Best Rabbit Repellent: Get Rid Of Rabbits In A Matter Of Minutes

Rabbits might look innocent and cute when seen from a distance, but these herbivores can make your yard and well-maintained garden look like a mess by eating away the flowers and grass.

They might trash the whole yard and dig into your dustbin in search of food. These tiny creatures can ruin your patio furniture by chewing and won’t pardon your light strings on any occasion.

If you are reading this rabbit deterrent article, we are sure you want to get rid of them, and thus we present to you an honest guide written to help you buy the best rabbit deterrent available in the market.

We will look at each product and discuss its positive and negative aspects, giving you a clear idea about the product and its USPs and our final advice. Let us look at our curated list of rabbit repellents starting from number 1.

Quick comparison: Top picks for rabbit repellents

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Best Overall: Messinas Wildlife AS-U-016 RTU Animal Stopper

Messina Wildlife AS-U-016 RTU Animal Stopper Review

Messina wildlife’s Animal stopper is on our first position in the best rabbit deterrent list because it is effective in warding off the rabbits, and it is natural too. The company boasts of its quality and claims it is weatherproof for 30 days! Look at their benefits and drawbacks for a better understanding of the product.


  • Messina wildlife’s animal stopper works through smell, taste, and feel. The three ways will help the rabbits to stay away from your lawn. It acts as a double safety layer as they would not enter because of the smell, but even if they decide to come, the taste will make it unbearable for the rabbits to eat, and they would avoid coming to your yard.
  • This liquid product is straightforward to use and comes with a pre-mixed batch. You grab the spray bottle and spray on the areas where these small animals often visit.
  • Their rabbit repellent uses natural food-grade ingredients safe for dogs and kids. Do not worry about harmful toxic chemicals that will ruin your plants and yard. You can use the perimeter technique for spraying it around your vegetables and fruits in the garden.
  • The animal stopper will not stain your trees and grass. It will dry-clear and odor-free. You can freely spray this product without worrying about discoloring, burning, and staining.
  • A nice positive thing about this product is its smell. It doesn’t smell foul or stinky on the contrary, it smells pleasant.
  • The animal stopper is great for bunny repellent purposes but works excellent to deter other small animals like armadillos, skunks, groundhogs, beavers, and gophers.


  • Few customers have complained that the deterrent’s spray nozzle is weak. The bottle sometimes misbehaves, and you might need to transfer the liquid to another bottle for easy handling.

Extra Features

  • This spray comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • You get to choose the type as it has granular formula apart from the liquid formula.

Buying Advice

We strongly recommend buying this product if you are determined to stop the rabbits from coming into your yard. This product is natural and comparatively safer than other brands available in the market. Even if you don’t like the product, their customer service line is helpful, and you can get a refund.

Runner-up: Tomcat Repellent’s Animal Repellent

Tomcat Repellent's Animal Repellent Review

Securing a number 2 position on our rabbit deterrent list is Tomcat repellent’s animal repellent. This repellent is one of the best rabbit repellents for lawns and yards. Tomcat’s repellent product works every time without issues and keeps rabbits and other small animals away.

Easy to use and comes already mixed. While using, quickly shake the container and start spraying. Let us look at some of the positives and negatives that made this product 2nd on our list.


  • Tomcat repellent’s animal repellent uses essential oils in their product. You will not see other repellent brands with essential oils in their products. They use peppermint, cinnamon, and essential oils, which are considered very effective as natural deterrents.
  • This liquid will protect your beautiful flowers and fruits in the garden. Avoid using this product directly on vegetables and fruits, and consider utilizing the perimeter technique.
  • This repellent product comes with a comfort wand that uses a battery to spray. Tomcats’ unique wand makes the process of spreading easier and doesn’t hurt or cause pressure on your wrist.
  • This animal repellent provides approximate coverage across 2,550 sq. ft, which is a considerably good coverage according to its price of $29.99.
  • The product is rain-resistant. Your lawn will stay protected even when it is raining and snowing. Make sure the liquid is at room temperature and not frozen during winters. If freezing happens, let it come to room temperature and start spraying.


  • The product is terrific at its works apart from one drawback, i.e., the smell. This product is exceptionally intense and has a powerful odor. Many dedicated consumers feel they cannot handle the bad smell, mainly if used indoors. The smell will go after a day, but it will stay for a good 24 hours. Not suitable for indoors and should be avoided.

Extra Features

  • Tomcat repellents offer a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the product.
  • Tomcat repellent’s animal repellent comes in both liquid and granular form. You get the freedom to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Buying Advice

We will recommend this product to people who can withstand strong and pungent smells. As said earlier, the scent fades and completely vanishes the other day but using this product can cause a little disturbance if you love sitting in your lawns admiring the garden. If guests are coming, we suggest that you spray this 24 hours in advance. This product smells but works perfectly.

