Best Garden Spades And Shovels For Your Yard

Starting a garden in your backyard could be one of the best decisions you can take today.

These seemingly-simple projects can provide you a sufficient supply of fresh produce and immeasurable joy if you have a thing for gardening.

The unique feeling you get after planting some of the budding plants in the yard and seeing them bloom is no less than ecstatic. However, if you want to achieve all these, you need the right gardening gear as well. And a pair of spades and shovels is an excellent place to start.

Picking a pair is not that easy, though. For one, you will have to use these tools for a variety of needs. Due to the same reason, you may have to use the spade and shovel to plant and nurture various types of plants.

Professional gardeners may have tens or hundreds of spades and shovels at their collection, but this is overkill for beginners. If you want to create a lovely garden in the back of your yard, a good pair of spades and shovels will be enough. It is just that you should consider a few factors while picking the pair.

For instance, you should consider the size of the blades, which determine the smallest and biggest tasks you can do using the equipment.

Other factors like the handle length and handle material impact the amount of comfort you have while using the shovel or spade. You may also have to consider specifications like the total weight of the equipment and the amount of grip it provides.

A beginner may ignore these factors, but if you do not, you can invest in a pair of spades and shovels that lasts for years.

In this article, we have covered some of the best garden spades and shovels you can buy in 2021. Regardless of how familiar you are with gardening, these tools will help you manage plants better.

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Best Overall: Nupla SS14D-E Ergo Power Drain Spade

Nupla SS14D-E Ergo Power Drain Spade Review

The Nupla SS14D-E Ergo Power Drain Spade is one of the most popular multipurpose spades in the market. Thousands of gardeners recommend this product for its excellent strength and ergonomic design.

Nupla is also one of the most trusted companies in the sector, and its products are popular among professionals and beginners alike. In this package, the manufacturer has included all the features you need for happy gardening from day one. There are also a few benefits you would not find in other products.


  • The Nupla SS14D-E Ergo Power Drain Spade comes with a unique design that enables the best levels of precision. You can use this garden spade to make the right surface in even the most unusual kind of locations. The rounded tip becomes more valuable than you think it would.
  • The manufacturer has used 16-gauge steel to construct the powerful blade on this spade. It means you can keep using the spade for no less than a few years, even if you work too much. It comes with a hollow-back design, which keeps your foot safe while digging.
  • As mentioned, the blade on the Nupla SS14D-E Ergo Power Drain Spade measures 4.75” x 14”, which is very convenient. In addition to providing sufficient work area, the steel-alloy blade can effortlessly handle varying weather conditions.
  • You would also love the 27-inch handle included with the product. The handle uses a combination of fiberglass and polystyrene to construct its core, and it has an additional sleeve made of polypropylene as well. In short, you can enjoy maximum comfort while handling the equipment.
  • One of the most rated products in the sector, the Nupla SS14D-E Ergo Power Drain Spade, uses a D-grip, which increases the versatility of the spade. Thanks to this feature, you can use the equipment to push and lift as well.
  • Nupla is a brand that takes Quality Control quite seriously. This is why we can recommend the spade for a variety of needs. Even the slightest edges on the system are crafted with utmost care. It can last for years as well.


  • While the blade on the Nupla SS14D-E Ergo Power Drain Spade is well-designed and large, some say it could be a little sharper. We think this is a valid point when considering that Nupla markets it as all-in-one equipment for digging, pushing, and lifting, to name a few.

Extra Features

It is not an extra feature, but something we love about the Nupla SS14D-E Ergo Power Drain Spade is that it is very versatile. You can address almost every need in your garden using this single spade. We are talking about such a massive range of setting up the fence and planting even the smallest herb.

Buying Advice

If you need a garden spade that does not let you down, the Nupla SS14D-E Ergo Power Drain Spade is one of the best options, indeed. As advertised by the manufacturer, this well-built spade combines an ergonomic design and a versatile blade.

We believe the overall construction of the spade also deserves praise from a durability standpoint. In the end, this is a product that can return your investment through better comfort, long-lasting build quality, and other features.

Runner-Up: Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel

Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel Review

Even if you are looking for the best garden shovel for your yard, Nupla offers a fantastic option for you. The Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel is another product where the maker has combined the highest-quality construction and an ergonomic design.

We should also appreciate that the shovel has a lightweight design, making it multipurpose as the spade we covered earlier. On top of these, you get fantastic after-sales service from Nupla.


