Where to Find the Best Pepper Supplies

Pepper dealing is a vast industry. Hence, there are various suppliers of this food product all over the world. Some people find it hard to choose which supplier to buy pepper from. We will help you solve that difficulty by providing a list of dependable pepper brands from which you can select your vendor.

The overview of pepper brands:

Due to its rising popularity, there are various pepper brand names available in the world right now. First, we will examine these pepper brands’ definitions, history, and market areas.

Top 8 best pepper brands worldwide:

We have chosen some of the best pepper brands in the world for your recommendation. These suppliers all have high-quality products and many years of experience. Please read below to check them out for your benefit!

Ajinomoto Aji-Shio – One of the finest pepper brands from Malaysia:

Ajinomoto is a Malaysian pepper brand with its roots in Japan and began manufacturing MSG in 1961. However, with years of continuous work and progressions, it flourished and is now deemed one of Malaysia’s top pepper makes, offering first-rate white pepper. Many Asian nations, including Cambodia, Thailand, and India, export Ajinomoto white pepper.

Olam Food – Pepper brand from Singapore:

Olam International is the parent company of Olam Food Ingredients. In 1989, the company shipped cashews from Nigeria for the first time to India. Olam was restructured in 2020 and was founded to obtain a primary listing on the first-rate section of the LSE (London Stock Exchange) and a secondary position in Singapore. Spices, cocoa, dairy, coffee, and nuts are among the components and raw materials offered by the pepper brand.

K-Agriculture Factory – The best pepper brand in Vietnam:

One of Vietnam’s most famous white and black pepper brands is K-Agriculture Factory. It has shipped its goods to more than eighty different countries. K-Agriculture Factory has been certified as a national representative, providing the most outstanding agricultural products to the global market, thanks to modern polishing and milling techniques and government backing. The pepper brand presents a variety of peppers, including white pepper, black pepper, and pepper powder.

Baria Pepper; One of the pepper brands in Vietnam:

Baria Pepper brand was launched in 1985 to grow its international and domestic client base by using its in-depth knowledge about the local market and the products.

Bulk consignments of the Baria pepper brand have been transported to the Middle East, the US, Europe, and Asia. Due to its close dealings with regional growers, the Baria pepper brand has a significant advantage in regulating the cost and quality of the pepper.

Everest Spice – One of the oldest pepper makes in India:

White pepper is one of the many blends and spices available under India’s most popular pepper brand, Everest. With more than fifty years of industry experience and understanding, Everest upholds every pack’s most significant quality innovation, standards, and flavor. Everest’s exceptional pure flavor is supported by technological research, advancements, and progress.

Badia – Prominent pepper brands in the U.S

Jose Badia formed Badia Spice Incorporated in 1967. This brand is one of the most prominent family-owned Hispanic pepper makes in the US. Black and white pepper, ground and whole, and other peppers were exported by the esteemed Badia pepper industry to more than seventy countries worldwide. In addition to offering gluten-free and organic products, Badia Spices is dedicated to giving its customers the finest experience achievable.

Information on pepper brands:

There are many methods for you to find reputable pepper brands. We have listed here some suggestions for you:

  1. Using search engines such as Google is one of the quickest ways. Nowadays, almost all pepper brands have an online site or at least some social media account.
  2. You can also make use of social media accounts to find what kind of brand you want.
  3. You can also participate in seminars on the export and import of agricultural products.
  4. You can hire an agent and let them find the providers for you.
  5. You can also get the contact of pepper brands from your own network web.

The history of pepper:

Hundreds of decades ago, farmers sowed pepper in India. The inhabitants used the spice for cooking and as part of many medications then.

At that time, there were two kinds of pepper in India: Black and long. Both types were common and traded with many countries worldwide. The long pepper was primarily utilized by the people in Italy, particularly in Rome, because of its strong taste. Meanwhile, due to the ease of exchange, black pepper steadily gained worldwide popularity, mainly in European nations.

Today, peppers are being cultivated in many countries. Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil are some of the leading exporting countries of this top-rated product with the best pepper makes. It is mainly utilized in cooking as a spice carrying many health benefits like balancing cholesterol levels, blood sugar control, and much more.

The Definition of Pepper:

The term “pepper” refers to hundreds of different kinds and types of pepper available in various grades, colors, and qualities. Even replications of pepper that aren’t pepper are included in it, such as chili pepper or bell pepper. But it mostly resembles the dried apricots of the climbing plant in India known as Piper nigrum.

Types of Pepper:

As mentioned above, initially, there were two key types of pepper, long pepper, and black pepper. However, as long pepper is not that widely used; currently, we will be focusing only on black pepper in this article. Black pepper is the more exchanged type of pepper traded by the pepper brands.

