Best Replacement Trimmer Lines For 2022

Some parts of the yard are challenging to reach using a lawnmower.

At this point, you must get the best string trimmer line to help you out. It’s the only way you can turn your lovely yard into the perfect manicured lawns you admire in magazines.

Once you get to those tough spots, you need a trimmer line to get your edges straight and neat. It’s essential to keep your grass short to avoid overgrowing, which is an eyesore. Still, getting to those tough spots requires more skill, which leaves your yard looking fantastic.

Nonetheless, there are thousands of trimmer lines available in the market today. You don’t need to check all of them as you can follow this guide to note the best string trimmer line to buy.

A good trimmer line is an essential item for all homeowners with lawns that need regular maintenance.

Quick comparison: Top picks for replacement trimmer lines

Best Overall: KAKO Nylon String Trimmer Line

KAKO Nylon String Trimmer Line

Let this orange colored trimmer line be a part of your regular lawn maintenance from today. Buying it means you say goodbye to funny edges and challenging to reach spots while mowing.


When looking for the best trimmer line to get the job done, look no further than this KAKO commercial grade.

For one, it has an orange-red coloring that makes it the best to use on a commercial trimming job. You won’t have to worry about missing tough to reach spots since the best trimmer lines have an orange-red coloring.

Next, you can relish the fact that this is a commercial-grade trimmer line. A commercial-grade trimmer line is made using the best technique to guarantee its durability. You’re therefore assured of its longevity as the line won’t break easily.

After using it during the summer season to mark your yard, you roll it up and store it. The next time you need it, you unroll it, and it’s still in excellent condition. It explains why it’s marked as the winning trimmer line in this review.

Apart from durability, it’s purposeful, adding to its appeal as the most robust trimmer line you can get. It’s the best to use when you also want to cut lengthier and tougher weeds on your compound.

Additionally, it has an excellent design that leads to little to no noise as you mow the yard. You won’t have to break due to noise while working in a large area that can take longer.

Furthermore, you can sue it on larger mowing jobs like professional commercial places with more significant areas to mow. The trimmer line is 1260 feet long, meaning you can cover a more extended area easily without stopping to change it.

Finally, the trimmer line is diverse and compatible with all trimmers, no matter their power source. You can use it with battery, electric, and gas propelled trimmers.


One of the most challenging drawbacks to wrap your head around when using this trimmer line is its thickness. It’s quite thick, which makes it tough to install.

Still, it’s the best and serves you better than most other trimmer lines in the market.

Extra features

The best weed trimmer line has excellent compatibility. It’s what you’ll enjoy about the KAKO commercial trimmer line. It’s compatible with numerous trimmers, including DeWalt DCST970X1, Ryobi RY253SS, SRM 230, Troy Bilt TB 22, FS55R, Echo SRM  235, and SRM 230.

Buying advice

For $33.59, you get the best trimmer line that serves you for a long time without needing a replacement. Its compatibility means you won’t have to limit the trimmer model you want to use.

Runners Up: BLACK + DECKER Trimmer Line

Up BLACK + DECKER Trimmer Line

Mowing your lawn can be a fun experience once you find the best trimmer line for edging, which tackles every part of the yard. Buy it today and start turning your lawn into what you’ve always wanted it to be.


A search for the best trimmer line brings you to another great product that works for all lawns in many areas. As a replacement trimmer line, you can enjoy working with a line that has a 0.06 diameter and fits perfectly with numerous brands of trimmers.

In terms of efficiency, only except the very best from BLACK +DECKER since it’s one of the fastest you can get. Not only that, you can easily cut taller weeds and grass without breaking much sweat.

Unlike other diverse trimmer lines, this brand works only with battery-powered trimmers. Therefore, ensure you check the type of trimmer you use before engaging the line.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about handling heavy lines since this is one of the lightest trimmer lines available. It weighs only 0.29 pounds and has a comfortable construction adding no weight to your trimmer while working on a large area.

You can easily feed the trimmer using this product without needing to hand-wind it.  Hand-winding trimmer lines are time-consuming and take a huge chunk away from your mowing time.


As you continue to consider the best trimmer line for your trimmer, remember to check each drawback. For this brand, you’re faced with the reality that its lightweight design makes it fragile. It quickly breaks when it comes into contact with hard surfaces, making it not the best quality.

The string on it is too short of using in a sizeable area that requires a more extended version. Such a short line is time-consuming as you have to keep making adjustments while trimming.

