The Best Garden Edging To Beautify Your Garden

Garden edging is essential if you want to maintain the beautiful aspect of your garden or lawn. Creating an edge is rather simple and useful for many situations, such as avoiding the spread of turf grass or weeds, maintaining the flowers or vegetables contained in a flower bed and also for increasing the curb appeal of your property.

To create a manicured aspect, many gardeners and landscapers use plastic, metal, or even concrete or brick edging. But what are the benefits and which one to choose? Find it out in this article, or go directly to our selection of garden edging solutions if you don’t feel like reading, by clicking the links below.

Best Garden Edging Reviews

To delimit your spaces and create an edging, sometimes it is enough to simply dig an edge around a flowerbed or vegetable garden. But to maintain the beautiful aspect of your garden with less hassle, you might want to use a physical edging such as stones, concrete or bricks.

In some cases, the gardeners choose to use hidden edgings that are buried in the ground to avoid the spread of weeds or grass.

But what are the various types of garden edgings available on the market? And what are the benefits of using them? Read our guide to find it out!

Why Do You Need Garden Edging?

As a newbie gardener, the first question you might ask is why you need a garden edging in the first place. The opinions vary, yet both gardeners and landscapers agree that garden edging is essential.

For the landscapers, the main motivation for using garden edging is the aesthetic aspect of your property. An edging can help you create a manicured aspect of both your lawn and garden or flower beds. From an aesthetic point of view, you can choose between edges made of stone, concrete, or even wood or resin.

Installing a permanent edging might also be useful if you are using a robotic lawn mower that needs an electric edger.

The gardeners go beyond the aesthetic considerations and claim that using an edge is useful for providing a root barrier that prevents the spreading of grass or weeds into the garden beds. This type of edgings are usually hidden in the ground yet they can still help in space delimitation.​

An edging can also help you keep mulch or gravel inside the garden beds and off your lawn.

Types Of Garden Edgings

If by now you understood the reasons why you need to edge your garden, you might be wondering what type of edgings are available on the market.

Roughly, we can divide garden edgings into two categories, functional and decorative edgings.

Functional edgings are usually used to prevent the spreading of weeds or grass from the lawn to the flower or garden beds. They are usually made of metal, typically steel, plastic or resin, or even glass fiber. The edges are usually mounted around the garden bed and hidden in the ground, so the edge will not be visible on the surface.

Another type of functional edging, usually used to keep mulch or gravel in place and off the lawn, is also made of plastic or resin but they are mounted on the surface of the ground and are usually more aesthetically appealing.

On the other hand, the decorative edgings can have or not have functional features. Functional or not, they can easily raise the curb appeal of your property and make your space look tidy.

These garden edgings are made of the most various materials, such as brick, concrete, stone, wood, aluminum, or even railroad ties or bamboo. Most of the times they are used as a delimitation of the areas, mainly to create an aesthetic transition between the lawn and the other elements of the garden.

Benefits Of Garden Edging

  • Creates a neat border: when looking at garden edging ideas, you might notice how manicured and tidy look the garden beds provided with an edging. If you want to achieve the same result, you might want to consider investing in one.
  • Creates a visual barrier: you can use decorative gardening edging to create paths and delimit areas where you don’t want to step. For example, if you just sowed your tomatoes, you might want to use a garden edging to remember exactly where they are.
  • Stops weeds and grass from growing into your garden beds: if you garden is close to the lawn, grass and weeds might become a problem. In this case, a functional garden edging can help keep these plants away from your veggies.
  • Helps you maintain the curb appeal of your property: a garden edging can help you trim the grass easier and draws attention to the different focal points of your space. Such a garden is much more attractive than a garden with no edging at all and enhances the overall design of your property.

By now, you should have understood why investing in garden edging is necessary and beneficial from both a practical and aesthetical point of view.

There are dozens of models on the market and aspirant gardeners rarely know which model is the best. See our selection below to find the best garden edging available on the market.

