23 Fascinating Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Do you lack the outdoor space where to grow a plant or two? You can still enjoy the taste of freshly cut herbs. Check out these 23 fascinating indoor herb garden ideas that will perk up your kitchen!

1. Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

The simplest way to grow an indoor herb garden – above all when space is an issue – is by installing a vertical garden on your kitchen wall. There are dozens of models out there, or you could make your own. In the latter case, use an old wooden board and fix it to the wall with nails.

Fix sufficient hooks on the board and hang a small tin pot on each hook. Now, just sow a different herb in each pot, stick a label on it to know what’s growing, and water regularly.

2. Hanging Herb Planters

indoor herb garden

Another great solution is to create a suspended garden by hanging herb planters from the ceiling or kitchen cabinets. Again, you can find many ready-to-use solutions on the market, or you could make your own suspended garden.

All you need is a rope, herb planters, and a bit of fantasy. Hang the planters above the countertop to have fresh herbs at hand while cooking, or above the dinner table to create a versatile and tasty decoration.

3. One-Pot Indoor Garden

If you have some floor space available, invest in a large garden pot. Terracotta or clay are the best materials, or you could choose a pot decorated with Mediterranean motifs. Fill it with potting soil and divide the area in six.

Use each portion of soil to sow a different herb, then water regularly. In little time you’ll notice the first seedlings, and the herbs of your choice will thrive in the same environment.

The best herbs to sow in a single pot are thyme, parsley, rosemary, lemongrass, watercress, and sage.

4. Coffee Tin Indoor Herb Garden

Do you have a collection of old coffee tins somewhere in the garage? Don’t throw it away. Transform old tins into a beautiful indoor herb garden.

The vintage decorations of the tins work wonders in a retro interior design, and they are versatile enough to create a traditional windowsill or a suspended garden. In the first case, just drill a couple of holes in the bottom of each tin, fill with potting soil and sow your seedlings.

In the second hypothesis, suspend the containers with ropes from the ceiling or hang them on hooks above the cooking area.

5. Recycled Pallet Herb Garden

You’ll need a spare wall for this one, but the effect is simply spectacular. You need a used pallet preserved in good conditions. Treat the wood with a layer of coating, install the pallet vertically next to a wall and fill the gaps with potting soil. Sow the herbs and let them grow.

This idea is easy to use outdoors as well, and there are dozens of DIY projects that convert pallets into useful garden accessories or furniture.

6. Garlic In A Teacup

Okay, this might not be a whole indoor herb garden, but it’s a way to have an everlasting fresh supply of garlic at the reach of your hand.

You’ll need an empty green tea cup (aka a transparent glass teacup) and garlic cloves. Pour three or four spoons of water in the cup, place two or three garlic cloves in the water and place the cup on the windowsill.

Garlic will germinate fast and in a few weeks, you’ll have a fresh supply of green garlic. Tasty!

7. Rolling Patio Planter Herb Garden

indoor herb garden

We got it! You don’t have a garden. But this doesn’t mean you can’t buy a rolling patio planter to transform into an indoor herb garden.

These wooden crates are provided with heavy-duty wheels and can sustain heavy loads. They are also pretty spacious, and more often than not, you’ll be able to place at least five or six pots inside. If you want to customize your garden, you can even paint the crate in a color of your choice and replace the pots with beautiful tin buckets.

8. Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars are versatile. You can use them to can jams or pickles, as cocktail glasses and even as pots. With or without lids, they will certainly look wonderfully on your windowsill or countertop.

If you have some spare shelves from an old bookcase, you can even make an original vertical garden. With a hole saw, drill holes in the middle of four or five shelves. Drill smaller holes on each corner, allowing a rope to pass through them. Fix each shelf at the desired height with knots and hang the vertical garden from the ceiling.

Place a painted mason jar filled with potting soil on each shelf, fixing it in the pre-drilled hole. Sow your favorite herbs and wait for them to grow.

9. Repurposed Baking Pan

An interesting and original idea is to create an indoor herb garden in a repurposed baking pan. If the pan is deep enough, just fill it with potting soil and sow multiple herbs inside. If the pan is quite small, transform it into a larger pot.

You’ll need a transparent polymer sheet, a cutter, glue, potting soil, and seeds. Cut the polymer glass to cover half of the pan, then glue the sheet to the pan. Let the glue dry and hang the pan vertically on a wall, with the covered side at the bottom. Fill with potting soil and sow your seeds.

10. Strawberry Pot Indoor Herb Garden

Growing an indoor herb garden in a strawberry pot is simple and versatile. Just choose a pot you like, top it up with potting soil, and sow the seeds on layers. You can place the pot on the windowsill, countertop, or even on the floor.

11. PVC Windowsill Planter

On the market, there are dozens of PVC windowsill planters to consider. We like best those equipped with pre-assembled divisors that allow you to grow multiple plants in the same planter.

Windowsill planters are easy to install and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Without a doubt, a great choice if you’re looking for a simple indoor herb garden solution.

