If you are looking for a garden angel of a higher quality, maybe a sculpted statue, then stone angels could be the right ones for you.

Typically, these statues are made of artists and are sculpted directly into blocks of stone, as opposed to being poured into a mold. Because of the amount of work required to make a statue and cost of the materials, these garden angels are usually more expensive than their resin or concrete counterparts.

Marble Garden Angels

Probably the most expensive statues are those made of marble. Manufacturers usually use white marble, which pairs with all landscapes and decors, but colored marble can also be used. All these statues are rigorously sculpted.

Marble angels are the most beautiful, giving to the property a distinctive touch of style and elegance.

Glass Garden Angels

Not all garden angels are made of traditional materials. In fact, almost all types of angels reminded above are hard to pair with a modern garden. Nevertheless, a glass garden angel blends perfectly into a modern décor.

The downside of these statues is that they are very delicate. Considering the prices they come at, you should think well before investing in such a piece.

Where To Place A Garden Angel

Once you decided what type of garden angel you want, it’s time to decide where to place the statue.

Small garden angels can be placed as centerpieces of a flower bed, or on the edge of a fountain. Many garden angels have integrated LED lights that use solar energy to recharge. They give the most out next to a flower bed or as decorations in flower pots.

You can use larger garden angels made of stone or marble to create a commemorative corner. In this case, you could place a white angel next to a green shrub. Don’t forget to install a white wrought iron garden bench next to the statue to complete the design.

Concrete garden angels look good when surrounded by lush vegetation. To enhance their look, they can be used as support for moss graffiti. In fact, moss will give these statues an aged, stylish look.

If the angel holds some sort of container, you can use such a statue as a bird feeder. In this case, place the statue next to a tree or next to a birdhouse, to attract colorful feathered creatures to your property.

5 Garden Angel Statues To Beautify Your Property

1. Moonrays 91338 Solar Powered Angel with Glowing Dove Statue LED Light

Moonrays 91338 Solar Powered Angel with Glowing Dove Statue LED Light

The Solar Powered Angel with Glowing Dove statue is a beautiful resin garden angel that doubles as a convenient garden light. The angel is made of polyresin, a durable material that withstands all weather elements.This garden angel statue is small yet noticeable. The statue is 9 inches high and it fits perfectly even in the smallest spaces. For this reason, it is ideal to place in the center of a flower bed or on a window sill.The statue is ideal for those looking for an unconventional garden angel painted in different colors. In fact, this statue is easy to match with the décor of a fairy garden, thanks to the colorful details. The varnishes used are of a high quality and will not fade with time.A beautiful detail is a white dove held by the angel. The dove encloses a LED light which turns on automatically at twilight. Able to provide up to 8 hours of continuous light, the statue is perfect to add a touch of style to your garden or to place next to a memorial stone.

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Things We Liked

  • Simplicity: Things We Liked although colorful, this garden angel is simple and suitable to match almost all types of landscapes and decors.
  • Durable: although made of resin, this garden angel statue is designed to be durable and maintain its characteristics over the time.
  • Size: compact yet noticeable, the statue can make an adorable flowerbed centerpiece or it can decorate with success a porch or window sill.
  • Garden light: the garden light function is a great plus. The LED light uses solar energy and it can provide continuous light for up to 8 hours.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Because it is hand painted, the finishes are not always perfect. This is very annoying even if the product is inexpensive.

2. Sculptural Gardens 23-Inch Guardian Angel Statuary

Sculptural Gardens 23-Inch Guardian Angel Statuary

If you are looking for a marble-like angel but can’t afford to spend a fortune, then you can opt for a resin garden angel painted to resemble white marble. If you’re looking for a statue of a moderate dimension, then one to consider is the 23-Inch Guardian Angel Statuary by Sculptural Gardens.This garden angel is made of resin and painted in white. Beautifully crafted, the angel is perfect to place as a centerpiece of a garden fountain or flower bed. This angel is also perfect to place next to memorial stones or as decoration in a minimalist garden.The material this angle is made of is durable and resistant in all weathers. Moreover, the statue is filled with a heavy material that adds weight and stability to the decoration.Painted by hand and with a finish resembling white marble or a weathered stone, this statue is ideal for all those who are looking for an affordable yet stylish garden statue.