Best Garden Edging Reviews

1. Dimex EasyFlex Plastic No-Dig Landscape

If you are looking for the perfect garden edging to hold the gravels or mulch in place yet that requires an easy installation, then Dimex EasyFlex Plastic No-Dig Landscape might be the right one for you.

This edging is made of plastic and is applied directly on the ground and fixed to the ground with anchoring spikes. The edging is 100 feet long and thanks to its low profile it can be easily hidden by the grass or other decorative elements such as gravel or stones.

Dimex EasyFlex Plastic No-Dig

The edging is also beneficial because it can provide guidance when you’re trimming the grass, helping you trim the edges perfectly.

Made of high-quality plastic, the edging is flexible and durable, allowing you to shape it according to your preferences or needs.

Things We Liked

Complete kit: the edging comes with everything you need to install it, such as 30 rust proof nylon spikes and five connectors. The edging is 100 feet long.

EasyFlex: the flexible plastic is resistant and durable. You will be able to shape it in any way.

Paver edging: this edging can be used to create the limits of your vegetable garden or as lateral support for the paver edging.

No-dig: many gardening edges require you to dig a trench, yet this edging can simply be fixed above the ground.

Things We Didn't Like

The plastic loses its shape during the hot summer days and it doesn’t look as good as one might expect.

2. Master Mark Plastics 95340 Terrace Board Landscape Edging Coil

Master Mark Plastics 95340 Terrace Board

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly garden edging that is easy to install and that looks really good, then you can consider the Master Mark Plastics 95340 Terrace Board Landscape Edging Coil.

This edging is made of recycled HDPE plastics that is durable and resistant to all weather elements. The edging has a low profile and it is perfect to use for a multitude of purposes, either in your garden or in your yard.

The edging is perfect for keeping the grass and weeds from spreading or for creating borders around plant beds, to name just a few of its benefits. Moreover, the edging can even be used to keep mulch contained over the plants.

Things We Liked

Made of recycled plastics: the greatest characteristic of this edging is the environmentally-friendly approach.

Aesthetic: the finish of the edging resembles wood and you can use it to create an attractive effect in many areas of your property.

40 feet long: this edging is long enough to create a border between a small or medium size vegetable garden and the lawn.

Flexible: if you want to create a round or curved border, then you might appreciate the flexibility of this garden edging.

Things We Didn't Like

The edging doesn’t come with the anchoring spikes, so you will have to sustain an additional cost.

3. Dimex EasyFlex No-Dig Plastic Landscape Edging Kit, 40-Feet

Among the most popular garden edgings, we can mention the Dimex EasyFlex No-Dig Plastic Landscape Edging Kit. This edging is very similar to the Dimex EasyFlex mentioned above yet this might be a more suitable option for smaller spaces.

The edging doesn’t require any digging and it can be installed on the ground with the help of anchoring spikes that are included in the kit.

Dimex EasyFlex No-Dig Plastic Landscape Edging Kit

The edging is easy to hide in the grass thanks to the really low profile, and the only real downside of this product is the impossibility to use it as an underground edge if you want to.

Things We Liked

Flexible: it doesn’t matter what shape you prefer for you plant beds, this garden edging bends and flexes the way you want it to.

Made in the USA: to guarantee the quality of this product, the manufacturer produces the edging exclusively in the USA.

Environmentally-friendly: the edging is made from recycles plastic and represents an environmentally-conscious alternative to similar products.

Complete kit: the edging comes with all the accessories needed for its installation.

Things We Didn't Like

Because of its flexibility, the edging doesn’t maintain its shape well in all circumstances. The best use is as liners for pavers.

4. Master Mark Plastics 25840 Lifetime Landscape Edging 5 Inch 40 Foot

Master Mark Plastics 25840 Lifetime Landscape Edging

If you are looking for an edging that can be installed either into the ground to stop the spreading of the weeds or on the surface as a delimitation for your plant beds, then you should probably consider the Master Mark Plastics 25840 landscape edging.