12. Repurposed Bookstore Indoor Garden

Are you tired of that old bookstore in the living room or office? Don’t dispose of it. Transform it into an indoor herb garden. Invest in pots of different sizes or, if you like to recycle stuff, reuse some jars, tin cans, bottles, cups, and mugs, or even deep plates. Anything can work.

Fill the shelves with pots or recycled objects and sow different seeds in each of them. Place your new indoor garden, aka the bookcase, in a corner of your kitchen or on the terrace and in a few months you’ll be able to enjoy your crops.

13. Drawer Indoor Herb Garden

A bookcase is not the only furniture you can repurpose, a drawer can also make a wonderful indoor herb garden. If you have a whole chest of drawers to use, even better.

Since you’ll have a generous space to use, you can either fill the whole drawer with potting soil and sow different seeds, or sow the herbs in pots and keep the pots in the drawer.

14. Chalk Painted Ceramic Pots

indoor herb garden

Chalk painted ceramic pots work wonders in a modern kitchen and they are easy to make. You need a pot for each herb, either of the same size or of different dimensions. Paint each pot with black chalk paint, write the name of the herb with chalk on the pot and sow your seeds.

In a minimalist style kitchen, use pots of the same size and arrange them in a perfect line along the countertop. Otherwise, just play with pots of different sizes and create the compositions you like.

15. Utensil Caddy Indoor Garden

You know those cute utensil caddies that usually sit in a shed and hold gardening tools? Well, you might not have a shed and a utensil caddy, but you’ve got the picture.

Get one of those caddies and small tin buckets. Fill each bucket with potting soil, sow your herbs, and place them in the caddy. Install the caddy on the countertop or in a corner of your kitchen, hang it on a wall or from the ceiling. Make space for it on the windowsill. Whatever arrangement works as long as you like it.

16. Windowsill Terrarium Greenhouse

Some herbs, such as basil and sage, need lots of sunlight and warmth to thrive. In an apartment, this is sometimes hard to achieve. But you can install a windowsill terrarium greenhouse and solve all your issues.

Kits are available in many gardening shops and these miniature greenhouses are easy to install and secure. They filter sunlight and regulate the temperature, therefore you can even install them on the outer side of the window. We promise your herbs will proliferate in there.

17. Self-Watering Planters

A self-watering planter gives peace of mind to those with busy lives. They are also great if you like to travel a lot, but still, love to find fresh herbs when you get back home.

There are literally dozens of models on the market, just pick your favorite and start growing.

18. Teacup Windowsill Garden

Quite everything that’s in your kitchen can be repurposed and transformed into a superb indoor herb garden. Including the teacups. Colorful china will give an elegant touch to your environment, and these containers are great for most herbs.

To ensure proper drainage, drill a hole or two in the bottom of each cup, and place its saucer under it.

19. DIY Clothespin Herb Planters

If handicrafts are your passion and DIY projects inspire you, make herb planters out of clothespins. You’ll need a lot of clothespins and a few simple, cylindrical pots. Glue clothespins around the pots to give them a colorful or rustic appearance.

If you used wooden clothespins, also apply a layer of wood coating. Of course, there are more complicated projects to follow if you have the skills. For us, the mortals, gluing the clothespins to cylindrical pots will do.

20. Repurposed Self-Watering Bottles Herb Garden

Another DIY project for those who love arts and crafts. This is uncomplicated but you need to have some familiarity with handling a glass cutter.

Choose some glass bottle, such as beer or wine bottle, and cut them in half. Turn the upper side of the bottle (the one with the neck) upside down, placing it on the bottom side. Fill the upper side with potting soil and the lower side with water. Sow your seeds.

Once the seedlings start to grow, their roots will grow through the neck of the bottle, getting to the water. The soil will also absorb all the moisture needed for your plants to thrive.

21. Repurposed Kettles Indoor Herb Garden

indoor herb garden

Now, this is a simple project. Get some kettles. Fill them with potting soil. Sow the seeds. Arrange on the windowsill or countertop. Water.

Here you go – enjoy your original indoor herb garden. You’re welcome!

22. Gutters Herb Garden

If you know how to use a circular saw, buy some gutters and cut it in half along the length. Fill each half with potting soil and use the gutter as a windowsill planter.

You can sow all the herbs you like, and even some veggies that grow indoors.

23. Tiered Indoor Herb Garden

You can make a tiered indoor herb garden by yourself, or buy a tiered pot. In the first circumstance, you can use anything you like, such as multiple drawers arranged one on top of the other, a set of buckets of different sizes, bowls or plates.

Fill your tiered garden with potting soil and sow your herbs. Now, just wait for your indoor herb garden to grow and enjoy the flavors of freshly picked ingredients.

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  2. Thank you very much. We rescued a bedraggled plant 3 years ago at a yard sale. Felt sorry for it, but had no idea what it was. It is a gorgeous blooming (orange and yellow) Clivia today. Now I know how to keep it going and pass on its beauty by propagation.

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