Alternative: Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Review

Our 1st alternative on this list of bunny repellents is liquid fence deer and rabbit repellent. This repellent is one of the best granular products that we have seen in the market. It works effectively and provides riddance of rabbits. The unique formula makes this product the best deer and rabbit repellent in the market. Read the pros and cons to understand why we gave this product a spot.


  • Liquid fence deer and rabbit repellent come in a granular form that works well for large areas and low lying vegetation. We recommend using the granular type of repellent if you have much low-lying vegetation.
  • This product is rain-resistant. After you supply water, the granules immediately start working. You can use this repellent year-round. Do not worry about rotating this product with another repellent at any other time. Animals will not get used to the granular repellent; they will hate the smell even if you use this for years.
  • This granular product works like a scent. The tiny animals smell this product’s strong smell even from long distances.
  • This product is made for rabbits and deer, so you can use this product to effectively make the deer stay away from your property and lawn.


  • Although we did not find any significant drawback regarding this product, few customers have mentioned package issues in the past. Their container was half-filled or came with no protective seal. If you decide to buy and such a problem occurs, we recommend returning the product.

Extra Features

  • This product is available in liquid variants too. The choice makes it easy to buy whichever you need. We will advise you to use the granular version if you wish to create a boundary or wall and are not considering targeting a specific area or plant.

Buying Advice

This product’s overall performance has been very satisfactory, and we would highly suggest you consider buying this product. At approximately $22.98, this product retails a reasonable price for such qualities. You can consider purchasing this product for its effectiveness.

Alternative: Enviro Pro 1025 Deer Scram Repellent

Enviro Pro 1025 Deer Scram Repellent Review

Enviro comes as a 2nd runner-up in our list because it’s – no odor to human feature. The product gives impressive results when used in good quantity. Let us look at its features and drawbacks along with our buying advice to let you decide if this deterrent is suitable for you or not.


  • Enviro pro’s Deer scram repellent repels animals, especially rabbits, before coming. This product works based on smell to keep these pesky animals away from your yard and garden.
  • One notable benefit of this product is the degradation of this product. Deer scram repellent biodegrades into high nitrogen organic nutrient. This degradation process will help your soil’s fertility, and it will serve you well even after using its normal usage cycle.
  • This product does not have any solid or smelly odor to people, but this works great to let the animals stay away from the yard. Other products have pungent smells, but this repellent is different in that case.
  • This repellent does not mind being under the rain. This product’s power increases when you sprinkle water, or a rain shower happens. If you live in warmer countries with significantly less rainfall, you might need to reapply and use this regularly as sunlight lessens this product’s power.


  • This product does not come with customer-friendly packaging. The tub is tough to pry open, and you might need an extra helping hand just for opening the product.
  • This repellent’s price is a little high compared to other products and their features. You cannot use it miserly as it won’t work; you have to sprinkle it pretty generously for the product to work, which can get a little expensive after some time.

Extra Features

  • We did not spot any particular feature of this product, but we consider that their no smell to humans makes them stand apart from the rest of the competition.

Buying Advice

Close your eyes and go for this product if you are sensitive to high-power smelly deterrents. This smell-proof formula will work according to your needs without making you suffer even for those 24 hours. Be sure to apply generously and enjoy your lawns without the half-eaten plants.

Alternative: Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Review

Liquid fence deer and rabbit repellent is the final product from the market on our list. This repellent comes in a liquid form and can ward off rabbits and other animals. Let us look at the benefits and drawbacks to understand the product well.


  • You can spray liquid fence deer and rabbit repellent on ornamental gardens, flowers, trees, shrubs, and other plants.
  • The natural formula makes it an excellent product to use on plants for eating purposes.
  • The smell will never make an animal comfortable, even if you use this product for years at a stretch. You will never need to swipe or switch it with any other product. Perfect for all climates all year round.
  • Very easy to use and comes already mixed. You simply have to shake and spray it on the desired area. Look at the leaves and plants to make sure they are not wet already. The wet leaves will make the product throw out less power. Keep the desired area dry and apply a coat of this pre-mix. Once it dries, the product becomes strong enough to sustain heavy rainfalls. Drying time depends on the location you live in, but 5 to 6 hours is approximate.


  • We can put our hands on the only drawback: the leaky or stuck nozzle. Consumers either had a leaky bottle or a stuck nozzle that made the spraying difficult. Buyers always end up using a regular spray available at Walmart or Target.