There are many types of pepper in the market, or we can say, in other words, that there are different products made from the black pepper tree by various brands:

Black pepper:

This type of pepper is the most often used in large quantities by pepper brands globally, making up roughly 20 percent of the total economic worth of the world’s spice trade. This is also a unique product made from the pepper tree. The ripe fruits of the pepper tree are picked and dried in the sunlight. Usually, the companies filter them through many sifters and mesh screens and sort them according to grades and sizes. Bigger peppercorns have more decadent, stronger tastes, and the highest classifications are retained for the largest peppercorns. Black pepper is utilized in all kinds of cuisines and is commonly consumed worldwide. Presently, the US uses the highest amount of black pepper in the world, followed closely by Vietnam, China, and India.

White pepper:

White pepper is a different renowned kind of pepper offered in significant quantities by pepper brands. White pepper, contrasting its relative black pepper, is entirely comprised of the kernels of the pepper plant. The brown skin of the pepper fruit is peeled off. It is often collected through a process called retting. The pepper skin melts and decays after being immersed in water with fully ripe red berries for a week. The outer layer of the pepper is separated from the kernel by rubbing, leaving the seed to dry. White pepper has a very different taste than black peppercorns. They have a subtle and delicate yet powerful, aromatic, fruity spiciness with a sensation of fermentation from the way they are treated. They are not as complex as black pepper and don’t have the same effect. White pepper is famous throughout parts of Europe and Asia.

Green pepper:

This kind of pepper is not very common in international trading. Green pepper is raw pepper fruit. They are picked before the pepper fruits ripen so that the fruits can retain their flavor and freshness. Usually, the harvesters will choose bunches that have yet to form a pepper skull, so they are still young and soft to pick. Green peppers have a moderate aroma and a mild spicy taste. You can chew and consume whole pepper easily. Green peppers are often used as a whole in cooking, especially in stir fry dishes or salads.

Pepper brands: The market

This may be the most important feature if you are looking for reliable pepper brands. We will go through the market price, demand, and supply of pepper in the world.

Supply of pepper brands:

The market for trading white and black pepper globally is huge. According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity, or the OEC in 2020 the total market value of pepper dealing was up to 4.1 billion dollars. Among them, some of the major suppliers are:

Top Pepper Exporting Countries:


India is the chief exporter of pepper, according to OEC. In 2020, India supplied 1.16 billion dollars worth of pepper to the entire world, making up 28% of the world’s pepper trade. Thus, you can find some of the best pepper brands in India. India is considered the native country of pepper. It is easy to recognize how India can supply so much pepper. The country possesses natural climatic and geographical conditions suitable for pepper farming, such as a humid and hot atmosphere. The pepper from India has a distinct aroma and flavor that only Indian pepper possesses. Therefore it is also one of the world’s most sought-after peppers.


According to the data presented in OEC, Vietnam is the world’s second largest pepper supplier. The total volume of pepper exported from Vietnam in 2020 equaled 695 million dollars, approximately 17% of the total pepper trade market value. As a thriving economy, Vietnam is the birthplace of many amazing and reliable pepper brands, most notable of which is K-Agriculture. Pepper from Vietnam is exported to over 100 countries worldwide. They are also popular for having a strong taste, high quality peppers at the cheapest prices.

Currently, the price of Vietnamese pepper has been decreasing at an alarmingly high rate, so if you want to buy both white and black, you should reach out to the suppliers immediately.


With over 580 million dollars worth of pepper exported in 2020, China is the next largest nation on the list. Already popular for other spices like star anise and cinnamon, China is familiar to many businesses when it concerns exporting spices. But, there are not many pepper brands in China in spite of their huge populace because most Chinese peppers are used domestically.

Demand for pepper:

We have listed here some of the most favorable markets for exporting pepper:

United States:

With the biggest economy worldwide, the United States is also the number one trader of pepper. In 2020, they brought in around 611 million dollars worth of pepper. Since it is not a suitable country for pepper cultivating, most pepper brands in America are vendors and merchants. They import pepper and develop them to sell to end-buyers like consumers and households. It is also due to the increasing demand for pastry and confectionery goods and the developing usage of pepper in makeup that makes the demand for pepper in the US so high.


It is peculiar that China is both one of the biggest importers and exporters of pepper. Due to its vast population along with other exporting activities, China trades a considerable amount of pepper in large quantities from other countries. A major amount of China’s bulk pepper imports is also due to the domestic use for culinary and medicinal uses. China is one of the best marketplaces for pepper brands.

Some other encouraging markets for exporting pepper are Spain, Germany, and Thailand. These countries are included in the top 5 importers of pepper.

Market Price:

The global market price of pepper brands has been fluctuating every day. Therefore, it is incorrect to tell the precise price of pepper for a specific day because it can vary very fast in the next couple of days.

As we mentioned above, the price of Vietnamese pepper keeps on decreasing. Although, the cargo charge is currently good since the planet has started to recover from the two year-long Covid-19 pandemic. So, now is the best time for importing Vietnamese pepper with the best price.

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