  • Once again, Nupla has followed a multipurpose-friendly design for this product. Therefore, the shovel can help you get things done outside the gardening space as well. Considering the slightly high price you pay, this is a great advantage.
  • The Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel comes with a handle made of fiberglass, polypropylene, and custom-made alloy steel. The 48-inch handle would not let you down when you want to handle heavy objects inside or outside the garden.
  • We noticed that the blade used on this product is not only sharp but also ergonomically placed. As a result, you do not have to apply too much pressure. If you spend hours in the yard working on your projects, the new design will keep fatigue to a minimum.
  • Like the other product we covered, Nupla has used 16-gauge steel to construct the shovel. This type of steel is treated to withstand varying weather and continuous usage. Long story short, you do not have to worry about replacing the shovel anytime soon.
  • It is impressive that the fiberglass used for the garden shovel can last longer than the handles made using wood. This reason alone prompts many customers to praise the product since it can withstand a variety of needs.
  • As for the dimensions, the included blade measures 9 inches in width and 11.5 inches in height. This is a convenient figure for most people, especially when it comes to gardening. You can also optimize the blade for other needs if you want.


  • Some customers have opinionated that the handle on the Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel does not feel premium. Although the handle is made using fiberglass and a few other components, Nupla has to better the finishing work. However, its core is still one of the strongest.

Extra Features

One of the exciting features of the Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel package is that you can combine it with other products from the maker.

For instance, you can use the molded contoured jacket from the maker to improve the accessibility of the shovel. Such setups will help you increase the overall control as well.

Buying Advice

You can consider the Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel as a go-to choice if you are looking for maximum performance and comfort. Even though the company can work a little on the finish, the included handle can withstand a wide variety of garden needs.

The well-designed blade is also sharp enough to assist you in the garden and elsewhere. You can also pair the shovel with other products from Nupla if you need an improved gardening experience. In the end, the shovel does not weigh much, either.

Alternative: Fiskars Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade

Fiskars Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade Review

If you think the two products we have mentioned above are not good enough, you should consider what the Fiskars Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade offers.

The manufacturer advertises this product as a more suitable choice for performance-focused gardeners, and many reviews are testimony to the claim. However, while making that choice, you may have to spend a little higher and compromise on how accessible the spade is.


  • As its name says, the Fiskars Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade has a square-shaped blade. This design is very effective in handling heavy-duty tasks in your yard. For instance, you can use the spade for edging, slicing through dense areas, or regular digging.
  • The blade and the shaft on the spade are made using 14-gauge and 18-gauge steel, respectively. They can withstand not just the extra pressure from your side but also the massive amount of dirt or turf on the other side.
  • Although the company has not specified the size of the blade, it is sharp enough to penetrate through dense areas. Even if other products struggle with the thick system in your soil, this all-steel spade can help you solve things better.
  • We should also recommend the Fiskars Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade for the lifetime warranty it comes with. However, considering the durable construction seen in every aspect of the spade, you will not have to claim this warranty anytime soon.


  • Compared to other spades, the Fiskars Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade is heavier, and you may need more time to get used to the design. The all-steel design means you can hurt yourself if you are not careful.
  • While we appreciate the multipurpose-friendly design and tough performance, we have to mention that the price is higher than its competitors. You have to look elsewhere if you have a strict budget for gardening gear.

Extra Features

The Fiskars Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade does not come with any noteworthy extra features.

Buying Advice

In many areas, the Fiskars Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade makes sense as an alternative to the winner and runner-up products on this list. For instance, if you are ready to spend extra for advanced performance and good build quality, this D-handle spade is a worthwhile investment.

However, we will not recommend it to ultimate beginners since the blade and the overall construction is very sharp. You need some before-hand experience to use this spade.

Alternative: Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel

Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel Review

The Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel is an excellent alternative if you need a truly innovative design for the shovel. The manufacturer follows a philosophy of making garden equipment useful for all people.

It is no surprise, then, that the shovel can help you achieve top performance without much hassle. Of course, there are a few features that everyone would love in this garden shovel package. Top-quality construction, an easy-to-use handle, and comfortable handle size are some of those.


