Best Worx Leaf Blower For Small And Large Yards

A Worx leaf blower can help you keep your yard and driveways clean. But what types are there available? The manufacturer offers a wide range of leaf blowers and choosing the right one is often a matter of needs. When choosing the best Worx leaf blower, the first thing to consider is the size of your yard.

A leaf blower will help you sweep away leaves and debris from your alleys, driveways or lawn. But these power tools can often boast other functions too.

From all the choices available on the market, Worx has set itself apart and is now considered one of the most reliable manufacturers of gardening power tools. Nevertheless, there are plenty of models to choose from and many things to consider before deciding on the best one.

This guide aims to show which is the best Worx leaf blower for both small and large yards. Moreover, you’ll have an insight of all the available options to understand how the manufacturer stands out from the crowd.

1. WORX TURBINE Fusion Leaf Blower WG510
Star rating 3.5 of 5
  • 3-in-1 single tube system
  • Equipped with the TURBINE fan
  • Easy to handle
WORX TURBINE 12 Amp Corded
Star rating 5 of 5
  • Patented fan technology
  • Equipped with a variable speed control
  • Power cord retainer
3. WORX TURBINE 56V Cordless Blower WG591
Star rating 4 of 5
  • Easy to use
  • Battery fully recharges in 90 minutes
  • Comes with a three-year limited warranty
4. WORX 32-Volt AIR Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner WG575.1
WORX 32 Volt AIR Multi Purp
Star rating 4 of 5
  • Easy to use
  • 8 innovative attachments
  • Compact design
5. WORX WA4054.2 LeafPro Universal Leaf Collection System
WORX WA4054 2 LeafPro Unive
Star rating 3.5 of 5
  • Fully compatible with all Worx leaf blowers
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and durable

Types Of Leaf Blowers

Before talking about the range of leaf blowers proposed by Worx in detail, let’s have a word about the various types of leaf blowers in general. These power tools are designed to help homeowners and landscapers manicure the aspect of a property by sweeping away leaves and debris. Nevertheless, some leaf blowers also act as vacuums and mulching tools.

The simplest way to categorize the leaf blowers is by their power source. We can distinguish between gas powered, corded and cordless electric leaf blowers.

  • Gas-powered leaf blowers: are usually powered by gasoline or another type of fuel. They are ideal for large properties, as they have a long autonomy. When they run out of fuel, you can simply refill the tank and continue working regardless of where you are. On the downside, these tools are heavy and noisy. The engine requires constant maintenance and they are not environmentally friendly.
  • Corded electric leaf blowers: are powered by electricity and draw their energy from an electric outlet. They are the most lightweight leaf blowers available on the market and are easy to use. They need little to no maintenance but your mobility will be limited by the power cord. If you have a medium-sized or large property, you might want to invest in an outdoor cord extension.
  • Cordless electric leaf blowers: are probably the preferred of most homeowners. They are environmentally friendly, easy to use, and need little maintenance. However, they are powered by batteries and usually have limited running times. Depending on the type of battery used, these tools are suitable for small or medium-sized yards but usually unsuitable for large properties.

Worx Leaf Blower Categories

Worx proposes a vast range of electric leaf blowers. The manufacturer has a choice of corded and cordless leaf blowers and a series of multi-tools that incorporate the benefits of a leaf blower with those of a garden vacuum and/or mulcher.

The range of corded electric leaf blowers comprises of a small collection of leaf blowers ideal for yards of all sizes. The TURBINE tools are probably the most popular thanks to their patented jet engine technology which delivers a higher blowing force compared to the other models.

In the category of corded electric leaf blowers is also included a series of multi-tools designed for blowing, vacuuming and mulching.

The range of cordless electric leaf blowers, on the other hand, is made up by a series of tools powered by rechargeable batteries with powers between 20 and 56V. Some of these tools are included in combo kits designed for landscapers and gardeners, which include the leaf blower and a string trimmer.

The tools in this category are compatible with a wide range of accessories and most of the times the batteries are interchangeable with other cordless electric power tools from the same manufacturer.

Best Worx Leaf Blower For Your Yard


WORX TURBINE 12 Amp Corded Leaf Blower

The TURBINE 600 model from Worx is a corded electric leaf blower designed for small and large properties alike. With its 12 Amps rated power, the leaf blower is ideal for heavy-duty lawn manicuring works and it resists well to intense use.The tool is powered by an electric cord and it can easily reach even the most remote corners of your property if used with an outdoor extension cord. Apart from the power characteristics, the TURBINE fan technology ensures a high-capacity of air output that delivers a blowing force almost two times superior to the professional gas-powered blowers.

