How To Make A Rock Fountain In Your Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are loved by many homeowners. They are relaxing, rather easy to make, and promote the use of natural materials in a complete harmony.

Water is a fundamental element in such a garden, and a rock fountain can often complete a Japanese garden’s design.

There are many rock fountains available on the market, but if you want to promote originality, making the fountain yourself might be a better idea. Let’s see how!

Rock Fountain For A Japanese Garden: Premises

Landscaping is an art but also a hobby for many homeowners. Playing with plants and decorative objects to create the perfect “curb appeal” is the dream of many, and fountains are among the most popular decorations for the outdoors.

In terms of styles and designs, there are endless choices. However, rock fountains are among the most versatile. They adapt well to a broad range of landscapes and designs. They blend easily in a rustic environment, enhance a traditional garden, or add the last touch to a Japanese décor

Talking about Japanese gardens, they are my absolute favorites. As a landscaper, I’ve projected dozens and both rocks and water are two fundamental elements to include. But when projecting a Japanese garden, one has to think of harmony. The whole purpose of these landscapes is to induce relaxation. You’ll want to transform your outdoor space in a true oasis of peace that inspires calmness and invites to meditation.

Integrating a rock fountain in the design is a great solution of bringing the two essential elements together, above all when there is little space available. Buying a fountain is always a solution, but making an original rock fountain is really easy. here’s how to make it!

How To Make A Rock Fountain

Making a fountain from scratch is really easy, but it requires some plumbing and technical skills. In essence, you’ll only need a water pump, a hose, an outdoor power cord and vases or containers for the water. However, now all homeowners have the skills or will to make a fountain from scratch. Therefore, this guide is dedicated to those who want to build a stone fountain from an existing, functional garden fountain.

In writing this guide, I tried to find a rather simple solution that doesn’t require complicated operations tools. Addressing everyone, this method only requires a slight interest in the DIY crafts, a bit of originality and minimal implication in this project.

Materials You’ll Need

  • checkA simple yet functional water fountain;
  • checkRocks and stones;
  • checkStone glue or cement.

How To Make The Rock Fountain

1. The first step is to find a suitable fountain to use for this project. To do this, visit a shop specialized in the garden and outdoor decorations and pick the simplest model you can find. Regarding the material, it doesn’t really matter what the fountain is made of. Just make sure it is specifically built for outdoor use. Ideally, the pump should be submersible.

2. Install the fountain in the desired position. Finding the perfect position of the fountain is tricky sometimes, especially if you have a small property. If the rest of the Japanese gardens is already created, just pick the best spot for the fountain. Alternatively, place the fountain where you want and build the garden around it.

3. Connect the fountain to the water pipe and to the drain. Plug in the pump and make sure everything works properly before continuing. Remember that rocks might alter the original design of the fountain and that you might lose warranty if the fountain is covered by one.

4. Buy some river rocks and stones or, if there is a river in the area, collect them. Select the rocks and stones you like and decide how you’d like to arrange them around the fountain. The goal is to cover all parts of the fountain to create a unique design.

5. Fix the rocks in the desired position with glue or cement. The latter material is more durable but it will probably alter the original aspect of the stones. As for the glue, just apply a small quantity on each rock before sticking it to the fountain or on a neighboring rock.

6. Let the glue or cement dry, fill the fountain with water and start enjoying the relaxing rumors of the stream.

Final Thoughts

To complete the design of your Japanese garden, choose lush vegetation and plant it around the rock fountain you just built. Koi fish or goldfish can complement with success the beauty of your fountain, while a bench or chaise longue will invite to relax.

Since the details often define the overall aspect of your property, don’t forget to use other Japanese landscape elements. A stone trail, a bamboo fence and maybe a small Zen garden adorned in a corner of your space can highlight your beautiful rock fountain and boost the curb appeal of your property.

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