Best Mulching Blades For Your Lawn Mower

Viewing a pristine and well-mowed lawn brings joy to your heart.

Clipping the grass is one of the best ways to maintain great property around the house. Not only does it add to its aesthetics, but it also keeps rodents and insects away.

After mowing your grass, you have clumps left everywhere. It would be best if you cleared them out after cutting. Why?

It’s because these clumps are an eye soar around the backyard. Also, they turn the grass underneath yellow after some time. Mulching works to discharge all the clumps leaving your garden sparkling clean.

The next reason for getting the best mulching blades to clear grass cuttings is to place them in a mulching bin. You then use the mulch to fertilize the grass and make your compound even more pristine. Instead of using inorganic fertilizers, why not use a mulch to leave your lawn healthy?

Therefore, it’s time to start contemplating the best mulcher blade you can get to help you clear out cut grass. In this guide, you can get the best that’ll give you service for a long time.

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Best Overall: Maxpower Mulching 2-Blade Set

Maxpower 561713XB Mulching 2-Blade Set

You can note a difference between this mulching blade and many other mowing blades that you get at the hardware store.

When you want to use it, you must first remove the mowing blade then use the same installation holes to set up the mulching blade on your lawnmower.


Replacing old blades is the best way to get the most amount of work done on your lawn within a short time.

It’s time to take out the old blades and replace them with the best mulching blades for riding mowers. Maxpower has the best pair of blades that can turn your summer grass filled lawn into the envy of the whole neighborhood.

To start with, the pricing of these blades is right for your lawnmower. Despite its high rating as the most preferred among buyers, the manufacturer has maintained its quality while reasonably pricing it. You can buy a set for a reasonable sum and get service for a long time.

Additionally, once you install the blades on your lawnmower and start mulching, it fits perfectly. You won’t have to worry about any strange noise that emanates from the mower. It’s because the fitting is well set for many mowers and results in smooth mulching.

The blades are ultra-sharp and will turn all your cut grass into fine mulch within no time. Please take caution when installing them since they’re quite sharp. Once installed, you can enjoy the efficiency with which they transform your yard.

Furthermore, you won’t ever have to worry about the chute clogging up on your riding mower ever again. These cutting blades from Maxpower are different from any other you’ll ever purchase. Therefore, expect the best mulching power once you start using these blades.


As ideal as these best mowers mulching blades are, there are some drawbacks to keeping in mind as you decide what to purchase. For starters, they take a bit longer to engage, unlike other types of mulching blades. Therefore, be patient as you wait for them to engage then start mulching.

Additionally, the blades are quite heavy and tricky to install. Again, you must apply for some patience and work at them before you start mulching the cut grass. Also, you can note that as you turn, the blades tend to miss some grass.

Extra features

While you get one blade at your local store, from Maxpower, the blades come as a pair for a reasonable price. These blades are made using quality and durable steel. Also, they’re heavy and won’t need replacing for some time.

Moreover, you can only find them in black. Still, for the quality you get, the one color doesn’t matter. The blades have a five-point star center hole and are made in the USA, guaranteeing you the market’s best quality.

Buying advice

Check your local hardware store for the best mulching blades. You find one sold for the price of this pair.

Runner Up: Oregon Gator G5 Mulching Blades

Oregon Gator G5  Mulching Blades

Once you get these pair of mulching blades for your lawnmower, you no longer have to hustle with bagging clippings. After mowing, take off owing blades and install these. Mulching is the best way to turn your clippings into organic mulch for your lawn.


MTD brings you the best mulcher blades you can get for your mower. With numerous replacement options, you can use it in different mowers and get the best service. MTD has the best Gator blades that surpass your biggest expectations regarding the right blades to buy.

First, they work perfectly on all lawns despite the surrounding. For example, you can use these mulching blades in a wooded area with many twigs on the ground. You won’t have to worry about damage since they’re made of quality steel. The blades are indestructible in such areas and won’t need frequent replacement.

Second, once you install your blades on the mower, you keep mulching until you’re done. Some blades require frequent sharpening to keep mulching, which is a tedious task.

As for these Gator blades, you won’t ever need to sharpen them once installed in your lawnmower. These blades cut entirely from the start and won’t need extra sharpening.

Third, they transform all mowers despite their age. For example, you can install these blades on a decade-old mower and have it cutting like it’s brand new. You’ll notice they exude a different sound when you start them up but meet your expectations when you start mulching.

