Spice Up Your Yard With These Verge Garden Designs

A verge garden, the land that sits between a property and a road, can take on many forms. The way you design your verge garden can give a completely new look to the boundary line. Some of the most eye-catching verge gardens utilize textures, colors, and a wide variety of plants to bring beauty to the area. These verge garden design ideas will likely get you thinking differently about your own!

Textured Verge Garden

A textured verge garden is all about bringing different sizes and shapes together for an eye-catching display. Texture in the garden is something that many can shy away from, at the risk of making it look cluttered or messy. However, a textured garden, when done correctly, provides variety while still being organized and flowing.

The perfect textured garden can be achieved in a verge garden. It’s all about using plenty of colors and shapes in flowers, leaves, and grasses. Perhaps the easiest way to add texture is to find flowers of highly-contrasting textures, like Alliums and Peonies. Then, choose low-growing bushes, like yarrow, that provide color, texture, and a different height.

Ornamental grasses, like Helga Reich, provide plumed leaves that can really stand out in your verge garden. They’ll also give new height that contrasts your lower plants.

Succulent Verge Garden

Succulent gardens are growing in popularity, mostly because they are low maintenance and usually require less water and sunlight than other plants. You can create the look of a beautiful succulent growing as a mini-version for your verge garden.

Make sure your verge garden area has some shade through the day. Intense shade may kill off your succulents quickly. According to Sunset.com, your soil should be very fast-draining. You can amend it with coarse sand, or another material that will allow it to drain properly. Or, use a mix that you would use for growing cacti.

Choose a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures to achieve an eye-catching verge garden.

If you’d like more ideas for creating the perfect succulent verge garden, award-winning succulent garden designer, Debra Lee Baldwin, provides some in this video:

Colorful Verge Garden

verge garden ideas

Verge gardens can be fun to play around with because there’s so much opportunity to introduce a wide variety of plants and flowers into them. Why not experiment with several colors, or a specific color palette, in your verge garden?

Marigolds can give you bright yellows and oranges. For a warm color palette, add in some bright reds, like roses or snapdragons. Or, create a purple palette with Lilac and Purple Hyacinth.

If you want to really experiment with color, Listovative provides a list of the top 12 most beautiful and colorful flowers to add to your garden. Try creating a rainbow of flowers, blending from reds to oranges to yellows, or just mix the palette with a variety of colors.

Shrubbery Verge Garden

If you’d rather have a verge garden without flowers, which can require time and maintenance, you can still make one full of shrubbery. These can require a lot less maintenance and water. However, remember that you’ll have to trim them occasionally if you want them to stay perfectly landscaped and continue to form a certain shape.

To get this look in your verge garden, you can use a few taller shrubs in the corners, and fill the rest with low-lying, different-colored shrubs. Your verge garden will be covered with shrubbery, which will take the maintenance out of watering and mowing grass.

When growing shrubs in a verge garden, it’s important to ensure that no branches are overhanging walkways or roadways. Check your shrubs frequently and keep them pruned back to avoid any possible hazards to people or vehicles.

If you need some help with pruning your shrubs, Howcast provides some helpful tips:

Water-Saving Verge Garden

Even with a minimal amount of foliage, your verge garden can look well-maintained and organized. Also, the less foliage you add, the less water your verge garden will need. This design is perfect for those who want to conserve water, but still want a well-kempt verge garden.

how to do a verge garden

For this design, add in rocks, low-maintenance grasses, and even some small trees. You can fill the garden with soil and a thick layer of mulch on top to help conserve water.

When you do need to water, water your garden deeply so it enters the root system of your plants and trees. This will cause you to have to water your garden less. You may even be able to rely solely on rainfall if you get at least an inch or two each week.

Rock Verge Garden

You can have a beautiful verge garden made up of mostly rocks! This design uses a small river rock, combined with a few large rocks and stones to create a unique verge garden with practically no maintenance. With the addition of a few long-leaf plants and some skinny trees, this verge garden marries both natural elements perfectly.

This verge garden can be especially fun for adding in some hardscape elements, like stone decor, a bird bath, or a water feature. Use garden lights to shine the spotlight on your tall trees at night. Use a strong border around your verge garden to keep everything in place and off the sidewalk or road.

Stone-Centric Verge Garden

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A stone-centric verge garden is perfect for those who want to mix stone with some foliage, but want little maintenance to achieve the look. The good thing about this verge garden design is that it can get a little unkempt, yet it still looks organized and cared-for.

The secret is in choosing foliage that you can plant between your stones that can spread and still look beautiful. Consider choosing some mosses to grow between the stones. They provide rich greens without the maintenance and water needs of grass. They’ll naturally carpet the areas between your stones, while the cracks will guide them where you need them to grow.

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