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The patented fan technology is not the only winning point of this excellent tool. In fact, the TURBINE 600 leaf blower also boasts a dynamic air flow design and a hyper-stream nozzle that delivers maximum performance every time.

Another positive trait of this power tool is the variable speed control that allows you to adapt the air output to the outdoor cleaning challenges. All these characteristics are enhanced by the incredible maneuverability of the tool.

Things We Liked

  • Technology: the TURBINE 600 leaf blower boasts a patented fan technology that delivers a high-capacity air volume. Sweeping away the leaves and debris requires little effort and time.
  • Speed control: the tool is equipped with a variable speed control that allows you to adapt the performance of the blower to your needs.
  • Weight: the tool weighs only 6,4 pounds. It is easy to maneuver with just one hand without getting fatigued, which is a great advantage.
  • Power cord retainer: thanks to the power cord retainer, you’ll be able to care for your lawn or property without hassle. No more twisted cord to worry about.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • You’ll freedom of movement is dependent on the power cord.

2. WORX TURBINE 56V Cordless Blower WG591

WORX TURBINE 56V Cordless Blower

Combining the advantages of a cordless leaf blower with the benefits of the TURBINE technology, the Worx TURBINE 56V cordless blower is a great option if you want to move freely around your property. The tool is powered by a 56V lithium battery that keeps the unit up and running for about 15 minutes when used on maximum speed.The power tool comes with the battery and charger included in the package, although the manufacturer also sells the unit alone, without the battery and charger package. Since the MAX batteries used by Worx for its power tools are interchangeable, buying the unit alone might be a more budget-friendly option if you already own other cordless Worx power tools that use a similar battery.

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Apart from these benefits, the unit is also really lightweight and easy to handle for a battery-powered unit. It only weighs 8,1 pounds with the battery on and it provides an air output of 465 CFM on the maximum speed.

Although less powerful than its corded counterpart, the cordless leaf blower from Worx is still suitable for most gardening chores. The only thing to be aware is the battery, namely to how you recharge it. The battery requires 90 minutes to fully recharge and it can be easily damaged by overcharging. Since replacement batteries are expensive, you might want to make sure you keep it in the best conditions for as long as possible.

Things We Liked

  • Freedom of movement: this leaf blower is easy to use in any corner of the property. The cordless feature gives you all the desired freedom of movement.
  • Runtime: the blower has a run time of about 15 minutes when used on the highest speed setting but on the medium setting it can run up to half an hour.
  • Charge time: thanks to its quick recharge time, you’ll be able to maintain your property impeccable with the cordless convenience. The battery fully recharges in 90 minutes.
  • Warranty: the unit comes with a three-year limited warranty for parts and labor damages.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The battery can easily break if overcharged. Just pay attention to never leave the battery on the charger for more than 90 minutes and only recharge when completely drained.

3. WORX TURBINE Fusion Leaf Blower WG510

WORX TURBINE Fusion Leaf Blower

More often than not, homeowners and landscapers feel than combining the advantages of more power tools in only one unit is more advantageous from an economic point of view. Moreover, we can also mention the convenience of simply switching from one tool to another from a button.This is the case of WORX TURBINE Fusion Leaf Blower WG510, a unit that incorporates a blower, a mulcher, and a yard vacuum. This corded electric unit will allow you to clean and care for your property in a breeze. Just start with the blower, and once you’ve built a pile of leaves, use the vacuum and mulcher functions to transform it into precious mulch.

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The dual-stage metal impeller is designed to shred almost all types of common yard debris, for added convenience. You’ll be able to keep your property clean and neat effortlessly and make mulch from leaves and pine needles.

The tool boasts a dual speed control and it comes with a shoulder strap for an easier handling. The unit is also backed up by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Things We Liked

  • 3-in-1: this three-in-one single tube system incorporated a blower, a mulcher and a yard vacuum that adds up to the convenience.
  • Technology: equipped with the TURBINE fan, this power tool delivers a powerful capacity and boasts an air output of 525 CFM.
  • Easy to handle: the unit is fairly lightweight and it comes with a shoulder strap and a leaf collection bag.
  • Speed controls: designed to handle both light chores and heavy-duty jobs, this power tool boasts a dual speed control.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The vacuum suction is not one of the best. The unit is great if you’re mainly looking for a leaf blower and expect a limited use of the other functions.

