Tips And Tricks For Growing Sorrel

Sorrel is a wonderful plant to choose to grow or keep in your home as it’s so easy to grow and maintain!

They require little care and attention from your own life so for the busy workers out there, or for the people who just can never remember to water their plants. This one is for you. It’s versatile, pretty to look at, and is simple to take care of.

You’ll want to make sure it gets plenty of sunlight and that it’s planted in well-draining soil that can consume a consistent amount of moisture.

Sorrel is is the name for a variety of leafy greens available at many farmers’ markets, it’s often used in stir fry, soups, casseroles, marinades, as well as pairing well with yogurt, fish, and cheese.

How Do You Collect Sorrel Seeds?

How Do You Collect Sorrel Seeds

There are two common types of sorrel seeds available, the most common varieties are the French sorrel known as Rumex scutatus, and garden sorrel, which is also known as Rumex acestosa.

French sorrel typically has rather pointed leaves that harbor a lemon flavor, it’s also smaller than other varieties of this plant and can grow up to 12 inches overall.

This plant’s leaves are often used in salads for their distinct lemon flavoring that complements salads so well. However, it can also be harvested so it can be cooked or steeped to make your own tea!

Garden sorrel has larger leaves than its neighboring french sorrel and has a similar flavor overall. It’s known for growing tall flower spikes in the summer months which can easily reseed.

You can begin harvesting this plant when it is a few inches tall. Boil a pot of water and drop the leaves in for two minutes.

When this has boiled, remove the leaves and immediately drop them into a bowl of ice-cold water. Drain off the moisture and seal the leaves in a freezer suitable container and then store them in the freezer!

Should I Let Sorrel Flower?

You can let sorrel flower if you wish to, it makes for a beautiful hibiscus flower that is purple and pink in color. It gets its sour and tangy taste from the oxalic acid element which can be similar to kiwis and strawberries.

However, with that being said, it is not recommended to consume this in large quantities because oxalic acid can be poisonous. So, small quantities would be wiser and can be consumed safely.

Can I Grow Sorrel Indoors?

Can I Grow Sorrel Indoors

Stereotypically, sorrel seeds are sewn into the garden only, you could probably create a make-shift garden inside, however, they would flourish more outside than indoors. But feel free to give it a go! In the meantime, we have some tips for growing them outside for you to take a look at.

Many gardeners start planting sorrel seeds in greenhouses, so indoors may work too! However, they can easily be started outside in an open garden.

You’ll need to scatter a handful of the seeds over your desired planting area, or alternatively dig a half an inch deep trench and bury the seeds in it. You may water the soil before and after planting so don’t worry if you make a mistake!

Just make sure they get a sufficient amount of water to germinate. Once the saplings start to grow, you can thin them out when the plant reaches roughly 3 inches tall.

Because they grow in small clumps, you’ll want to give each individual plant plenty of space to grow well, thin them so they are 12 inches apart.

Is Sorrel Good For The Garden?

Sorrel can be relatively easy to care for in your garden as long as you make sure it’s planted in a spot that receives full sun every day and that has well-drained soil. If you’ve got this covered it won’t need much attention from you, so it’s great for getting adequate use out of the garden.

The sorrel plant contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals which are fantastic as nutrients for you and the surrounding garden plants. It has been used for centuries as a food and as a medical plant, so it really can do no wrong.

It has many health benefits which include, being rich in fiber, aiding in regulating blood pressure, helping to maintain vision, being a good source of iron, boosting immunity, helping soothe skin conditions, and helping maintain heart health.

What Can I Paint With Sorrel?

Based on research, it appears the sorrel plant can be made into certain paint formulas, some of the uses for this paint are for painting all masonry surfaces such as rendering, cement, and bricks.

It appears to work best when absorbed into walls leaving a breathable surface that is protected by the natural properties of the paint itself. Who knew sorrel plants had so many uses?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Find Sorrel?

The sorrel plant is native to European countries, such as France, Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the Caribbeans. In many cultures, it is considered more of a leaf and herb than a vegetable.

This makes sense based on the number of salads and other foods that it compliments on the side with its lemon flavor.

What Is Sorrel Used For?

The good thing about the sorrel plant is that it can be used for many cooking and herbal uses, as well as medical purposes. It’s a natural herb, so the benefits just keep on coming the more we find out about it as a plant.

It can be used as a garnish, curdling agent for cheese, and as a flavoring agent in multiple dishes and teas.

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