The Best Backyard Golf Games

Backyard games are something we all treasure. And backyard golf games are something people love! And if it is a fusion of one or two of your favorites, there is nothing more you could possibly ask for! Let’s explore some of the top backyard golf games you should definitely not miss out on this year.

Before diving into the chosen games, let us quickly figure out the criteria or at least some basic must-haves in these golf games:

  1. It should be innovative and fun.
  2. It should have the freedom to increase or decrease players.
  3. It should not need too much gear.
  4. It should be easily transportable.
  5. Rules should not be too complex.

Keeping all these requirements in mind, let’s plunge into the top backyard golf games we have picked for you!

The Top Backyard Golf Games:

We have made a list of some of the most popular and commonly played golf games that even you can play in your backyard.

  1. Chippo
  2. Putter Ball
  3. Tosso or the Ladder Ball Game
  4. Beer Pong Golf
  5. Birdie Ball
  6. TeeBags Golf
  7. Floating Pool Green
  8. Yolf Set
  9. Disc Golf Game

1. Chippo:

Securing its position at number one is the fusion chipping versions in golf and the game of cornhole, Chippo. This is one of the most commonly played and exciting yard golf games, which you can easily play anywhere, at any time, and is an ideal pick for a weekend party or get together.

This game is also recognized by its other name, street golf, due to its compactness and transportability. It can be moved anywhere from the street to the beach and be played anywhere you want. If you like games based on precision and aims, then Chippo is the ideal pick for you.

The game comes with a foldable board beneath which the synthetic turf mats are connected, making it simple to play this game anywhere. The board has three holes, a bigger one in front and two smaller ones adjusted behind it.

There are two sets of boards; each of them is placed fifteen feet away from the other. The turf mat is positioned in parallel to these boards. The player has to aim a ball into the holes in the board from opposite ends. If the ball strikes the board, the player gets one point, if the ball goes in the more prominent front hole, then the player scores three points; if the ball goes through the holes laid behind the bigger one, then the player scores five points.

Assume the ball hits the turf mat and then scores, the score count doubles. This amusing game is all about aiming and how well you can throw and score!

2. Putter Ball:

The fusion of beer pong game and golf is what resulted in this game, known as the putter ball. If you love the game of beer pong, this one is a perfect fit for you! The transportability of this game is efficient. It consists of a folding board, which makes it very convenient and ready for the move.

This game comes with a stand board with 12 holes, six on each side of the board, which covers the full distance required. The board also has two balls, two lefty/righty putters, and a set of hole concealments to cover the holes.

The game of Putter ball is similar to beer pong. The player has to aim the ball into the hole opposite them. When the ball hits a hole, it is covered with concealers. The team which covers all the holes opposite them gets the lead, and the rival team gets a second chance to cover all six holes in one turn. If they fail to hit the holes in their turn, the leading team wins the Putter Ball. You can also convert the game into a chipping game and raise the other side, making the game more challenging and exciting.

The game of Putter ball can be tremendously frustrating if you cannot cover any of the holes. But if you love aim and target games and the contentment it gives you once the ball hits the put, you should try and get your hands on this game.

3. Tosso or the Ladder Ball Game:

If you want to try some testing with something unusual and new rather than the same old striking the ball with the stick game, Tosso is the game you are searching for! This backyard golf game is commonly known as the ladder game and is entertaining. Before jumping into the rules, let’s explore some of the keywords of this fun game.

Game Ladder: It is the ladder where the mark is to hit. It consists of three rods set in the form of steps, commonly known as rungs.

Steps or Rungs: These three poles make the ladder rungs or steps.

Bolas: Two golf balls attached by a wire string or nylon are called bolas.

Toss Line: The toss line is the one behind which the players must stand and point at the scores. The ladder is kept fifteen feet apart from the toss line.

The players must target the bolas into the rungs. The bolas are fashioned in the shape of a hook, which, when correctly aimed, gets attached to the rungs of the ladder. If the player hits the topmost rung of the ladder with the bolas, they score three points. If they hit the second rung, they score two points, and the bottom rung holds only one point.

Each player gets three chances and three bolas to play, all of them immediately before somebody else from the group gets an opportunity.

The team or player to scores approximately twenty-one points wins the game of Ladder Ball. The players can also aim to eliminate the other player’s bolas as the total calculation of the points happens after the rounds. However, in such a case, no points will be calculated.

