Echo String Trimmer SRM 225 Review

Echo String Trimmer SRM225-Review

If lawn care is your hobby or your profession, you will need the right equipment that will let you achieve the desired result: a splendid looking lawn. An important tool for the lawn care is the trimmer since one of the most important steps for a proper lawn care is the trimming.

On the market, there is available a myriad of trimmer models, each with its own characteristics and downsides. Among these, we can find the Echo String Trimmer SRM 225, a reliable tool loved by most lawn care professionals and homeowners.

We wrote this Echo String Trimmer SRM 225 review so you can decide if this is the right trimmer for your case.

Things to Consider Before Buying a String Trimmer

Based on the power method, there are two main types of trimmers: electric string trimmers and gas string trimmers.

The electric ones are easy to start and maintain, are environmentally friendly and quieter. These trimmers can be corded or cordless. The first ones are powered by a power cord and you will probably need to buy an extension cord if you have to trim a large area.

The cordless string trimmers offer more mobility, being powered by batteries, but you will have a limited autonomy.

Gas-powered string trimmers are the most appreciated by the lawn care professionals because they are more powerful than their electric counterparts. They also offer mobility and a long autonomy. The downside of this trimmers is that you will have to buy an appropriate type of fuel and they are harder to start.

Regardless of your choice, there are a few features you should look for when buying a string trimmer.

  • Handling ease;
  • Cutting width;
  • Starting ease;
  • Variable speed.

Echo String Trimmer SRM 225

Echo String Trimmer SRM 225 is a straight shaft gas trimmer equipped with a two-stroke 21.2cc engine that provides enough power to trim even the thickest weeds.

This string trimmer arrives preassembled and you will be able to notice from the first time the incredible performance and cutting ability if this gas powered tool. Starting this tool is extremely easy, all you have to do is pull the cord.

Designed for both professionals and homeowners, the Echo String Trimmer SRM 225 weighs only 12 pounds and boasts a large 14.9 ounces fuel tank. The straight 59-inch long shaft will allow you to trim all the weeds in no time while the patented Echo I-30 starter will reduce the effort needed to start the tool with 30%.

Things We Liked

Lightweight: weighing only 12 pounds, it will be really easy to carry the trimmer even when its tank is completely full.

Durable: boasting a sturdy plastic body, this trimmer is made to last.

Preassembled: you will not have to do anything to start the trimmer for the first time, only to add the right oil-fuel mixture as instructed by the manufacturer.

Powerful: the 2-stroke 21.2cc Vortex engine gives enough power to the trimmer to cut easily through all types of grass and weed.

Things We Didn't Like

This tool lacks a shoulder strap for easier carrying.

The gas-powered engine is noisy and polluting.

It has the tendency to jam over time.

Feature and Benefits

2-Stroke Engine

The Echo SRM 225 comes equipped with a powerful 2-stroke engine capable of ensuring an outstanding performance. In addition to being so powerful, this tool is also very lightweight, so you will be able to easily maneuver it even in the most difficult places, such as ditches, hillsides or other areas that are hard to reach.

Easy to Use and Maintain

From the first glance, it is easy to notice that this string trimmer was built to last. The handle is provided with a rubber over-mold designed for better grip.

Another amazing feature is the fuel tank oriented in a way that allows an easy refueling. All you have to do is to place the trimmer on the ground, remove the cap and add the mixture of 50:1 gas/oil.

The maintenance is easy to make, you just have to replace or clean regularly a few components, such as the air filter, fuel filter, and the spark plug. All the additional tools needed to remove and mount the components, such as a hook and a T-wrench, are included in the package. All the other parts, such as the exhaust system and the heat dissipation parts, are really easy to clean.

Vibration Reduction System

One of the greatest features of this string trimmer is the vibration reduction system that is designed to reduce the fatigue and increase the operator’s comfort. This feature will allow you to operate the unit for a longer time and feel less fatigue compared to using similar trimmers that are not equipped with this system.

Long Shaft

The Echo SRM 225 has a 59-inches long straight shaft. This feature makes the trimmer perfect for you even if you’re tall since you will not have to bend over to reach the grass. Maintaining a healthy position while trimming the grass will reduce the associated back pain.

