Best Gardening Apron To Keep Essentials At Hand

Gardening is a wonderful yet dirty passion. Keeping your clothes protected from the various fertilizers or dirt is not always easy but fortunately, a gardening apron can help. These garments are useful for many other purposes, such as keeping your tools within reach while allowing you to keep your hands free.

In fact, gardening aprons are multipurpose garments useful to use even above gardening clothing. It doesn’t matter if you wear specific work equipment if you don’t have enough pockets to store the gardening shears, trowel, or rake.

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If you are still not convinced about the usefulness of a gardening apron, read on to find out why you need one and how to choose it. Alternatively, use the links below to jump directly to our gardening apron selection.

How To Choose A Gardening Apron

Aprons are protective garments designed to keep your clothes clean. The main difference between gardening aprons and the ones designed for different purposes is the presence of a large number of pockets and storage compartments used to keep small gardening tools and other accessories within easy reach.

Gardening aprons are of two types. You will be able to choose between waist aprons and full-size aprons, although the latter offers a better protection to the clothes.

Waist aprons also referred to as gardening belts, are simple garments that are secured with straps around the waist. These models are characterized by the presence of a really large number of pockets of different dimensions and some of them even have a large central pocket used for harvesting.

This limits the use of other gardening accessories such as baskets or tool cases, helping you keep your hands free at all times.

Full-size aprons have an upper side that is secured around the neck. These aprons are more adequate for messy activities, such as watering the plants, pruning or turning the soil or the compost.

Regardless of what model you like, there are a few other things to consider when choosing a gardening apron.


A gardening apron must be made of a durable material. This garment is designed for heavy-duty use and most of your tools will tear apart the pockets with ease if the material isn’t sturdy.

The most popular models of aprons are made either of rubberized canvas, wear-resistant canvas or denim, three materials renowned for their durability and reliability.

Among all, I tend to prefer the aprons made of rubberized canvas or polyester fiber, as they are waterproof and protect my clothes in all circumstances. Nevertheless, if also care about the looks, the wear-resistant canvas and denim are usually more fashionable options.


Most gardening aprons have universal sizes and only a few are specifically made for men or women. This means that almost all aprons can fit a wide range of gardeners with different body constitutions, so adjustability is essential.

Adjustability is also essential as it will allow you to wear the apron both on heavy and on light clothes.

If you like the full-coverage models make sure the model you choose is adjustable both around the neck and at the waist level or it will never fit like a glove.


I can’t emphasize enough how important pockets are! A gardening apron that features multiple pockets and storage compartments will help you carry on with your work and provide peace of mind, as you’ll not have to worry about carrying many items in your hands.

Ideally, the pockets should have different sizes and they should be structured to fit different objects, including your essentials such as your phone or keys.

Moreover, the pockets should accommodate with ease oddly shaped tools, gardening gloves, and even a gardening hat if you need to take it off for some reason.


Okay, maybe color isn’t an essential criterion of choosing a gardening apron but it still matters. First of all, matching your apron with your gardening clothes or with whatever you’re wearing will give you a more professional and tidy look.

On the other hand, choosing the color wisely can help you wash the apron less frequently, as dirt stains will be less visible.

Ideally, you should choose a darker color such as jeans blue, brown or even dark orange. Gray and dark beige are two other colors that work perfectly in the garden.

If you do choose a white or light beige apron, make sure it is machine washable as you will have to clean it quite often.

Suitable For All Seasons

The last thing to consider is the possibility to wear the same gardening apron in all seasons. This means that the material should be thick and ideally waterproof or at least water repellent.

On the other hand, you should also consider the breathability of the material. In summer your apron can become really uncomfortable to wear if your skin can’t breathe and for this reason, it is advisable to choose an apron made of cotton or of a breathable synthetic material.

Now that you know how to choose a gardening apron, let’s see which are the most popular models on the market!

