Pilea Leaf Curling – The Causes and Solutions

pilea leaf curling

Most houseplant owners have experienced the dreaded pilea leaf curling at one point or another. Curled, wilted leaves can be a sign of several different issues, and it’s important to understand the cause of the problem before attempting to fix it.

What Causes Pilea Leaf Curling?

Pilea leaf curling is usually an indication that something is wrong with the plant’s environment. The most common causes are:

1. Overwatering: When the soil is constantly wet, the roots of your pilea won’t be able to absorb the necessary oxygen and nutrients they need to survive. This causes the leaves to curl and wilt, and can eventually lead to root rot.

2. Underwatering: If the soil is too dry, the pilea’s leaves will draw up to conserve moisture and this can cause them to curl.

3. Too much or too little light: Pileas need plenty of bright, indirect light, but if the light is too intense or not bright enough, the leaves can curl as a sign of stress.

4. Temperature fluctuations: A sudden change in temperature, either due to the weather or to a draft in your home, can cause the leaves to curl.

How to Fix Pilea Leaf Curling

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to fix pilea leaf curling. Here are some tips to help get your plant back on track:

1. Adjust your watering schedule: The most important step is to adjust your watering schedule. If the leaves are wilting and curling, then the soil is probably too wet. Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again. If the leaves are curling inward, then the soil is probably too dry. Increase the frequency of your watering.

2. Check the light: If your pilea is getting too little light, move it to a brighter spot. If it’s getting too much light, move it to a slightly shadier spot.

3. Check for drafts: If the leaves are curling due to temperature fluctuations, make sure there are no drafts in the room and that the temperature is consistent.

4. Fertilize: If the leaves are still curled and wilted, you may want to fertilize. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season to give your pilea an extra boost.


Pilea leaf curling is usually a sign that something is wrong with the plant’s environment. To fix the issue, adjust your watering schedule, check the light, make sure there are no drafts, and fertilize if needed. With some patience and TLC, your pilea should be back to looking its best in no time.

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