With this trimmer, all you have to worry about is maneuvering it carefully to reach the ground and trim the weeds and grass. However, thanks to the excellent trimming mechanism, you will be able to trim the grass around the trees, fences and foundations quickly and easily.

5-year Limited Warranty

If you are buying this trimmer for residential use, the manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty for parts and labor. In the case of commercial use, the warranty is reduced to two years. Nevertheless, you will still have plenty of time to test the product.

Users Opinion

Being one of the most popular trimmers on the market, it is not hard to find what the other users think about this tool. While some lawn care professional believe that the performances of this trimmer are average, many residential users define the Echo SRM 225 an outstanding tool.

The users are very fond of the quick start and of the ease of reloading the cutting string. The trimmer is also fairly quiet according to their opinions.

Another characteristic appreciated was the fact that the head of the SRM 225 stops turning when it doesn’t touch the grass. In this way, it is safe to walk around or lay the trimmer on the grass.

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1. Hitachi CG22EAP2SL String Trimmer/Brush Cutter

Hitachi CG22EAP2SL String Trimmer/Brush Cutter

Like the Echo SRM 225, this string trimmer is powered by a 21.2cc 2-stroke engine. The Hitachi trimmer is also lightweight and has a 60-inch solid steel shaft. This trimmer represents an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a tool very similar to the Echo.


  • Easy to start: the Echo SRM 225 has the I-30 start system, the Hitachi has the S-Start system that will enable you to start the engine easily by reducing the pull force required for the start-up.
  • Anti-vibration system: similar to the Echo SRM 225, this tool is provided with a vibration reduction system designed to diminish fatigue and increase the comfort.
  • Lightweight: this trimmer weighs only 11 pounds, one pound less than the SRM 225. Even if this may seem unimportant, it can make a difference if you have to trim a large lawn.

You can find out more about the features of this string trimmer here.

2. Poulan Pro 967185701 PP25SFA Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer

Poulan Pro 967185701 PP25SFA Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer

More powerful than the Echo SRM 225, this trimmer is powered by a 2-stroke 25cc engine and boasts a spring assisted start system. This tool is excellent if you need a trimmer that is somehow similar to the Echo but more powerful.


  • Transforms into a multifunctional machine: the manufacturer produce additional attachments, sold separately, that can transform the trimmer into a pole pruner, edger, cultivator or blower.
  • 17-inch cutting swath: similar to the Echo SRM 225, this trimmer has the maximum cutting width of 17 inches.
  • Heavier compared to the SRM 225: the Poulan Pro 967185701 PP25SFA weighs 14.4 pounds.

You can find out more about the features of this string trimmer here.

3. Husqvarna 128LD Straight Shaft Detachable String Trimmer

Husqvarna 128LD Straight Shaft Detachable String Trimmer

The last trimmer compared is this Husqvarna 128LD, the most powerful among all the trimmers we talked about. This tool is equipped with a 28cc engine and weighs around 11 pounds. For versatility, the trimmer can be used as a multifunctional tool, with the right attachments.


  • Detachable shaft: for easier transport and storage, this trimmer comes with a detachable shaft.
  • Smart Start: similar to the Echo SRM 225, this trimmer also has an easy to operate start system.
  • 13.53 oz. fuel tank: the fuel tank has a smaller capacity compared to the Echo’s fuel tank. This will decrease the autonomy.

You can find out more about the features of this string trimmer here.

Other Brands to Consider

Of course after reading this Echo string trimmer SRM 225 review you might find that you'd like to consider some alternatives as well. We have reviewed a number of other brands as well which you can read about below:


Without a doubt, the Echo String Trimmer SRM 225 is one of the best in its class, boasting not only a powerful engine but also a wide cutting swath and a large fuel tank. You might think that this trimmer is not versatile enough, but the experience led us to the conclusion that a tool designed for a sole purpose is most of the times better than a multiuse tool.

This trimmer is designed for residential use but it can easily double as a commercial trimmer, the quality of the cut and the long lifespan compensating the rather expensive price.

If you want to find out more about the features and price of this trimmer, please visit this link. If you're looking for some other options, please read our other reviews here.

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