Fourth, the blades are heavy and thicker than the average mulching blades at the local hardware store. Expect durability once you invest in this pair, which is reasonable priced for the quality you get. As you use them, ensure you have a mulching plug in place for the best results.


The blades wore out too quickly than expected. Despite their heavy-duty features, the blades needed sharpening after installation. As a result, they wore out too quickly.

Another user received dull blades, which were not the ideal replacement for 942-0616A. Due to this fact, the blades didn’t meet the mulching expectation forcing them to purchase a different pair.

Still, despite these drawbacks, these have some of the best reviews as the best mower mulching blades you can get.

Extra features

The blades are best to replace mowing blades that have a 6 point star mounting hole. Only those with this specification can use these Tungsten carbide blades.

Also, the blades are only available in black. They come with serrated teeth that ensure all the grass and leaves turn into mulch within no time. Add the aggressive lift to this feature, and you have a fully transformed yard.

Buying advice

Consider it money well spent when you opt for these Tungsten carbide blades that deliver durability and efficiency. You get a pair for the price of one blade and won’t need frequent replacement.

Alternative: MTD Replacement Mulching Blade

MTD 9420741A Replacement Mulching Blade

Finding alternatives for the best mowers mulching blades ensures you have options if you miss out on the one you wanted. From MTD, you get another mulching blade constructed to meet your needs after using mower blades to clear your yard.


Nothing is more of a hustle than bugging clippings after mowing the lawn. It explains why mulching blades have grown in popularity. When you install these blades on your mower, you can forget about picking up the clippings afterward.

Despite being packaged as one, expect the best mulching from your mower once you get the blade. You might need to buy two. You can also key in your model number on the MTD website to check compatibility before you purchase the best mulching blades for riding mowers.

Additionally, you won’t need to sharpen the blade before installing it on your mower. The blade is pre-sharpened, and you can get to work once you have it in place. Also, to ensure its durability, it has a black coating. The black coating ensures your blade is protected from rusting no matter how long you use it.

Furthermore, the blades are smooth once installed and don’t result in any unusual vibrations as you mow the lawn. It’s well-balanced, providing you with the best mulching experience on any compatible mower.


While the blade fits nicely into the mower shaft, there are some cases of it being blunt. It means you must start by sharpening using a grinder before you can install it on your mower.

Also, the material isn’t as durable as other MTD blades. It’s soft and wears off quickly after frequent use. Moreover, the blade comes as one, and you must buy two to complete your mower.

Lastly, the protective black coating on the blade wears off, leaving the blade exposed. It would be best if you kept working on the blade after this to prevent any rusting.

Extra features

The blade comes complete with a star center that makes it easy to install in the mower shaft. Also, MTD provides a 90-day warranty for this blade. In case you note any defects on it, you can return it and get a replacement.

Buying advice

For $18.80, you can get this mulching blade for your mower. In case you need a pair, you can buy two, and the price is still ideal.

Alternative: 8TEN LawnRAZOR Blade

8TEN LawnRAZOR Blade

What are mulching blades?

It’s the best question to ask as you seek the best ones for your mower. From MTD, you get these 3 sharp mulching blades to complete your mowing chores.


As you contemplate on the best mulching blades to get for your mower, consider these from MTD. These blades are built to last long, which serves you as you seek durability. You get thick ones that won’t wear out easily after a few runs around the lawn.

Moreover, these blades require no sharpening for a long time. You have to take extra care when installing them since they are extra sharp. Therefore, they slice through the cuttings leaving nothing behind but fine mulch that helps fertilize your lawn.

Additionally, the manufacturer opted to paint them, which serves you when you consider blade durability. You no longer have to worry about rust making them blunt only after one cutting. The paint protects the blade in the long run.

Also, they’re an ideal replacement for 6 point star mower blade. Check the recommendations when it comes to compatibility before you purchase them. Nonetheless, they fit perfectly onto a mower and don’t take time to install.

Finally, with a medium-lift, you can enjoy mulching cuttings all around your yard without worrying about bundles here and there.

The blades ensure you get fine mulch with a side discharge, which spreads them far and wide. Also, you won’t have to worry about any annoying vibrations from these blades as you continue mulching for a long time.


The blades fit well but won’t work for all mowers. You must read through the specifications carefully before you purchase. Also, some blades might come blunt though this is rare.