4. Beer Pong Golf:

If you want to teach golf games at your parties and want to booze a little bit while playing that game of golf for your upcoming weekend, then this mix of golf with beer pong is your must-play backyard game!

Introducing the game of golf into beer pong, this game is an amusing play and entertainment activity for any backyard golf game preference. This game is portable and handy that you can carry this into any large bar and play for a gathering.

The game contains a movable board that has ten puts to hold the cups. The rules for this fusion game are similar to beer pong, and so is the final objective! You have to knock the maximum number of cups and get your challenger drunk!

In this game, each player gets an opportunity to get the ball inside the cups, just like in beer pong. If you and your friends are playing in a team, each member will be given a chance. If the participant knocks the ball inside the cup, the rival must pick up the glass and drink.

There is no bouncing allowed in this game, and the ball should hit the glass directly. The one or the team with the maximum number of strikes and the least drunk wins the game! Thus, if you love getting yourself and your friends drunk, go get this backyard golf game now!

5. Birdie Ball:

Birdie balls are probably something that you must have heard of before. The cylinder-shaped ball is made of plastic and is used to cut the distance of the flight. The game is known by the name of this ball; so both of them have the same name. If you are bored of straight-line golf games, then this round-border backyard golf game is something you should definitely try!

Birdie Ball is a mixture game of bocce ball and golf. This target game is another fun pick if you want to improve your aim. The game consists of several round boundaries, making it perfect if you want to play beside a lake.

It has a little nylon weighted bag attached to a flag. This generates the aim, and the ball has to hit the bag without crossing boundaries. Crossing each of the boundaries will cost a point. Each boundary has set different negative points. The player who reaches the set goal point first wins the game.

6. TeeBags Golf:

TeeBags Golf is another great backyard golf game to work on your aim and precision. The board comes with two kinds of false grass which is different from the other backyard golf activities. A con with this particular game is that you need to previously own a cornhole board since the TeeBag Golf Backyard Game merely goes directly on top of it.

7. Floating Pool Green:

This game set is a must-have if you have a pool in your home or live on a pond or lake. The Original Floating Golf Green is a set that has a floatation device that outlines around four by 6 feet, and the border extends out another four inches on all four sides. The box includes thorough assembly guidelines with an estimated 20 minutes of setup time required. You will also get 12 floating golf balls in the game set that look and feel like an actual golf ball but are safe for playing around crowds or in the backyard.

A regulation cup, a tee box, and a premium practice green flag and pin complete what many people call the best pool toy in the market today. You can anticipate years of competitions and chipping practice with materials made for the great outdoors that will not perish in the weather.  

8. YardGolf or Yolf Set:

Yolf, also known as YardGolf, is more of a family game. You can share the excitement and fun of golf in your yard with people of all skill levels and ages. The Yolf Set has everything you need to play the game of golf, outdoors or indoors. The Yolf set comes in three sizes; three-hole, six-hole, or nine-hole sets. The durable assembly of the game provides outdoor or indoor play and can be played on the majority of surfaces. The Yolf balls are enormous and will float, so you won’t have to worry if you live near a stream, lake, or pool. The holes are supple and built to stay still even in windy weather. The rules of Yolf are the same as regular golf. The Yolf game is ideal for families as grandparents, adults, young kids, and teenagers can enjoy the fun.  

9. Disc Golf Game:

Securing off its place at the very end in the list is your favorite disc toss game infused with the backyard golf activity! This game has rules similar to the original golf games. The variance lies in the fact that you have to target a disc into the end goal instead of a golf ball.

This game was initiated in the early 1900s; it has been a predominant form of cardio exercise instilled in a game as the disc toss involves a lot of muscle movement and workout. The goal of the game is to target each hole in the lowest number of knocks possible. The player who secures the lowest number of strokes is the winner.

The tosses must begin with tee throws. The tee throw must be finished either within or behind the assigned tee zone. When the disc goes in the golf basket, the disc is believed to complete the hole. If precision games that comprise of discs in a golf styles excite you, then you should add this game to your list of backyard games!

To enjoy golf, you don’t necessarily have to be an ace player at it. Whatever might be your favorite part of an authentic game, you can always somehow find a backyard version of it to enjoy in the convenience of your home!

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