Lastly, there are complaints from users of counterfeit products that don’t last in the market. All in all, the original BLACK + DECKER serves you well despite only being battery powered.

Extra features

Reading through a trimmer line review reveals that this particular brand comes in two forms. You can either get the 2 pack or the 3 pack. Consider the area you need to cover plus the cost, then make your purchase.

Buying advice

The 2 pack trimmer line goes for $14.17, while the 3 pack costs $17.65. Being a BLACK+DECKER trimmer line guarantees you the best results.

Alternative: Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines

Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines


One of the best trimmer line replacements is this type from Husqvarna. As you seek an ideal trimmer line, consider its durability and performance.


Trimmer lines are many, but what makes this type is it has plenty to offer while costing less than many others. Be ready for the best heavy duty weed eater string once you decide to purchase it. It’s made using titanium force, which means it’s one of the most robust trimmer lines.

The manufacturer uses the most cutting edge technology to produce high-quality trimmer lines that won’t easily break. Also, you get a longer string covering a broader area in terms of performance, meaning you save on time and energy.

Its high-quality nature makes it one of the ideal trimmer lines to use on commercial jobs. Due to such jobs’ frequency, you need a string that can withstand constant work without easily breaking.

Additionally, you can relish that this is one of a kind trimmer line that produces no noise while trimming. Husqvarna has patented the line as making less than 50% noise as you work on your yard. You can now get rid of those noise-canceling headphones while on the job.

The trimmer line comes with an easy to use and efficient line cutter. You won’t need to use the whole roll while trimming a smaller area. You can also use this product to cut all grass types as it’s highly recommended for such.

Finally, as a professional-grade trimmer line, you can use it on the most challenging ground without much to worry about while trimming. It’s suitable for a rough country like roadside, camping grounds, and other similar areas.


For every trimmer line you come across as the best string trimmer line, always note the cons. The product has numerous pros, but its round design works against it. You notice that the rounded design doesn’t result in sharp edges like a square one would.

Furthermore, it can prove not so durable when you use it on tougher grounds despite it working for some. All in all, it’s still one to place on your cart as you keep checking the recommended trimmer lines.

Extra features

You can opt to buy the 1 pack or the 2 pack trimmer line. The choice depends on the area you have to cover and how much you need in terms of length. You can use it on a fuel-driven trimmer for the best results as it leads to lower consumption.

Buying advice

The 2 packs of this trimmer line will cost you $22.99, while the 1 package costs $10.99. Get it today and start transforming your yard.

Alternative: ANLEOLIFE 5-Pound String Trimmer Line

ANLEOLIFE 5-Pound String Trimmer Line

Now you’ve landed on the best weed eater line that means business. You can use this 1280 feet long trimmer line to cover a wide area within no time. It not only saves you time but ensures your work is satisfactory.


The most challenging part about mowing a lawn is getting those weeds and tall grasses that grew on the edge of your yard. The tough to reach areas require a trimmer and the best replacement for trimmer line you can get. Armed with these, be ready to wipe them out completely.

It’s one of the most efficient strings you can get to slice through tough weeds and grasses in no time effortlessly. You not only save on the amount of energy you use but also time spent mowing the yard.

Additionally, the trimmer line is durable due to its material composition. It’s made using tough nylon, making it ideal for constant use. You can have it as one of your trimmer lines for commercial jobs. It tough, meaning you won’t need frequent replacing due to continuous breakage.

Still, the fact that it’s made of tough nylon doesn’t make it cumbersome to work with when trimming. You can use it easily without needing extra assistance to get it on the trimmer. It has a soft surface that won’t hurt your hands when you don’t have gloves on.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with numerous electric and gas trimmers from various companies. You don’t have to buy a particular brand to use it for perfect lines.


There’s a complaint about the line disintegrating too quickly after only one job of trimming. It brings into question the quality of this trimmer line. Still, it has one of the top trimmer line reviews and is worth a shot.

Extra features

The trimmer line comes with variety in terms of the diameter you get. You have the option for .065 inches, .080 inches, .095 inches, .130 inches, .105 inches, and .155 inches.

Buying advice

Given the outstanding quality of this trimmer line, you only need to spend $38.99. For that amount, you can choose any of the above diameters.

Alternative: Cyclone Desert Extrusion Trimmer Line

Cyclone Desert Extrusion Trimmer Line

Get this brand of trimmer line for the most challenging trimming job you have. It’s a commercial-grade made for frequent use as you trim lots of areas.