When the blades don’t fit perfectly, they might not have the correct bend for your mower. The result is the deck won’t get as slow as necessary to cut the grass to your desired height.

All in all, the blades have stellar reviews and meet all the specifications of the best mulcher blades you can purchase.

Extra features

Were you thinking of having colorful blades for your mower? Well, look no further than these luminous green blades from MTD. After installation, you can enjoy cutting the grass.

Buying advice

In terms of durability, they have the best material and are painted to ward off rust.

Alternative: Briggs and Stratton Mower Blade

Briggs and Stratton Mower Blade

Getting the best mulch blade must be on top of your list when you want the best results. Briggs and Stratton have the best blade for your mower that will help reduce all cuttings into fine mulch.


Now you can enjoy the best mulching blades and say goodbye to raking grass cuttings or leaves. It’s an ideal blade for mulching both, and you won’t have to keep redoing to get a fine finishing. You can use these blades to mow a sizeable area without needing a replacement.

One distinguishable benefit of using this mower cum mulching blade is that you won’t know if you bagged or mulched. The area behind you looks so clean that you might think you bagged all the cuttings or leaves instead of mulching.

Moreover, you won’t need to spread out the mulch since there won’t be any clamps. The mower has an excellent range of side discharge for the mulch, leaving your yard looking level and clean. It not only saves you on extra labor but on time too.

Furthermore, it cuts faster than your average mowing or mulching blade. You won’t have to worry about long hours out in the yard trying to get the whole area done. Also, there are no blades of grass left standing. Thanks to the sharp blades, all grass is cut.

Finally, the blade is made using durable material that gives you prolonged service. There’s no frequent replacement each time you need to mow the lawn. It’s a genuine part that follows the OEM standards to the letter. Buying it is a guarantee of getting an original and durable mulch blade.


Though the blade mulches well, in some instances, the tips broke after only one cycle. It brings to question whether this is the best mulcher blade given its low durability. Also, adding to the broken tips, the ends are bent beyond repair.

The blade is also tough to install on a mower, which eats up mowing and mulching time. There’s a small clearance between the blade’s end and the snapper’s lip, which is not ideal for fast installation.

Furthermore, the blade is expensive, given that for $51.09, you only get one blade.

Extra features

If the blade doesn’t meet your expectation, you can contact the manufacturer for warranty support. It’s an original OEM product meaning you can trust it in terms of functionality.

Buying advice

Though it’s highly-priced for only one mulch blade, the quality is unmatched. You’ll part with $51.09 for the best mulching blade for a riding mower. You can check the model number to ensure you get a genuine blade.

Mulching Blades FAQ

How is a mulching blade different?

While regular lawn mower blades are referred to as 2-in-1 blades, mulch blades are 3-in-1 blades.

This means that while lawn mower blades can perform only 2 jobs, mulching blades can do 3. As you cut the grass, mulching blades discharge the clippings, slice them up into fine mulch, and place them on the lawn.

Can you put mulching blades on any mower?

No, you can’t put mulching blades on any mower. Mulching blades come with mower blade replacement specifications. As you purchase, note the specifications for each mulching blade.

For example, some mulching blades can only replace mower blades with a 6 point start the mounting hole. Ensure you check on the compatibility of the blade with your mower before installation.

Can you use mulching blades without a mulching kit?

Can you use mulching blades without a mulching kit?

Yes, you can use mulching blades without a mulching kit. Mulching kits are quite particular in that you can’t use them on long grass.

Also, you can only use it on green grass and therefore doesn’t work on dry grass. Moreover, a mulching kit proves inefficient when mulching a large area.

Can you discharge with mulching blades?

Yes, you can discharge using mulching blades. As you mulch, you want to avoid clumps as much as possible on your lawn.

Mulching blades have side discharge that helps spread out the mulch leaving your lawn looking pristine. After release, you won’t have to worry about any clumps that need further spreading across the yard.


Investing in the best mulching blades or buying the best 21 mulching blades means you can enjoy mowing your lawn. With features like side discharge, you no longer have to worry about clumps that you must manually spread out.

On this guide, each blade is durable and has the best reviews. Remember to check the blades that suit your mower before making a purchase. Every blade model has specifications in terms of compatible lawn mower blades.

The best mulch blade is durable, sharp, and fits perfectly on your mower. Also, it can discharge mulch well, leaving no clumps behind that need further spreading out.

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