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Things We Liked

  • Size: with a height of 23 inches, the garden angel is perfect to match will almost all outdoor décors and landscapes.
  • Beautifully crafted: the attention to detail is simply impressive. The statues are hand painted, a feature that makes each piece unique.
  • Durable: resin is a resistant material that withstands all weather elements for a long time.
  • Added weight: an issue of resin statues is their scarce stability due to the low weight. This is not the case of this angel, which is filled with a heavy material.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The statue is advertised as white, but the manufacturer states that color may vary. This is inconvenient, as it will be hard to tell which color you’ll get.

3. Special Mother Memorial Garden Angels

Special Mother Memorial Garden Angels

Garden angels are often used as memorial statues, and a manufacturer that proposes a wide range of angel memorials is GetSet2Save.The manufacturer has a collection of memorial angels made of cold cast ceramic, and one of the statues in the collection is the Special Mother Memorial Garden Angels. This statue has a height of 9,37 inches and it is small enough to fit in all spaces.The memorial plate is a great addition, as it will allow you to commemorate your loved ones without investing in additional decorative elements.This statue can pair with all types of landscapes; nevertheless, it gives its best in memorial corners, located next to a garden fountain and garden bench.

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Things We Liked

  • Ceramic: the statue is made of cold cast ceramic, a material that is more durable than resin and also more beautiful.
  • Details: the statue is made of an angel holding a memorial plate. The details on the angel are cured to perfection, giving the statue a refined aspect.
  • Color: resembling aged stone, cold cast ceramic is a material that can be used to decorate all types of gardens.
  • Collection: the manufacturer proposes a wide range of memorial angels.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Due to shipping, the statue can sometimes arrive damaged. This is annoying as having it replaced is time-consuming.

4. Grasslands Road Villa Cherub Girl Birdfeeder Statuary

Grasslands Road Villa Cherub Girl Birdfeeder Statuary

A cherub birdfeeder statuary is ideal to place in a classic garden or even in a fairy garden. Cherubs are usually represented by boy statues, therefore, if you want to make a difference, you could choose this adorable cherub girl birdfeeder statuary.The statue is made of a mix of cement and resin. The mix gives the statue an increased durability and a beautiful finish, while the aged stone aspect makes it perfect to decorate all types of outdoor spaces.The statue is 13,9 inches high. Thanks to the reduced dimension, finding the right spot for it is a breeze. Ideally, you should use the statue to decorate a corner of the patio, or as a decorative element in a flower bed.Another great feature is the attention to detail. Although molded, the statue seems sculpted. Moreover, small elements, such as a bird on the girl’s dress, add those details that make the difference.

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Things We Liked

  • Material: the cement and resin mix is durable and beautiful. The statue can withstand all weather elements while keeping its attractive look.
  • Gift box: this garden angel comes packed in a gift box. Thanks to this detail, you can even give it as a present to family or friends.
  • Dimension: thanks to the rather compact dimension, the statue can be used either indoors or outdoors.
  • Details: the birdfeeder is made of the girl’s skirt and a small bird rests on the edge of the feeder. This attractive detail can certainly make a difference.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The birdfeeder is very small, therefore it is only suitable to attract small birds.

5. Roman Exclusive Standing Angel with Roses and “Amazing Grace” Verse

Things We Liked

  • Design: the statue is made of resin with a finish that resembles stone. The colorful detail is another great plus.
  • Dimension: fitting even in the narrowest places, this memorial statue is perfect as a centerpiece or to be placed in a corner of the yard.
  • Inspirational: the Amazing Grace phrase engraved on the bottom of the statue is inspirational and suitable for a memorial piece.
  • Roman design: the statue imitates the Roman statues, being able to add a touch of style to any environment.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Because it is made of resin, the statue is really lightweight and it doesn’t have a good stability in windy areas.


Garden angels are, without a doubt, some of the most popular garden decorations. Choosing the right one for your outdoor space means matching the angel to the overall design of your garden; nevertheless, there are dozens of models to choose from and identifying the one you like is only a matter of time.

When it comes to my favorite, I really like the Solar Powered Angel with Glowing Dove. This garden angel is one of the most versatile on the market. Made of polyresin and hand painted in a beautiful selection of colors, the angel is suitable for various purposes.

In fact, you can use it as centerpiece decoration in a flower bed, character in a fairy garden, memorial angel or even as a garden light.

The statue is rather small and it fits well in gardens of all sizes. Made to last, it is also resistant to weather elements.

Apart from all these considerations, the statue is available at a very affordable price. This, together with its overall qualities, made me consider it one of the best garden angels available on the market.

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