How To Make A Zen Fountain For An Indoor Garden

Unlike the traditional water fountains, a Zen fountain is a rather particular decorative element. A Zen fountain is an object that complies with the Zen philosophy and responds to minimalist and essential needs, in an attempt to induce meditation and relaxation.

Because of this characteristic, a Zen fountain is different from the traditional American or Western water fountains.

According to the Zen philosophy, water is a very important element that should be integrated into all environments. In fact, the water streams produce a natural sound that helps to relax. As for the design, Zen fountains are characterized by simple lines, the promotion of natural materials, and light colors.

Although the market is full of available options, making a Zen garden is a simple and rewarding activity. To manufacture it, there are dozens of materials to choose from, such as bamboo canes that collect the water and pour it into a larger container, stones, or other natural materials.

Another amazing characteristic of a Zen fountain is its versatility. Most Zen fountains are suitable for both the indoor and outdoor use, they are easy to embellish with plants and other Zen decorations, and are suitable to place in any corner or free spot you have.

When deciding to adorn your interior with this type of decorative element, a thing to consider is the minimalist style of the fountain. Closely linked to the religion and spirituality, a Zen fountain is supposed to embellish a space as it is. The only decorative elements accepted are the plants, that should also follow rigorous rules. With this in mind, let’s see how to make an original Zen fountain for your indoor garden.

How To Make An Indoor Zen Fountain

Boasting a minimalist design, the use of few decorative elements and made of primarily natural materials, a Zen garden is rather easy to make. Regarding its positioning, a Zen fountain integrates perfectly in modern environments decorated in a minimalist style. Use the fountain as a centerpiece of your indoor Zen garden and let the sound of the streams relax you after a full day.

Materials You’ll Need

  • A medium-size ceramic bowl;
  • River rocks or pebbles;
  • A small fountain pump;
  • Drill;
  • Power Cord;
  • Glue or cement.

How To Make It

zen fountain

1. Purchase all necessary materials. River rocks or pebbles and the small fountain pump are easy to find at almost all gardening or home decoration stores. Ceramic bowls are equally easy to find. Our advice is to choose the bowl in a natural and neutral color, such as beige, brown, or stone. Black is also acceptable.

2. Drill a hole in the bottom of the bowl, preferably in the center. Use this hole to pass the power cord of the small water pump. Install the pump into the bowl in the position you like.

3. Arrange the rocks around the pump and cover it completely, but leaving enough space for the water to flow. When you’re happy with their position, fix the rocks in place with glue or cement. Instead of rocks, you can use bamboo sticks.

4. When the glue or cement is dry, fill the bowl with water and plug in the pump.

5. Decorate the fountain with plants. The best choices are bamboo or evergreen indoor grasses. To take the Zen fountain to the next level, you can add eucalyptus essential oil to the water.

Indoor Zen Fountain Tips

  • If you don’t have the skills to drill holes into ceramic, use a small cordless water pump powered by batteries.
  • You can replace the bowl with a DIY container made of stones.
  • Before building the fountain, assess the available space and make sure it’s not too large or too small.
  • If you want to build a small under-the-stairs Zen garden, build a small Zen fountain that takes up a little space.
  • Aquarium pumps can ensure a steady flow of water and replace with success the small fountain pumps.

Final Thoughts

A DIY Zen fountain is a great alternative solution to the Zen fountains found on the market. Seen as a cost-effective alternative, this type of fountain is easy to make and even easier to maintain. Because of the choice of natural materials and neutral colors, Zen fountains need little to no maintenance and are easy to customize with the help of plants.

Moreover, you can use an indoor Zen fountain for aromatherapy or event for Chroma therapy if you decide to install a few water-resistant colored LED lights into the bowl. What is sure, a Zen fountain will always be able to surprise everyone with their charm.

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