4. WORX 32-Volt AIR Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner WG575.1

WORX 32-Volt AIR Multi-Purpose Blower

WORX WG575.1 is a power tool designed for those who want to keep both their yard and their vehicle tidy. This blower, sweeper, and cleaner comes with the necessary accessories to transform the unit into an upholstery vacuum designed to clean garden furniture and vehicles.The unit is powered by a 32V Max lithium battery that provides a longer runtime compared to the traditional lithium batteries used to power Worx tools. Besides the longer runtime, the battery also boasts a quicker recharge time.

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The power tool itself, on the other hand, delivers the convenience of a cordless leaf blower that transforms into a sweeper and upholstery vacuum. The unit is ideal to use as a car vacuum cleaner or to sweep away leaves and debris from your pathways or patio.

Another characteristic we like is the complete maneuverability of the tool with only one hand. The unit weighs only 4 pounds and despite its compact dimensions, it provides an air output of 80 CFM. Regarding the air speed, you can expect it to blow up to 120 mph.

Things We Liked

  • Versatility: this multi-tool is designed to help homeowners create a clean zone in and around their homes. The unit is also easy to use as a hand-held car vacuum or to clean the garden furniture.
  • Attachments: the unit comes with eight innovative attachments that are suitable for a wide variety of cleanup purposes. You can also use the unit to inflate or deflate beach balls or air mattresses.
  • Compact: the unit has a compact design. It is easy to handle and maneuver and it only weighs 4 pounds. This makes it easy to use by people with reduced mobility.
  • Easy to store: thanks to the compact dimensions, the unit is also easy to store. It occupies a little space and all the attachments are detachable.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The tool outputs less power compared to the corded counterparts. Nevertheless, this should be expected from a battery-powered unit.

5. WORX WA4054.2 LeafPro Universal Leaf Collection System

WORX WA4054.2 LeafPro Universal Leaf

While not exactly a leaf blower, the LeafPro Universal Leaf Collection System by Worx is an accessory designed to make your life easier when using one of the blowers described above. The system fits almost all leaf blowers and yard vacuums and is designed to provide a convenient debris storage solution.This will help you gather the debris in your yard easily and without the need of building a debris pile. From the collection bag, all debris can be disposed in the waste or transferred into a mulcher, depending on your personal needs.

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Thanks to the collection system, you’ll also be able to gather yard debris for your compost pile, which is an added convenience. The system has a capacity of 96 gallons and you can leave the debris inside until you fill it to the top, or empty the  bag after each chore.

The unit comes with a universal tube fit and a flexible 8-foot hose with connector. It is lightweight and easy to use, adding advantages to blowers and yard vacuums alike.

Things We Liked

  • Capacity: this universal leaf collection system by Worx is ideal to use for almost all gardening cleaning chores. It has a capacity of 96 gallons and it is ideal for large yards.
  • Compatibility: fully compatible with all Worx leaf blowers and yard vacuums, the unit is designed to be compatible with almost all major brands.
  • Easy to use: the unit has an 8-foot flexible hose with connector. This will allow you to work freely while the bag rests on the ground.
  • Durability: the unit is strong and durable, suitable for heavy-duty use. It is ideal for professional landscapers and gardeners, and for homeowners alike.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Given that this is just a debris collection system, it is quite expensive. Moreover, some Worx leaf blowers come with integrated collection systems.

Conclusion & Final Pick

WORX TURBINE Fusion Leaf Blower WG510 is probably the best Worx leaf blower to consider if you want to invest in a unit that brings the convenience of three tools in one.

Despite being powered by a cord, this unit impresses with its versatility. The thing we like the most is the fact that all tools included in this unit are designed for yard maintenance and care. The leaf blower is ideal to keep your yard and driveways clean and tidy, while the yard vacuum and mulcher will help you care for your lawn.

The unit is lightweight, highly maneuverable, and easy to use. It is also suitable for yards of all sizes, as long as you’ll use it with an outdoor extension cord. Despite this minor inconvenience, this Worx leaf blower is reliable, versatile, and ideal for all households.

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