Trimmers make mowing the yard easy, no matter if it’s at home or work. When you get the right trimmer and line, you have the perfect combination to get rid of all the grasses and weeds. For that, you need the best trimmer line replacement like this one from Cyclone.

First, it’s made using the best material, which is a copolymer mix. From it, you get the assurance of a robust commercial grade trimmer line that doesn’t easily break.

Lines that break often make it hard to work big jobs and waste lots of time. It’s a strong trimmer line designed to slice through the toughest weeds you come across.

Second, it has a round shape that delivers a perfect finish to your job. Looking back after you finish trimming, you notice that the area has a flawless finish. Therefore, there’s little regret about opting to buy this brand of the best string trimmer line.

Third, you have the 6 edges that are along the length of this trimmer line. These are what you use to get efficient work from your trimmer. Also, work is done fast, and you won’t need to spend hours trying to reach all the sharp and challenging corners.

Though it’s a little expensive than other commercial-grade trimmer lines, the value you get in terms of efficiency is undeniable. It’s has a bright orange color that works well on a trimmer.

Additionally, its .095 diameter fits in with many trimmers from different companies. Therefore, ensure you check on this before purchasing.

It’s also made in the USA by a company known for quality products for lawn and yard maintenance. You get 855 feet that can cover a large area, making it the best weed eater line to have at home.

Not only that, it’s easy for anyone to use. All you need is to set it up, and you can start transforming your area as per your requirements. Reading through a trimmer line review affirms it as the best choice to use on a commercial job.


Cons for these trimmer lines are essential as you consider the best to buy for a commercial job. In terms of quality, the material is wanting, especially when you have to use it every day. The line often breaks, which can be frustrating and need constant replacement.

Also, you have to take extra caution when using the line and not hit anything else. Trimming near concrete or other hard surfaces will lead to damage or breakage of the string. Also, it gets so many splitting ends after frequent use, which is not the best for a commercial-grade strongest trimmer line.

Additionally, it’s expensive in comparison to other efficient commercial grade trimmer line. It’s a con since the line is only 855 feet but costly than others that are longer, therefore, covering a wider area.

However, you still get your money’s worth when you opt to buy this commercial-grade trimmer line. It’s efficient and helps move the work along at a faster pace.

Extra features

Depending on the size of work ahead, you can opt to buy the 1 pack or the 2 pack trimmer line. Prices vary, but the determining factor should be the job you want for either home or commercial. It’s also an ideal choice to use as a landscaping professional due to Cyclone’s 6 blade shape patented.

Buying advice

Cyclone has the 1 pack trimmer line that costs $47.95 while the 2 pack is $85.95. Buy it and start enjoying trimming those pesky growths on tough to reach edges of the yard.

Trimmer Line FAQ

What is a Trimmer line?

What is a Trimmer line?

A trimmer line is a string you use on a trimmer to cut through weeds, grass, and small shrubs. It comes in handy when you have these growing in hard to reach areas like the edges of your yard.

A trimmer line helps you save time and energy, which results in a perfectly manicured compound. You can also use it at home or on commercial work, especially when you get the professional-grade ones.

How often should you replace the trimmer line?

Replacing the trimmer line depends on the wear and tear of the one you are currently using.

There’s no set duration because some of the best trimmer lines can last you for many years. Therefore, check your trimmer line before and after every job to note whether it needs replacing or not.

Is the twisted trimmer line better?

Is the twisted trimmer line better?

It’s best to note that trimmer lines are diverse, and each serves a different purpose. You can get square, round, twisted, and star lines to use on your yard.

Still, the best among them is the twisted trimmer line for the simple fact that it’s more efficient. You can get a better finish with straighter lines when you opt to use it.

Why does a trimmer line keep breaking?

Usually, the best trimmer line for edging is strong enough to last a long time. Therefore, if you notice the string keeps breaking, there’s a problem.

The most common explanation is you’re using the wrong line for your trimmer. Always check what types are compatible with your machine before you buy.


The best weed trimmer line can serve you for a long time since it’s made of the most rigid material. Also, you can now cut those pesky weeds, tall grasses, and shrubs that grow on the edges of your yard.

As you consider buying a trimmer line, check out the professional grade ones on this guide designed to meet all your needs. You won’t have to worry about wasting time or having to replace the string often.

Also, consider the use of the trimmer line before you buy. Do you want it to use at home or for professional landscaping work?

Working at home can require a shorter line than when working on a job site.

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