Best Gardening Apron Reviews

1. Bucket Boss 80200 Duck Wear Super Bib Apron

Bucket Boss Bucket Boss 80200 Duckwear SuperBib Apron

One of the most popular gardening aprons and also my favorite is the Bucket Boss 80200 Duck Wear Super Bib Apron. Made of 18 oz. Duck wear canvas, this apron is ideal to use in all weathers and it is resistant enough to hold even the sharpest or heaviest tools.Duck wear canvas is a type of plain woven cotton fabric that is more tightly woven than most types of fabrics. The main difference consists in the fact that Duck fabric is usually woven with two yarns that wrap together to create a more resistant material compared to the plain canvas and its strength is determined by its weight.The 18 oz. Duck canvas is the most durable and usually used to make sandbags and hammocks beside highly reliable utility garments.Apart from this awesome characteristic, this gardening apron provides full coverage and it boasts as many as 16 pockets on the waist and on the bib.

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Things We Liked

  • Quick-release adjustable belt: the apron is secured around the waist with a quick-release adjustable belt that fits waists up to 52 inches. At shoulder level, the apron is adjustable through a strap.
  • Padded shoulder straps: if gardening is your passion, you probably know that tools are heavy. To help you work comfortably, this apron has padded shoulder strap designed to distribute weight evenly on your body.
  • 16 pockets: this apron is designed to hold multiple tools and it has 13 pockets of various dimensions and two web loop hammer holders at the waist level. For your essentials, three more pockets are available on the bib.
  • Full coverage: many gardeners love this apron because it provides full coverage. Moreover, the choice of color matches with almost all gardening garments and it hides dirt stains with ease.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Although the apron is great some gardeners find the design of the adjustable back strap somehow awkward.

2. BOJECHER Men & Women Garden Tool Apron

BOJECHER Men & Women Garden Tool Apron

Another popular full-size gardening apron to consider is BOJECHER Men & Women Garden Tool Apron. This apron comes in a universal size that fits both men and women and it is 24 inches high and 23 inches wide. The apron is secured both around the neck and around the waist with fast-release adjustable straps and it fits waists up to 47,2 inches.Although made specifically for gardening, the manufacturer highlights the multiple uses this apron can have. In fact, the apron is perfect for gardening, carpentry, cooking and for many other home chores thanks to the convenient and resistant design.This gardening apron is made of wear-resistant 600D Oxford cloth that is breathable and comfortable to wear. Moreover, the edges and pockets are reinforced to prevent scratches and tears. The fabric is waterproof and it can be worn in any atmospheric conditions.Another thing I like about this apron is the organizer pockets. The apron boasts 14 pockets arranged on the waist and bib. They vary in size yet all of them are large enough to accommodate with ease all essential gardening tools.

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Things We Liked

  • Wear-resistant material: the 600D Oxford cloth is a durable cotton or blended fabric used in the manufacturing of utility garments, including gardening aprons. The material is resistant and comfortable to wear.
  • Waterproof: a great characteristic for a gardening apron is the waterproof characteristic. You will not have to worry about splashes when watering your plants and you’ll also be able to wear it in all weather conditions.
  • Adjustable straps: both the neck and waist straps are adjustable and designed to fit people of various heights and weights. The waist strap also features a fast-release buckle closure.
  • Money-back guarantee: the manufacturer is confident about the quality of its product and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked. After that period, the apron has a warranty of one year for any quality-related issues.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Although it is of a really high quality, the apron is rather short in length and won’t provide much protection to the lower part of the body.

3. UKOKE 7 Piece Aluminum Hand Tool Kit And Garden Canvas Apron

Garden Tool Set, UKOKE 7 Piece Aluminum Hand Tool Kit

If you’re new to gardening a great idea is to invest in a gardening apron-gardening tool set containing all the essentials for a good start. To address the needs of both new and professional gardeners, the UKOKE 7 Piece Aluminum Hand Tool Kit And Garden Canvas Apron set contains six useful tools made of carbon steel and a high-quality gardening apron made of 600D polyester and PVC.All tools included in the set are made of SK-5 Carbon Steel and have ergonomically engineered handles. Perfect for all gardening needs, they are a trowel, weeder, rake, spade, cultivator, and pruners.The apron, on the other hand, impressed with both its characteristics and colors. Made of 600D polyester canvas and PVC the apron is waterproof and fitted with adjustable straps. The apron has enough pockets to accommodate all tools included in the set and additional storage compartments where you can keep other essentials.The color choice is also marvelous. The combination of orange and green is a more than inspired solution for a gardening apron that hides dirt stains well yet stands out from the crowd.