This edging is made of 100% HDPE plastic and boasts a unique structure that provides improved rigidity to the edging compared to the vast majority of the models available on the market.

In fact, thanks to this characteristic, the edging doesn’t need to be fixed to the ground with spikes and maintains its shape regardless of the type of terrain, weather, and other variables.

Although rigid enough to maintain its shape, the edging is flexible enough to be shaped in any way, according to your landscaping requirements.

Things We Liked

Contractor strength plastic: the edging is made from 100% recycled plastic and impresses with its incredible strength. The edging maintains its shape regardless of the weather and it has a versatile use.

Lifetime guarantee: the manufacturer is certain about the qualities of this product and it is offering a lifetime guarantee on it. We can only say that this is without a doubt one of best edgings on the market.

Rigid: thanks to its solid structure, the edging doesn’t require the use of any spikes for the installation. All you’ll have to do is pushing an inch or two into the ground to help the edging stay upright.

Surface or underground edging: thanks to its versatile use, this edging can be installed either in a trench in the ground to avoid the spreading of weeds and grass or on the surface for landscaping purposes.

Things We Didn't Like

The edging is of a high quality, yet installing it is a hassle. Because of the rigid structure, it is almost impossible to push the edging into the ground without digging a trench first. While the resistance and performances are great, the installation is a big minus.

5. 10-Piece Cobblestone Flower Bed Border by Pure Garden

By now we have only spoken about edging suitable mostly for the vegetable garden, but if you want an aesthetic edging designed to enhance the aspect of your yard, then maybe the 10-Piece Cobblestone Flower Bed Border by Pure Garden is a better option for you.

This edging is incredibly attractive. Made of long lasting polypropylene and boasting a stylish classic design, the product imitates perfectly the more expensive cobblestones.

10 Piece Cobblestone Flower Bed Border by Pure Garden

Moreover, this edging doesn’t present only a cost advantage. Probably the greatest advantage we can mention is the installation ease.

In fact, the edging is rigid and it doesn’t require the use of the spikes for installation. In addition, it is really easy to fix it into the ground thanks to the convenient holdfasts. Because of their shape, you won’t even have to dig a trench to install this edging.

Things We Liked

Interconnecting pieces: the edging comes in a set of ten pieces that are all interconnecting and easy to match and install. They can be connected in any shape.

Attractive design: the edging is finished with a cobblestone aspect that resembles the original cobblestone very well. For this reason, you will be able to create a stylish landscape without spending a fortune.

Easy to install: you will not have to dig a trench thanks to the no-hassle installation.

Possibility to increase the length: thanks to the interlocking pieces, you will be able to use more than one set of edgings if you have a larger yard and require more length.

Things We Didn't Like

Since this edging imitates cobblestone, most gardeners would expect them to be rigid and stiff. Yet, the edging is made of a rather flimsy material and has problems in maintaining its shape in hot environments.

Conclusion & Final Pick

In our opinion, the best garden edging available on the market is the Dimex EasyFlex Plastic No-Dig Landscape.

The main characteristic we like about this edging is the EasyFlex feature. Thanks to this characteristic you will be able to bend and shape the edging in any way you like. Thanks to the same characteristic, the edging is able to maintain the desired shape in time.

Another characteristic we like is the length of this edging. 100 feet are long enough to manicure the aspect of any garden or yard. Nevertheless, if 100 feet are just too much for you, the manufacturer proposes the same product at different lengths and it will be easy finding the one that best suits your needs.

The low profile is also an awesome characteristic. This is one of the most discreet edgings available on the market, allowing you to keep the mulch or gravel in place while hiding the edge in the grass.

The Dimex EasyFlex is really easy to install and it doesn’t require you digging any trenches. In fact, installing the edging is easy thanks to the convenient spikes that fix the plastic edging to the ground.

Flexible and durable, the Dimex EasyFlex is without a doubt the best edging you can invest into to maintain the manicured aspect of your yard, garden, or lawn.

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