  • The Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel has used a unique material to construct the handle. Its use of Resin-Encased Carbon Steel makes the shovel a great choice for heavy-duty tasks in your yard or elsewhere.
  • The handle-size of 31 inches and the blade size of 13” by 10.5” are the perfect choices from an ease-of-use standpoint. Even if you do not have prior experience with garden shovels, you can get started with this product.
  • The V-shaped handle and the inverted-V edge improve the overall performance of the shovel. It is particularly good at removing dense soil and slaying the widespread roots on the ground. The design makes it easy to focus on specific objects.
  • Unlike the other products, the Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel uses a circle-shaped handle, which can reduce the fatigue you need to face. It means you can continue using the shovel for a few more hours without worries.


  • While most people love the overall build of the Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel, some have said that the handle could be sturdier. We think this is a legit request, especially when considering the work the shovel claims to pull off.

Extra Features

The Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel does not have any extra features.

Buying Advice

There is no doubt that the Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel is an excellent investment. However, the real question is whether you need the specific set of powers that the product offers.

For instance, if you have to deal with thick soil and root slaying, this product is a better alternative to our top picks. However, if you are thinking about the overall quality and performance of the shovel, you may think you are paying a little extra for this package.

Alternative: Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel

Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel Review

There are times when you need a gardening shovel with a long handle. Sometimes, you need a hybrid design as well. As it happens, the Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel is a hybrid shovel/spade system that can help gardeners of any experience. If you think a multipurpose design is something that you value the most, you will not go wrong with this gardening shovel. There are also a variety of color and size-based options you can choose from.


  • The handle of the Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel is 58 inches long. This extra size provides you additional comfort while using the equipment. Of course, it also means you can use the shovels in an area where a regular shovel will not reach.
  • Thanks to the impressive design with dual cushion grips, this garden shovel can reduce the effort you have put into digging or other activities. Even while working four hours at a stretch, the handle will provide you excellent comfort.
  • Even though the Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel has used fiberglass to create the handle, it has a better build quality than competitors. As a result, you will not have any trouble using the shovel to remove even the densest soil.
  • The handle, blade, and grip of the shovel can withstand an extreme variety of weather. The maker has included UV inhibitors to ensure that too much sunlight does not impact the chemical stability of the grip.


  • As we said, the Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel comes with a hybrid design. Therefore, it might not replace a convention spade/shovel that you have. On the bright side, you can benefit from the overall ease of use.

Extra Features

The Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel is one of the very few products proven to reduce the effort you need for digging. Therefore, this product is an excellent choice for the elderly and those who cannot dedicate too much effort.

Buying Advice

We will recommend the Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel to everyone who can try a hybrid shovel/spade for their varying needs. The maker has done an impressive job of optimizing the design for the best comfort.

The cushioned handles and the weather-resistant grip are some of these factors. These spades are also one of the most rated products on the market. Finally, the product weighs only 4lbs, which is not a big deal compared to the competition.

Spade Shovel FAQ

What is the difference between shovel and spade?

shovel vs spade difference

You can distinguish between a shovel and a spade by looking at the design, especially the blade. In spades, you will see a smaller construction, and the blade would be generally flat.

A spade has been designed to dig and can handle high pressure. On the other hand, shovels have curved blades. The blade is designed to scoop out soil from the ground, among other functions. In terms of design, the shovel will be longer.

What kind of shovel is a spade?

Shovels and spades are two different tools in the gardening sector. However, we can say that spade is a kind of shovel. For a shovel to be a spade, it should have a less curved blade and increased length.

Therefore, you can say that a spade is a longer and less curved type of shovel. Nevertheless, we should mention that this is a wrong definition.

How do you spade in your garden?

To spade in your garden, you should use some dedicated equipment. In this particular case, you can rely on gardening spades, which come in the right shape and design.

Spades will have a flat blade that would make it easy to dig the soil and arrange the ground for the plants. You can use the spade equipment to filter the planting environment as well.

What is a skinny shovel called?

Shovels that come with narrow blades and long designs are known as trench shovels. As you can guess from the name and the design, these shovels can be used with narrow spaces.

This may not be possible with one of the traditional shovels. You know, a trench shovel is just one of the many types of shovels you can find in the market.


We hope you were able to find a variety of garden spades and shovels on this list.

As you have seen, we have tried to include long-handled spades and the best shovels you can use for gardening. While our idea was to list the best products in the market, we have also ensured diversity within the recommended gardening equipment.

Therefore, no matter how much you can spend on the equipment, you will have at least one option.

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