How To Make A Garden Flag Pole

With garden flags increasing in popularity, one of the main questions that arise is how to find, or make, the perfect garden flag pole. After all, this support will help you display your flag and add personality to your outdoor space.

Between garden flag poles and alternative display units, there are endless options to choose from if you want to decorate your garden or backyard with a flag. Nevertheless, DIY enthusiasts will probably wonder how to make a garden flag pole on their own.

I love garden flags myself and, as a true DIY lover, I also built my own pole to beautify the outdoor space. Follow this step-by-step guide and make your garden stand out with a unique, DIY, garden flag pole.

Why Install A Garden Flag?

More and more homeowners are beginning to understand the importance of creating a personalized outdoor space. One of the easiest ways to beautify your garden or yard is with a garden flag.

Garden flags come in all shapes and sizes. You can use them to decorate your garden for a birthday party or other outdoor event, to mark a national or religious holiday, or simply as a decoration that pairs with the season or with the theme of the garden.

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With the use of a garden flag, you will be able to welcome the guests to your home while showing a glimpse of your personality through the choice of colors and design. Moreover, garden flags are inexpensive, easy to display, and also easy to change as often as you want.

Therefore, if you like the idea of an affordable and easy to change decoration, then installing a garden flag might be the right solution.

How To Make A Garden Flag Pole

If by now you’re convinced to install a garden flag, the first step to take is to buy, or build, a flag pole. There are many ready-to-use solutions out there, and the most popular garden flag poles are made of wrought iron, steel or wood.

Although these flag poles or display units have affordable prices, many gardeners and landscapers love the idea of making their own unique decorations. If this is the case, follow my guide to find out how to build a garden flag pole.

You Will Need

  • A steel or wood pole, 3/8 inches in diameter and 4-5 feet long;
  • Braided nylon rope;
  • Two 5/8 inches fast eye snaps;
  • Two pipe clamps;
  • One rope cleat;
  • One swivel pulley;

How To Make

  • Attach the swivel pulley to the top of the pole, using a pipe clamp.
  • Thread the rope through the pulley and tie an eye snap to the rope by making a simple knot.
  • Tie the other end of the rope to the second eye snap, then tie the ends of the rope together, between the eye snaps. You should have achieved a rope circle at this point.
  • Using the second pipe clamp, attach the rope to the bottom of the pole, to keep it stretched along the length of the pole.
  • Dig a hole of about 1 foot in the ground to install your flag pole. You can use a garden auger or a post hole digger for this purpose.
  • Fix the garden flag pole in the ground. To make this operation easier, choose to install your flag pole after a rain; alternatively, moist the soil with water before installing the pole.
  • Once the pole is fixed to the ground, attach the garden flag to the rope using the two fast eye snaps.
  • Raise the flag and enjoy it!

An alternative way of fixing your flag to the pole is by mounting Velcro closures on the flag and use them to tie the flag to the rope. To beautify your garden flag pole, even more, you can even choose to install a solar LED light on top of the pole.

If you want your flag to be fixed on a rod instead of a rope, then you can build a flag stand of wood.

In this case, you will need:

  • One wooden pole, 5 feet tall;
  • One wooden pole, 5 inches longer than the flag;
  • Nails and screws.

To make the garden flag pole:

Regardless of your favorite method, making a garden flag pole is fairly easy and the operation is not time consuming. But what is certain, is that your DIY pole will stand out.

Now, all you have to do is to find the perfect garden flag to display in your garden. There are plenty ideas to choose from and, in this case too, you will have the possibility to choose from numerous ready-to-use models or make your own.

My suggestion is to invest or make at least one garden flag for each season. You should also have a collection of special flags to decorate your outdoor space during the holiday season or for special events. This will help you make a statement and your guests will certainly value both your creativity and originality when it comes to garden decorations!

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