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Our recommendation for a best stand on mower is the Bradley Stand On Zero Turn Commercial Mower, which offers several choices for cutting widths, so you can choose the best size for your needs. This stand on mower also comes with adjustable cutting heights, so you can tailor it to your lawn. We’ve got other fantastic recommendations, though, so read on to see our detailed breakdown.

Our Top 3 Picks for Best Stand On Mower:

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How Does a Stand On Mower Compare to Other Mowers?

You can think of a stand on mower as a cross between a ride on mower and a walk behind mower. Rather than riding on the mower, the rider stands on a platform in the back of the mower. There is no need to push the lawn mower; the motor takes care of its movement.

Although sitting on a ride on lawn mower may seem like a more comfortable option, stand on mowers provide a lot of benefits. According to Wright Commercial Mowers, stand on mowers can be a better option for your back, causing less pain and strain.

When you sit on a mower, your lower back receives most of the shock from bumps. However, standing mowers allow your feet and legs to absorb that shock, leaving it off your lower back.

Stand on mowers can also give you a lot of control. Since you’re standing on the back, you can distribute your weight as needed when you go over the shifting terrain in your yard. So, the stand on mower can, in a sense, move with your hard, providing more stability, control, and maneuverability than other mowers.

In this way, the standing mower can also be a safer option for a ride on mower. If something dangerous were to occur, such as an impending rollover or an object in the way, a standing mower allows for a quick exit from the machine. If you’re in a sitting position, you can’t exit as quickly, which can leave you in harm’s way.

Stand on mowers can also be easier to transport from one place to another than other ride on mowers. They are typically more compact than tractor-style mowers, almost like a large version of a push mower. It can, therefore, usually fit easily on trailers if you need to transport it.

Wright Commercial Mowers explains, and demonstrates, some of the biggest benefits of the stand on mower in this video:

Of course, with all of the advantages of a stand on mower, comes some disadvantages. These types of mowers typically have a smaller fuel capacity than other ride on mowers, so they aren’t ideal for large spaces. They also don’t usually have as much of a variety in accessory options as other types of mowers.

Who Can Benefit from Stand On Mowers?

Stand on mowers are usually the choice of professional landscapers and contractors dealing with commercial turf. Not only are they easier to transport to their clients’ locations, but stand on mowers also provide an incredible amount of maneuverability to mow within tight spaces and get a clean cut near objects.

They also are, possibly, the best choice for maneuvering slopes, making them a good choice to handle the variety of lawn maintenance professionals have to deal with.

However, the president of Wright Manufacturing, Bill Wright, says that although about 90% of stand on mower purchasers used to be professional landscapers, he’s now seeing a big shift in clientele. He now estimates that about half of his stand on mower purchasers are regular homeowners who used to use regular, sit-down ride on lawn mowers (source).

Wright thinks this is because so many people are seeing the convenience of the stand on mower. Additionally, with so many different features and models coming to the market, it’s giving the average consumer more choice in variety and price points for stand on mowers than they had when they were newer to the market.

Staying Safe on Your Stand On Mower

Most types of mowers come with certain dangers, and a stand on mower is no exception. There are a number of things that can go wrong with stand on mowing, especially if a rider is inexperienced in operating a stand on mower, or the rider fails to take basic safety precautions when operating the mower.

It’s clear that, with the design and lower center of gravity of stand on mowers versus riding mowers, they can more safely tackle slopes and hills than other ride on mowers. But, this doesn’t mean an operator should attempt to maneuver any hill. This can be a very dangerous mistake on a stand on mower.

Green Industry Pros states that the majority of stand on mower manufacturers will not suggest operating their stand on lawn mowers on any slope greater than 15 to 20 degrees. Some even suggest not to mow sideways on any slope greater than 5 degrees. Therefore, it’s extremely important to thoroughly read your operating manual for your model before using it.

Additionally, here are a few more things you can do to safely operate your stand on mower:

  • Prepare the site you’re mowing before getting on the mower. Remove sticks, rocks, and objects that may pose a hazard as you mow.
  • Use heavy-duty footwear, long utility pants and a shirt, a helmet, protective eyewear and earplugs, and gripping gloves.
  • Maneuver slowly around turns, and always be watchful of where you’re going. Never attempt to back up the mower without being aware of what’s around you.
  • When mowing on slopes, move across the grade when possible, rather than up or down, which can more easily topple the mower.

Our Recommendation for Best Stand On Mower: Bradley Stand On Zero Turn Commercial Mower

The Bradley Zero Turn Commercial Lawn Mower comes in a number of different cutting deck widths, so you can choose the best one for your needs. The adjustable cutting height as opposed to a fixed deck also allows for more variability for different lawns and grass types.

This stand on model also allows for some flexibility for the rider. If you need some more control when mowing, you can remove the stand on platform to turn the mower into a walk behind mower. This is good for added safety when maneuvering hills, especially.

To keep your stand on mower working safely and optimally for years to come, remember to provide routine inspections and preventative maintenance to keep it in top shape. Before each use, you should check your stand on mower’s blades, safety features, and all fasteners and bolts. If any look worn, damaged, or rusted, it’s time to replace them.

You should also check your mower’s oil frequently, and change it according to your manufacturer’s guidelines. Your operating manual will contain important information about routine maintenance, like changing the oil and air filters, and checking the spark plugs.

This Bradley stand on mower offers a 2-year residential warranty, so residential users will be covered in case of a manufacturing defect on the mower. However, defects as a result of failure to properly use and maintain the mower won’t be covered. Other brands to consider are Ferris, Grandstand, Worldlawn, Exmark, or Wright Stander mower.

Photo by Tim Wilson licensed under CC BY 2.0

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