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Things We Liked

  • Two-in-one solution: this apron is particularly suitable for those who are new to gardening and that need both an apron and a tool kit.
  • High quality: both the tools and the apron are made of high-quality materials. The tools are heavy-duty and resistant while the apron is made to last.
  • Waterproof apron: the PVC coating keeps moist away from your clothes and the apron is suitable to wear in all weather conditions.
  • The perfect gift: this gardening apron and tool kit set is also perfect as a gift. Either you want to give it to a professional gardener or to an amateur, the set will certainly be appreciated.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Due to heavy use, the grip handle of the tools will deteriorate with time. However, considering that most gardening tools have the same issue, this is not a major drawback.

4. Esschert Design Garden Tool Belt

Esschert Design Garden Tool Belt, Gray

If a full-size gardening apron is not your style or if you simply feel more comfortable wearing a waist apron, then a great alternative to consider is the Esschert Design Garden Tool Belt.This gardening apron is made of heavy canvas material and it boasts a sturdy construction that makes it perfect for heavy-duty garden use. The apron is secured around the waist with an adjustable strap that features a fast-release buckle while the front of the apron is fitted with numerous pockets.The pockets are wide and deep. They can accommodate almost all types of gardening tools and the apron also has special pockets for pens. The only thing that misses is a shallow pocket designed to keep essentials such as mobile phone and keys.The color choice, on the other hand, is perfect for a heavy-duty utility garment. The combination of green and gray is beautiful while the dirt stains hide perfectly.

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Things We Liked

  • Sturdy manufacturing: the apron is made of heavy-duty canvas and presents sturdy stitches designed to last in time. The pockets are also sturdy enough to hold heavy or sharp tools.
  • Adjustable belt: fitting both men and women, the apron features an adjustable belt with fast-release buckle closure.
  • Deep pockets: one of the main issues with gardening aprons is that the pockets hardly keep the tools in place when working. This is not the case of this garment that can hold your tools in all circumstances.
  • Unisex colors: another great thing about this apron is the color choice that fits both men and women.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It seems that nobody complains about the quality of this gardening belt but the pockets are roomy and if you need to store small essentials such as keys or cell phone it will be tricky finding them quickly.

5. The Harvest Apron by Fluffy Layers Gardening Apron

The Harvest Apron by Fluffy Layers Gardening Apron

As mentioned above, some gardening aprons are not designed to hold tools but crops. If you need a harvesting gardening apron a lovely model to consider is the Harvest Apron by Fluffy Layers.This waist apron is made of washable cotton and impresses with its adorable print. The apron features a large central pocket designed to hold lots of vegetables. The pocket is also large enough to accommodate your shears with ease.The apron is suitable for both men and women and it is simply secured around the waist with a normal strap that should be tied tightly.Although there is nothing fancy about this apron, its aesthetics, as well as the functionality, makes it one of the best gardening aprons available on the market.

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Things We Liked

  • Simple design: this harvesting apron has a really simple yet functional design. The apron is adjustable thanks to the traditional straps and it features a large pouch with elastic designed to hold all types of crops.
  • Colorful pattern: break the rules and light up your gardening day thanks to the attractive colorful pattern of this apron. The canvas is printed with veggies and fruits that will certainly cheer you up.
  • Universal size: the apron is suitable for both men and women and it matches well with almost all outfits.
  • Breathable material: made of 100% cotton canvas the apron is breathable and comfortable to wear in all seasons. Moreover, it is machine washable.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • All stains are easily visible on the white background of the apron, so you will probably have to wash it quite often.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Choosing the best gardening apron isn’t simple mainly because all gardeners have different expectations when it comes to such a personal item. Nevertheless, my favorite and the one I consider the best is the Bucket Boss 80200 Duck Wear Super Bib Apron.

I like everything about this apron, starting with the sturdiness of the material and finishing with the 16 useful pockets designed to hold literally all essentials.

I also like the color that hides stains very well. The gardening apron is not machine washable and the adjustable back strap is somewhat awkward, yet these downsides are minor compared to the many benefits it provides.

Without a doubt, this gardening apron is unlikely to disappoint!

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