Extra Features

  • This repellent comes in a granular version, too, so you can choose whichever suits your needs.

Buying Advice

  • After looking at its price, which is $6.50, we recommend buying this product. The price is reasonable, and the product works if used correctly.
  • We would highly suggest that you try both granules and liquid simultaneously for dual power. This double method can be a great strategy to make your yard or lawn wildlife-proof. Add granules around your lawn’s main borders or wherever your territory starts. Spray on plants and areas where you want maximum protection to top it off. Sprays are excellent for spot treatments.

Rabbit repellent FAQs

What smells keep rabbits away?

what smells rabbits avoid

Rabbits sniff everything from finding their food to looking out for predators. You can use their sense of smell to your advantage.

Some smells that can help rabbits stay away from your property:  the smell of blood, ammonia, vinegar, garlic, crushed red peppers( We do not suggest using peppers as it can cause harm to the rabbit.)

You can use the scent of predator musk or urine to keep the rabbits at bay as they will fear coming onto your property. Other smells include herbs or plants like catnip plants, aconitum, digitalis, foxgloves, etc. Few aromatic plants like lavender can act as a rabbit deterrent too.

They hate few edible repellents: Ivory soap, vinegar, pepper sauce, and bitter spray that you use for pets.

How do you get rid of rabbits in your yard?

You can implement several ways to get rid of rabbits from your yard. We always suggest using a combination of the below-mentioned products for more effective results.

Barrier fencing

It would help if you considered adding a barrier around your vegetable garden. Try to add collars around a young plant truck so the bunnies will not get a chance to damage your little sapling. Ideal fencing is anywhere around 2-3 feet above the ground and six-seven inches below the ground. You can try electric fencing too.

Making your lawn/yard less inviting

Rabbits typically live under low-growing shrubs, porches, sheds, and tall grasses. To avoid this, regularly cut and mow tall grass, clean up brush piles and block their access under structure by adding a skirting around a house.


You can trap rabbits and relocate them. This trapping and relocation method can be an excellent option, but before doing that, contact your local authorities and see your options.

Induce fear

You can keep your pet dog, who will bark at them every time they come on your lawn. Several devices are available in the market that you can use, like fake snakes, water scarecrows, aluminum pie pans, ultrasonic devices, etc.

Store-bought and homemade deterrents

You can try store-bought rabbit repellent for lawns that will keep the rabbits away from your place. You can even try homemade DIY recipes and use them as deterrents.

How do you make homemade rabbit repellent?

recipe for diy rabbit repellents

Homemade natural rabbit repellent is very easy to make and is worth giving a shot.

Recipe 1

  • You will need five garlic cloves, one teaspoon crushed red peppers, one tablespoon dish soap.
  • Fill one gallon of a milk jug with water.
  • Crush the garlic cloves and add to the water.
  • Add a teaspoon of crushed red pepper and a tablespoon of dish soap.
  • After the mixture is ready, place it outdoors in the direct sun so the ingredients can permeate the water.
  • Strain the mix, so the garlic and chili flakes don’t clog the sprayer tip.
  • Shake the mixture whenever you want to use it and spray it on the plants.

Recipe 2

  • In a big container, mix ½  cup of milk, one whole egg, one tablespoon of cooking or regular oil, and one tablespoon of liquid detergent.
  • After the mixture is mixed, you can add 1 gallon of water and mix the whole slurry. Use it as a deterrent and make those pesky rabbits go away.

Recipe 3

  • You will need two tablespoon Linseed oil, one tablespoon dish detergent, water.
  • Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl.
  • Make sure to always add double the linseed oil amount compared to dish detergent.

Does vinegar keep rabbits away?

vinegar smell

Absolutely yes, vinegar is very efficient in keeping rabbits away from your land. Vinegar contains a chemical known as phenol carbolic acid, and rabbits hate the smell of this acid.

They even hate the bitter taste of vinegar. You can try soaking old corn cobs in vinegar for few minutes and then wrap them around the fence or edges of your garden.

The rabbits would try to lick or bite the cob only to taste the vinegar. This method will surely drive them away. You can redip the corn after few weeks for the process to work perfectly.


There you have it; your honest and reliable buyers guide for rabbit deterrents. As mentioned earlier, you can try mixing various methods to increase your success chances.

Choose store-bought repellent with ivory soap or corn tip to keep them away. Do not get demotivated if one trick doesn’t work; keep trying till you find a product that works for your case.

We hope the extra tip and tricks, along with the review and FAQs at the end, really helped you. Our job is done here; now, it is your job to decide and implement a product and strategy that will keep these little pesky rabbits away.

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