Buzz Your Lawn with the Best Grass Shears

Our recommendation for the best grass shears are the GardenaCordless Grass Shears and the Fiskars Shear Ease Grass Shears. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can use either a power device or manual grass shears for those jobs in tight places. Continue reading for our recommendations for grass shears and how to use them.

Our Picks for the 4 Best Grass Shears

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Using Grass Shears

Grass shears come in handy for small jobs and in those tight areas in your garden and landscaping. One of the primary uses for a pair of grass shears is to tidy up areas in your garden. You might use it to trim grass around your flower beds. You can also use them to cut back grass that is encroaching on paths and walkways as well as for borders and along fence lines.

You’ll also find them useful for areas where a larger tool would be unwieldy such as trimming grass growing next to your house or along stairways. By using a pair of grass shears instead, you’ll stand less of a risk of damaging structures or hurting nearby plants. A hand tool will give you much more control so you can see what you’re doing as you trim around plants.

Benefits of Using Grass Shears

Keeping gardens and landscaping neat and trim offer good reasons for investing in a pair of grass shears. But you’ll also find that they can help you better take care of some routine maintenance tasks that can benefit your plants. Grass shears will make easy work of trimming around plants in your garden and flower beds as well as any other areas where the out-of-control grass is a problem.

By using a hand tool, you can trim around densely planted spaces without the risk of damaging other nearby plants. This factor is especially important when dealing with young or delicate plants. Plants that are injured are more vulnerable to disease and pests. Your garden plants will also benefit from trimming around their bases to allow for better air circulation.

Unimpeded airflow prevents mold from developing. If you have vegetable plants like tomatoes in cages, using a pair of grass shears will make it easier to trim around the base of these plants. Grass covering the bottom portions of these plants will interfere with water and nutrient uptake. And over time, grass cover can compromise the health of your plants and increase the risk of disease.

Care and Maintenance of Your Grass Shears

Like other garden tools, grass shears require some routine maintenance to keep them working properly. As with all tools, you should clean and dry them after each use to prevent rust formation. And just like your spade or hoe, you’ll get the best use out of your grass shears if you keep them sharp. You can use a file to get the job done quickly.

This advice applies for two reasons. First, a sharp tool lessens the risk of damage. You can get the job done swiftly and efficiently. Second, regularly sharpening your grass shears makes your job easier. While not a hard task, trimming around plants for long periods of time can cause blisters or hand strain. Anything that can make your job simpler will certainly be welcome news.

This video by eHow shows how to safely and properly sharpen your grass shears and other garden tools.

To further reduce the risk of hand strain, you should make sure that your grass shears are always kept dry and well-oiled. Repetitive tasks like grass trimming will be easier if you don’t have to work the handle too much. And as with any hand tool, be sure and wear gloves to prevent blisters, especially since trimming is a more active task.

Choosing a Pair of Grass Shears

You should take your time when selecting a pair of grass shears. It’s essential that whatever product you choose has a good hand-feel to it. Try it out before you buy if possible to see how it feels in your hand. If you find it difficult to try a few test cuts, you’ll find it much harder when you have a whole garden edge to trim. Also look at the design of the grass shears.

Cushioned handles and grips are welcome features. Some models have ergonomically designed handles which you may want to consider. The thing to remember is that using a pair of grass shears is an active process. Your hand is in constant motion as you use it. Therefore, the handle is an important thing to test out so you can prevent tiring out quickly.

You’ll find grass shears available in both manual and power models. Your budget and trimming needs will help you decide which is right for you. Generally, if you have a smaller garden with shorter edges, you’ll do fine with a manual-style grass shears. If you have a larger space to maintain, you may find that a power device will be more appropriate.

Another consideration is cost. You can find a decent set of shears for under $20. If you opt for a power device, you will easily spend twice or more for a pair of grass shears. No matter which route you choose, the advice about a good hand-feel applies. The point of getting a powered device is to make the job quick. But it shouldn’t come at the price of comfort.

Our Recommendation: Gardena Cordless Grass Shears & the Fiskars Shear Ease Grass Shears

Sometimes trimming around garden plants is a delicate job. Plants may grow in close quarters, making it difficult to tidy up these areas without damaging nearby plants. That’s where a pair of grass shears comes into play. You can safely tend to the appearance of your garden, flowerbeds, borders, or other areas in your garden without worry.

For larger areas, the GardenaCordless Grass Shears offers the ease of a power device without a cumbersome cord. Lithium ion rechargeable batteries on a full charge will give you 45 minutes of trimming time to handle most any job. As is, the shears have a cutting width of a 3-inch diameter which can handle small shrubs tool for a more versatile tool.

For smaller jobs, the Fiskars Shear Ease Grass Shears gives you the power of a precise cutting tool with its blades that can rotate 360 degrees. No matter what the size of the space, you’ll be able to get the job done with ease. And because it’s lightweight, you’ll find it easier to handle for those delicate trimming tasks.

A pair of grass shears is an essential tool for keeping garden edges trim. It will allow you to get into areas without the risk of damaging delicate plants. Whether you have a small garden or long rows of flower beds, you’ll find that a pair of garden shears will make your routine garden maintenance easy.

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